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RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

The usual orange pyro explodes from the stage, as the cameras pan around the arena, taking in the exciteable New Jersey audience!

J.R.: Good evening and welcome to RPW Showtime, here in West Orange, New Jersey!

Tazz: And this arena is looking packed tonight! And for good reason! Tonight's Main Event will see none other than two of RPW's best going at it!

J.R.: That's right, the dominant force of Quincy Reagan, will go up against Jeremy Stevens, who's making his return to the ring after the injuries sustained in his match at All Out Brawl against Howell Saxon!

Tazz: But that's not all! Tonight we'll also have a RPW Extreme Championship Fatal 4 Way! Whoever wins, goes on to Locked & Loaded to face Kurt Angle for the title!

J.R.: It's a jam packed night, that's for sure!

Tazz: I can't wait for it J.R.!

Kevin Owens walks out from behind the curtain by himself and with a microphone. He has a stoic look on his face as he walks down the ramp

J.R.: Kevin Owens seems to have forgotten to rent a vehicle this week Tazz.

Tazz: Show our number one contender some respect J.R., you never know where Jericho could be hiding if you don't.

Kevin steps through the ropes and into the ring. He takes a around looking at the audience before he begins to speak.

Kevin Owens
Welcome to RPW...Is.........

The crowd screams "JERICHO!" as Kevin looks around the ring.

Kevin Owens
Actually it's not since he's not here this week.

The crowd boos loudly in protest.

Kevin Owens
Hey don't boo that! His son had a hockey game, so not only is he one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all and my best friend, he is also a great dad. He is a role model for each and every one of you.

Some of the crowd begin to cheer for the dad of the year candidate, eat your heart out Titus O'Neil.

Kevin Owens
Now that Chris missing has been addressed, welcome to the Kevin Owens show where I have something to get off my chest. Last week some things were said and done by certain people that have made me very angry. Take a look.

Kevin Owens points to the titantron as an image appears.

RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Locked%20%20Loaded

The crowd murmurs in confusion.

Kevin Owens
How could Atlas leave me off the poster for Locked & Loaded! I am the face of this company if not the face of professional wrestling! First he passes me over for the first world title match, now this! I deserve to be treated with more respect!

Kevin looks around the crowd and sees that crowd does not know how to respond, as they were not prepared for that.

Kevin Owens
What? Did you really think I was talking about Huey Saxophone?

Kevin starts laughing.

Kevin Owens
Oh you guys are funny! Do you really think what he said would get to me? You guys don’t know me well then. Anyone who is familiar with Kevin Owens knows that I don’t let small guys with big mouths get to me.

Kevin hops out of the ring, grabs a chair from ringside and sits on it in the middle ring.

Kevin Owens
Well I’m gonna be here for a while, might as well have a seat.

The crowd laughs at the fat man in a tiny chair.

Kevin Owens
Howard, I know your idea of intimidation is to read a thesaurus and try to shove random fancy words into your insult. Well I have news for you, I too own a thesaurus and i checked some of those words you said last week. Half of them don’t even make sense, so who’s the fancy villain now? If I'd ever let guys like you get to me I would have never reached the heights I have in this industry. You are like everyone else who thought they could step toe to toe with me in head games, down to the same generic tactics. He knows that my best friend Chris has my back no matter what, so he tried to drive a wedge between us.

Owens frowns and shakes his head in disapproval.

Kevin Owens
He called me fat to try to get a response out of me. The funny thing is when all two hundred and sixty pounds of me come crashing down on him it’s gonna be hard for him to give a response, don't you think? My weight has never stopped me from kicking ass before, and that ain't gonna be any different when it comes to you, Howard.

Kevin turns the chair around to face another side of the audience.

Kevin Owens
How are you guys doing?

The fans on that side of the arena cheer.

Kevin Owens
Where was I? Oh yeah. I let you think I was upset last week so Chris could get into place and we could send a message. And that message is... You never know how I will get you. The only thing that is for certain is that I will beat you and I will take that title that you are so generously keeping warm for me. Thanks for that, by the way.

Kevin stands up and faces the ramp.

Kevin Owens
If you want to prove that I need Jericho to win, why don’t you come out here right now and I’ll give you a reality check?

He puts the mic down and gets into a fighting stance.

The curtain is pushed open, and fans get to their feet expecting Saxon... but instead, it is Tony Atlas. Owens sighs as he gets out of a fighting position, and the crowd at first look disappointed, but a Tony Atlas laugh warms them to the situation. Tony has a microphone in hand, and starts to speak.

Tony Atlas
Come on now Kevin! Let's not get like that! You were on the last Pay-Per-View poster! You can't expect to be on every poster can you?

Kevin narrows his eyebrows and nods his head, as though the answer his obvious. Atlas laughs again.

Tony Atlas
HE HE HA HE HO HE HE! Kevin ma' boy, you sure are something! Anywho, I know you were expecting Howell Saxon to come out of these curtains, and I'm not sure if I've spoiled any of your plans by coming out here myself, but I'd rather not see a repeat of last week. Who knows what you have waiting in the shadows to blindside Saxon when he comes out.

The crowd cheer the thought, as Atlas shakes his head.

Tony Atlas
Yeah, you can cheer that! I dislike Howell Saxon too, and I'm not fond of the fact that he represents my federation at the moment, but I'm also not very fond of the idea of it being you either Owens.

The crowd start to boo slightly.

Tony Atlas
Oh, no, listen! I thought I did! I like you Owens, I do, and up until last week, I thought I would've liked to have seen that RPW World Championship belt around your waist... but then you just went and pulled that stunt. Dressing Jericho as a clown, and having him attack Saxon from behind? Really? That's a cowardly move. And it's what I'd expect to see from Saxon, but from you Kevin? I thought you were past that. I thought you becoming the number one contender to the World title might've knocked a bit more respect into you.

The crowd are hesitant on how to react.

Tony Atlas
Kevin, Howell is not going to come out here. He might be thinking about it, but instead I'm gonna give him something else to think about... a match! That's right, tonight, Howell Saxon will go one on one against Matt Sydal!

The crowd cheer.

Tony Atlas
And you Kevin! You'll be busy too. Because I'm placing you in a match, right now!

The crowd again cheer, as Owens looks irritated.

Tony Atlas
Here is your opponent...

The crowd cheer, as Goldust walks out onto the stage, draped in robe and wig. Owens starts to pace around the ring, agitated, whilst Atlas only gives a laugh as he moves back through the curtain.

Tazz: Tony Atlas just made two more matches tonight J.R.!

Jim Ross: That he did Tazz! And we're going to be seeing one of them right now! Kevin Owens versus Goldust!

RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Owens%20vs%20goldust

Goldust slowly moves down the ramp to the ring, Owens pacing around the ring frustrated with the sudden match that has been sprung on him. Once Goldust is in the ring, having removed his gown and wig, he stares at Owens, before doing his signature inhale! Owens continues to glare at him, unamused.

The bell rings.

Goldust jumps right into action, moving around the ring, using fast foot work. Suddenly, he lunges, going for a forearm, but Owens ducks under it. Goldust turns around as Owens bounds off the ropes, and clatters the large the Bizarre One with a wheel kick!

Tazz: Goldust might be fast, but Owens is faster!

Goldust tries to get to his feet, but Owens grabs him around the back of the head, and locks him into a headlock. He picks Goldust up, still in position, and whips him into the corner, before following up with a clothesline! Goldust stumbles out of the corner, and Owens sets him up for a Belly to Belly...

...but Goldust reverses it! He plants Owens to the mat with a Hip Toss, before following up with a boot to the face as Owens tries to get to his feet. Once on the mat, he follows up with a giant Elbow Drop to the Prizefighter! Goldust hooks his leg...



Jim Ross: And a kickout at 1!

Goldust lifts Owens to his feet, and locks him up in a tightly fastened Bearhug! Owens grits his teeth in pain as he reaches for the ropes, but Goldust as him held slap bang in the middle of the ring!

Jim Ross: Goldust has that bearhug fastened in tight! We might see Owens tap here!

Owens clashes his own head into Goldust's multiple times, willing him to let go of the hold, but Goldust holds it in tight! Owens stretches back his head as far as he can, and crashes a headbutt into Goldust's nose with all his might! Goldust's head snaps back, and he lets go of the hold! A cheer sounds, as Owens sizes up the dazed the Bizarre One, and lands a Superkick right into his jaw! Goldust collapses to the mat, as Owens moves over and covers him...

Tazz: He might have it here J.R.!




Owens lifts the the Bizarre One back to his feet, before clouting him across the face with a series of elbows, and then tossing him into the ropes... Goldust bounds back... Owens looks for the Pop-Up Powerbomb...

No! Goldust crashes into Owens with a lariat, sending him stumbling backwards into the ropes, and crashing through them to the outside! Goldust follows him out, and keels Owens over with a knee, before locking him up for a suplex...

Tazz: Oh no! What's Goldust gonna look for here?

Jim Ross: I think he might be looking for the Final Cut Tazz! Right onto the concrete!

Goldust gets ready to lift up Owens, but the Prizefighter fights out of it! He hits his own Suplex! Goldust smacks back first to the concrete floor! Goldust clutches his back in agony, as Owens angrily turns to him, and lifts him up before placing him in the same position... he lifts him up for a Powerbomb... and SLAMS him back first into the apron!

Jim Ross: Powerbomb! Right onto the apron! That's gotta hurt!

Owens lifts Goldust up and rolls him under the bottom rope, before he himself climbs up onto the apron, and moves over to the turnbuckle. With Goldust layed out on the mat, Owens cautiously moves himself around on the turnbuckle, so his back his facing his opponent... he leaps...

MOONSAULT! Right onto Goldust!

Jim Ross: Moonsault! BAH GAWD!

Tazz: Owens doesn't fly much, but when he does, it's ALWAYS impressive!

Owens hooks Goldust's leg...




Kevin Owens defeats Goldust in 8:08

The crowd cheer as Owens' music plays, and Owens has his hand raised by the referee. Ownes makes his celebration quick, before he moves over to the ropes and exits the ring, looking irritated as he walks up the ramp to the back. The scene fades out to a commercial break.


RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Rump%20vs%20knockout

We cut back from a commercial break, to see stood in the ring are both Johnny Knockout, and Captain Rump. Tony Chimel announces the pair, before he exits the ring, and the two square up!

Tazz: Interesting match here J.R., two superstars never before seen in an RPW ring!

Jim Ross: That's right Tazz, Captain Rump inparticular has drawn some interest in the indy scene, but how will he fair here in RPW?

The bell rings!

Tazz: We're about to find out!

Johnny Knockout charges at Rump, but immediately finds himself coming face to face with a forearm! Rump follows it up with a Twirling Belly to Belly, planting Knockout to the mat, before dropping a huge leg drop on his head! He goes for the pin, but only gets a 2!

Jim Ross: Ooh! Nearfall!

Rump follows up with a small arsenal of attacks, knocking Johnny about a bit. Knockout gets a bit off offense in, holding Rump in an armbar, but he breaks out of it, and tosses Johnny into the corner! With Johnny reeling, Rump smacks his giant behind a few times, getting the crowd laughing, before he charges at Knockout, and slams him into the corner with his ass! Knockout falls into a sitting position, and in the ultimate act of humilation, Rump rubs his gigantic sweaty bottom right in Knockout's face!

Once Rump is done, Johnny looks disgusted, wiping the sweat from his face hectically as he gets to his feet... but he's knocked right back down with a Big Boot! In position of the turnbuckle, the Captain starts to climb, the crowd cheering him now. With some further taunting to pick up the cheers, and another pat on his big behind, Rump bounces a few times on the ropes, before dropping ass first right onto Knockout's chest!

Tazz: Oh Jesus!

Jim Ross: By God! I'd be surprised if Johnny Knockout gets up from that!

Still sat on his chest, Rump lifts Knockout's leg for the pin...




Captain Rump defeats Johnny Knockout in 4:15

Tazz: And Captain Rump picks up his first win here in RPW!

Jim Ross: The first of possibly many to come Tazz!

The crowd cheer the charismatic Captain Rump as he gets to his feet, a big smile over his face upon winning his debut. He pats his ass a couple more times, his response from the crowd getting louder and louder the more he does so, before the scene fades out.

The camera fades in on a close-up of the beautiful Kelly Kelly, a forced smile on her face., as the camera zooms out to reveal why... she's about to interview Thorn. The Cannibal stands there, a menacing expression on his face, as he breaths loudly through his nose.

Kelly Kelly
Hello, I am here with RPW's resident Cannibal, Thorn. So, Thorn, you're in a match tonight where the winner becomes number one contender for the RPW Extreme Championship-

That I am, my dear Kelly!  That I am! A silly affair if you ask me. There is no reason for a match to be booked at all, if Tony Atlas was at all clever, he'd understand that he'd save a lot of time by just gifting me the number one contendership right now. My opponents are nothing but slabs of meat waiting to be picked out of my teeth! Brodus Clay in particular could keep me well fed for years to come! And soon, once I'm done with my opponents tonight, I will go after Kurt Angle, and I will wear the Extreme Championship belt around my waist as I suck the eyeballs out of his sockets!

Kelly Kelly

Graphic indeed! Graphic is the word you'll use every time I leave that RPW ring! Graphic is the word you'll use tonight, when you find my two opponents laying mutilated across the blood soaked canvas-

Kelly Kelly
Wait? What? Two?

...Yes... Brodus Clay and Dean Ambrose.

Kelly Kelly
It's a fatal four way...

Is it?

Road Dogg
Oh you didn't know?

Thorn turns around angrily, to see a smiling Road Dogg behind him. He gives The Cannibal a mocking pat on the back, before walking away with a chuckle, leaving Thorn red-faced and furious as he watches him go.

RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Tag%20team

We come back from the backstage area to find the team of Joey Simone and Jamie Noble wrapping up their entrance in the ring.

Tazz: And by golly god gosh gollywog this is gonna be one hell of a tag team bout, J.R:!

The fans make their voices heard as they boo the Outsiders, who prance out from backstage as expectedly 120+ year olds would. Justin Roberts follows them out and Tony Chimel abandons the ring before Roberts hits him again.

Justin Roberts: At a combined weight of-

Hall pokes Roberts in the eyes for no reason, then Nash picks him up and throws him out into the crowd.


The referee looks confused as all hell, but signals for the bell nonetheless.

This time, Hall is first out of the gate and he absolutely levels Joey Simone with a vicious back elbow! Simone jumps back to his feet, another vicious back elbow! Hall lifts Simone by the head and chucks him into the ropes, before irish whipping him and setting him up for a massive back body drop...

But Simone reverses it with a kick! With Hall dazed, Simone charges back at the ropes to bound back with a move, but Nash halts it with a stiff hook to the back of Joey's head! Hall takes advantage, and puts a hole through his head with a clothesline! Simone crawls over to Noble to try and get the tag, and Noble reaches for him, but Hall grabs Simone by the foot and drags him back into the ring!

After stomping on his leg time and time again, for an unfortunate period of time, Hall lifts Joey up, and then slaps on the dreaded headlock. Simone writhes in agony, screaming as he reaches out towards the ropes...

But the pressure is too much. Joey Simone slams his right hand on the mat multiple times in quick succession, tapping to the headlock!

nWo defeats Simone & Noble in 1:20

Tazz: What the--? Is that it?

Jamie Noble looks absolutely disgusted with his partner and he jumps off the apron right away, heading towards the back. Simone, however, isn't out of danger yet. Hall scoops him up and tosses him over to Nash, who grabs in his a powerbomb clutch, brings him up and slams him down backfirst with a thunderous Jacknife Powerbomb. Simone is absolutely dead in the ring as Justin Roberts makes his way back out of the crowd and into the ring, his suit torn to pieces and his skin covered in bruises.

Justin Roberts: Your winners... Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.... THE N...W...O!

Nash boots Roberts out of the ring through the middle ropes as Hall picks up the microphone, tapping it a few times to make sure it's on.

Scott Hall
I have a few things I wanna say. First off, Kevin. I want to apologize for calling you a Big Sellout when we were in TNA. It wasn't cool.

Kevin nods in understanding.

Scott Hall
I also want to apologize for turning on you in 1999, it wasn't cool.

Kevin nods again.

Tazz: I bet Nash made him say that.

Jim Ross: Maybe he's actually sorry. Why are you so cynical, Tazz? I got half a mind to tell your wife a thing or two.

Tazz goes quiet.

Scott Hall
Now onto more serious business. We weren't here last week. I'm sure you were all disappointed that you didn't get to see the Bad Guy and Big Daddy Cool on your television screens, but that's the way it is. Yes, we're here to take over, but we're doing it at our own pace, and if you don't like that, you can go back to watching Ring of Honor you bunch of filthy fag--

Kevin takes the mic from Scott's hands before he says something that might get him into a 3 year lawsuit.

Kevin Nash
Careful now, Scott. You don't want to offend any of these people out here tonight. I got in trouble two weeks ago when I called them 'shoot retards', can you imagine how much you'd get into if you used a slur?

Nash smirks at Hall, then leans in and starts whispering, making sure the microphone can still pick up his voice.

Kevin Nash
Let's just play it safe and try not to offend any of these fruitbowls tonight, okay?

Hall laughs uproariously and almost chokes on his toothpick while he does that weird fucking thing with his fingers. Nash hands the mic back to Hall.

Scott Hall
Now, what we're out here tonight for is to issue a warning. We were gonna come out and say if you stood in our way it's gonna be lights out for us. But what fun would that be? Thing is, me and Kevin, we're still years ahead of this time in "sports entertainment", and we're still miles away from all these filthy, disgusting, sweaty mongoloids you "people" chant for.

The crowd boo loudly.

Scott Hall
So we decided to open up a lane of communication to the backstage. If you have the cojones to come out here right now and meet us in this ring, do so. 'Cause if you don't, we're gonna do the same as we did last week and ruin the show for you. And you can say whatever you want, that we're too old for this business and you wanna see all this "new blood" and not us - and that you were happy we were gone last week - but we all know you all got hard-ons for Big Sexy and Razor Ramon.

The crowd boo even louder.

Scott Hall
My point is... We're taking over. In case you didn't hear me say that at All Out Brawl, and if no one is willing to put up a fight right here right now, then you're gonna have a surprise coming your way, chicos.

Hall hands the microphone over to Nash.

Kevin Nash
If you don't like it, we've got two words for you...

Nash rears the mic back, teasing the crowd, then leans in.

Kevin Nash
Kill yourselves.

Nash drops the mic, and him and his partner look at the entranceway, waiting for a brawl. However, a minute goes by and the two just start laughing. They Too Sweet each other. "I told you", Kevin tells Hall.


The pair back up, shocked, as the titantron changes and the music blasts out of the PA system! The crowd look confused, and their confusion continues, as slowly, out of the curtain, emerges Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker!

Jim Ross: Who in the Hell is this?!

Tazz: It's Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker J.R.!

Jim Ross: What?

Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker glares with wide, unblinking eyes, right down at Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, who stare right back at him confused. Suddenly, from behind his back, Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker unveils a pair of Nunchuks, before spinning them skillfully around his head, between his legs, and all over his body.

Tazz: This is intense!

After about a minute of doing this in pure silence, he finally stops, before dramatically pointing upwards at the rather frightened looking nWo. He stands pointing at them for approximately 43 seconds, almost like a statue, before he eventually lowers his arm, turns, and heads backstage. The nWo remain in the ring, look back and forth from one another, having no idea what to feel, before the scene fades out to a commercial.

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RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Empty Re: RPW Showtime: Episode 6

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RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Fatal%204%20way

The crowd erupts with a mixed reaction for Dean Ambrose as he walks to the ring with a cocky smirk across his face. He enters the ring and walks in circles a few times before finally grabbing a microphone from the outside of the ring. The crowd is still mixed with some cheers and boos following his vicious attack and Kurt Angle last week. Ambrose responds to the mixed reaction.

Dean Ambrose
Bit of a mixed reaction here tonight huh?....

Cheers and boos erupt again for Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose
I get, I get it. I do, I totally understand, I mean i damn near crippled a wrestling legend who you have all loved and respected for years last week, right here...in the middle of this ring.

The boos start to overtake the cheers slowly.

Dean Ambrose
I get it, your all a bit pissed, but no offence to any of you guys but this is between me....

Ambrose looks around the crowd as all of the cheers are slowly drowned out by the boos.

Dean Ambrose
And Kurt Angle..... Now last week, Mr Olympic gold medalist......

The crowd cheers for Kurt angle

Dean Ambrose
Kurt Angle.... Called me out last week. Kurt!.... You decided to pick a fight with me. I mean I don't really get what the big deal is. He picked a fight with me.... and I showed him exactly what happens when you pick a fight with Dean Ambrose. I showed Mr Olympic gold medal boy exactly what I am capable of. Now... was it sneaky?... Maybe. But Kurt, I know you blabble on about how you won a gold medal with a broken neck or whatever, and because of that you think your invincible and can withstand anything that gets thrown at you but nothing can compare to the pain that I can inflict on a person. You see Kurt, you think you are a tough guy cos you won a medal with a broken neck, but I..... I once had 10 galons of blood poor right out of my forhead like a fountain. I bled and bled and bled and BLED!..... by the end of the night every drop of blood in my body had painted the canvas crimson, but look at me. I am here standing. So just know whenever stepping in to a ring with me, your not gonna be able to comprehend the kind of things that I! can withstand. You have no idea what I can take and what I can give boy. Picking a fight with me is the biggest mistake anyone can ever make.... Even a gold medalist. Last week you talked about how I can only win my fights by using weapons......  

A sinister grin grows on the face of Ambrose as he stares directly at the camera.

Dean Ambrose
You have no idea..... You see Kurt,you should really be glad that I beat you to a pulp last week with a steel chair. Because my fists can be so much more dangerous than any weapon that you might find under this ring, or anywhere else. And you'll find that out first hand...... OH IT'S TRUE!!!! 

The crowd showers the entire arena with boos as Ambrose mocks Kurt Angle. He smirks again as he is showered with boos.

Dean Ambrose

More boos shower down, but Ambrose doesn't seem to care, as he tosses the microphone to the mat, which sees it bounce out of the ring.

'Oh, you didn't know?

The boos turn to cheers immediately.

'Yo' ass better call somebodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.....!'

"The Road Dogg" Jesse James bursts out of the curtain, a microphone in his right hand as he continues to drag out the last syllable of "somebody". In the left is a bottle of water, as per his usual custom.

Road Dogg
West Orange, New Jersey, you know how it be.

He begins to walk down the ramp.

Road Dogg
Y'see, it's me, it's me, it's that D-OOOOOOOOOOO-double G! Back once again in that sports E-N-T!

As he finishes, he stops about three-quarters way down the ramp. He takes a deep swig of his water bottle and begins a crotch chop with his microphone hand. With every chop, he spits out a quick fountain of the water. Once he's done, he jerks the bottle in such a way to force out a large spill before tossing the bottle into the crowd and quickly rolling into the ring.

Jim Ross: James came just short last week in his match against Angle for the RPW Extreme Championship, but if he wins here tonight, he could get another shot at the belt at Locked & Loaded!

Tazz: And there's no doubt in my mind that we could see that J.R.!

James moves right over to Ambrose, and gets in his face. The two stare each other down, before the next theme plays.

Boos sound again now, as Brodus Clay, looking as miserable as ever, pushes his way through the curtain and heads straight for the ring, no thoughts of taunting or fan interaction even crossing his mind.

Tazz: There's only ever one thing on Brodus Clay's mind, and that's decimating his opponent, he has no time for flashy entrances!

Jim Ross: He's coming off of a win over Matt Sydal last week, if he can find himself lucky again tonight, he's going to Locked & Loaded!

Brodus Clay moves up the steel steps, and climbs over the top rope, before he stomps over to Ambrose and James. He laughs as he looks down at the pair, mocking how largely he towers over them. Once he's had his fun, he moves over to the turnbuckle, and leans on it as he waits.

More boos sound, as with a pig like grunt, Thorn bursts out of the curtain, huffing and puffing in his signature manner. He shrieks as loudly as he can on the stage as he outstretches his arms, before storming down the ramp, teeth bared.

Jim Ross: Thorn on the other hand found himself unlucky last week as he fell short against Quincy Reagan!

Tazz: That doesn't mean anything J.R.! The only thing that matters is if he can pick up a win tonight!#

Thorn rolls into the ring, and glares at all three of his opponents, looking almost incapable of waiting for the bell before he wants to get his hands on them.

The bell rings.

As expected, Thorn is the first of the four to charge into action, bounding straight at James, and clocking him with an elbow! He turns at Ambrose, and sends him back into the turnbuckle with a boot! He turns wildly, coming face to face with The Giant Orange, Brodus Clay! The size difference between the pair doesn't distract Thorn, and with a mighty roar he bounds at the ropes, but Clay knocks him right down with a shoulder block!

Ambrose is up next, charging at Clay and landing punch after punch into the big man's head! James joins him, and the pair both swipe at him with left and rights, but the big man pushes them away, knocking them back to the mat! The pair get to their feet, as does Thorn, and the three men stand next to each other, before they all turn their attention to Brodus Clay. The fans start to get loud and excited, as the three ready themselves to team up against the larger threat!

Tazz: It looks like we're going to be seeing some team work here J.R.!

Jim Ross: It looks like you're right Tazz! They have the right idea, team up against the bigger man!

The trio charge! They slam into Clay with a flurry of kicks and punches, knocking the big man off balance! Thorn holds his arms in place behind his back, as Ambrose bounces off the ropes, and clashes him across the throat with a clothesline! Now it's James' turn, and he knocks Clay dizzy with a Big Boot! Ambrose and James grab an arm each, as Thorn starts to climb to the top rope, and for the first time in his RPW career, the fans are entirely on his side! With a surge of energy from the cheers he hears, Thorn leaps, and crashes an axe handle down on Clay's head!

Now it's the Road Dogg's turn! He clatters Clay across the face with a left jab! And another! And a third! It's Shake, Rattle, and Roll time! James does his jig and jive, before swinging a massive right hook, and knocking a dazed Clay back into the ropes... Thorn screams furiously, before he charges at the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, moving alarmingly fast! He bounds right back at Clay, and sends the big man sailing over the top rope with a tremendous Lariat!

Jim Ross: By God! The strength that must have took!

The crowd cheer ecstatically at the display of power from Thorn, and even more so as they wait in anticipation for what Ambrose sets up. Clay starts to get to his feet on the outside, and Thorn and James step to one side as he two bounds off of the ropes... Clay's up... SUICIDE DIVE FROM AMBROSE! He lands right into Clay, and the pair crash to the concrete!

Tazz: Suicide Dive! And Clay looks to be down and out!

But the cheers don't last! Thorn crashes a forearm across the back of James, knocking him into the ropes, and turning the cheers back into boos. Thorn locks James up in a Full Nelson hold, before wrenching him back, and slamming him to the mat ferociously!

Jim Ross: Aww come on!

Tazz: Alliances never last J.R., Thorn knows that now, and he's not waiting around to be blindsided by anybody else.

Thorn hooks James' leg...



Thorn mounts James, and starts to throw punch after punch into his face, but James slips out from underneath him. Thorn tries to get back his momentum, but a kick to the mouth doesn't allow it, knocking Thorn backwards to the mat. James tries to capitalise, locking Thorn up in a Pumphandle Position...

Jim Ross: We could see it here! Pumphandle Drop!

But Thorn reverses it with a hip toss! James rushes back to his feet, but he's met with a headbutt, knocking him backwards into the ropes. Thorn irish whips him, and prepares him for a back body drop when he returns... but James spots it! With Thorn bent over, James puts his head between his legs, and plants him down head first with a Spike Piledriver!




And Ambrose breaks up the pin to a series of boos! He stomps James away from Thorn, before lifting him and whipping him into the corner. Thorn starts to clamber to his feet, but Ambrose grabs him, and throws him into the same corner, right into James. Ambrose takes a run up and charges, smashing into the pair with a clothesline! The two stumble into the middle of the ring, where Ambrose bounds off the ropes, and sends the two of them down with a double Bulldog!

Tazz: Takes a talent like Ambrose to be able to knock two men down with one move!

Ambrose starts to climb the turnbuckle, getting ready to bound down on whichever of his opponents get to their feet first. James starts to get to his feet, and Ambrose sizes him up... he leaps... DIVING CLOTHESLINE!

No! James ducks! And Ambrose lands right into a gut kick from Thorn! The Cannibal wraps his arms around Ambrose's stomach and lifts him... GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! But before he can capitalise, James cracks a Big Boot across Thorn's face, knocking him stumbling backwards where he falls through the middle rope and out of the ring! With Ambrose on the mat, Road Dogg charges at the ropes, wobbles his knees, before landing a knee drop right down onto Ambrose's head!

Jim Ross: This could be it!

He hooks his leg...




Wasting no time, James is right back on the attack, the crowd cheering for the Road Dogg! He throws Ambrose head first against the middle rope, before taking a run off the ropes and charging at him... LEAPFROG BODY GUILLOTINE!

No! Ambrose moves and James crashes straight into the ropes before falling out of the ring! He starts to get to his feet, but he's met by Clay, who picks him up by the throat, and tosses him into the steel ring post head first! James collapses to the concrete floor, as Brodus Clay slides into the ring. Ambrose meets him with some stomps, but Clay powers out of them, before pushing The Lunatic away from him, and following up by knocking him down with a clothesline!

Tazz: You can only take a monster like Clay out for so long!

Ambrose is lifted back up to his feet by Clay, and propped up onto his shoulders. The Giant Orange looks to plant him down with a Samoan Drop, but Ambrose slides off! Clay turns around, and Ambrose lands a chop right across his stomach! Bray grits his teeth in pain as he tries to move backwards, but Ambrose lands another harsh chop across his chest! And another! And another! Clay's backed into the turnbuckle now, and Ambrose goes for a run up... Turnbuckle Splash!

No! Clay moves out of the way, and lands a splash of his on Ambrose in the corner, before planting him down with a Belly to Belly! Clay bounces off the ropes, leaps through the air, and plunges on top of Ambrose! THE SPLAT!

Jim Ross: And that's it! It's all over!

Tazz: 400 lbs crashing down on you! You're not getting back up after that!

Brodus stays layed on Ambrose, as the referee counts...



But Ambrose kicks out!

Jim Ross: What!? No way!

With Clay confused, Thorn capitalises, chop blocking the back of his leg and knocking him down! Ambrose rolls away and out of the ring, as Clay angrily starts to sit up, but Thorn is already on him! He grabs Clay by the ears, and sinks his teeth into his head! Clay wails in pain as blood spills down his forehead, before he quickly pushes Thorn away into the ropes... but James is on the apron, and pulls down the ropes! Thorn flies straight over the top rope and smacks to the concrete outside!

Jim Ross: Clay's busted open! He's bleedin'!

With blood running into his eyes, Clay is distracted, giving time for James to move up to the top rope, the crowd start to cheer as James measures Clay... DIVING DROPKICK! Clay crashes to the mat, and James covers him...

Tazz: And this could be it! We could have our number one contender right here!



But Thorn is back in the ring, grabbing James by the leg and pulling him off of Clay! James kicks at Thorn, knocking him back through the middle rope and outside of the ring. James jumps to his feet, charges at the ropes, and attempts to finish Thorn off with a Baseball Slide... but Thorn moves, grabs James legs, and yanks him right out of the ring, where he crashes to the concrete floor!

Thorn attempts to climb into the ring now, but James grabs his foot, and stops him from doing so. Thorn jumps back down from the apron, grabs the winded Road Dogg by the head, and throws him with all of his might into the barricade! James smacks his back violently, and crumples to the floor.

Tazz: Jesus! That's gotta hurt!

Ambrose meanwhile is back to his feet on the outside, and upon rooting around under the ring, finds himself a Steel Chair! He displays a wide smile as he starts to climb back onto the apron... but Brodus is on him! He grabs Dean by the head, and attempts to lift him back into the ring himself, but Ambrose won't let him! He hotshots Clay's face against the ropes, before rolling under the bottom rope. Clay turns around...

Ambrose DRILLS him in the stomach with the chair!

Jim Ross: Doesn't matter how big you are, a chair shot like that can take down anybody!

Clay keels over, winded, as Ambrose spots Thorn jump up onto the apron on the other side of the ring. He charges at The Cannibal, and ricochets the steel chair off his head, watching as Thorn slumps off of the apron and whacks against the concrete floor!

The Lunatic turns back to Clay, who starts to regain his bearings... not for long! Ambrose gives him another steel chair shot over the cranium! As Clay stumbles backwards into the ropes, Dean throws the chair to one side, and plants a kick into the Giant Orange's stomach! He hooks both his arms...


Jim Ross: Dirty Deeds! That's it! It's over! It's gotta be over!

Clay is planted down hard! Ambrose climbs on top of him and lifts his leg...




Dean Ambrose defeats Brodus Clay, Jesse James, and Thorn in 16:35

Jim Ross: And it is! Ambrose wins it!

A negative reaction sounds at the victory, one which Ambrose entirely ignores as he gives his signature cocky smirk, and slowly raises his hand. He kicks at Clay, who rolls out of the ring, causing the boos to get louder. Then, he moves over, grabs the steel chair, and holds it high above his head with both arms before smiling at it.

Tazz: The Lunatic Dean Ambrose is our new number one contender for the RPW Extreme Championship! That'll make an interesting match at Locked & Loaded J.R.!

Jim Ross: It absolutely will Tazz! Kurt Angle and Dean Ambrose are already not too fond of each other to put it lightly.

James meanwhile on the outside watches with a disapointed expression, clutching his hurt back. He glances over at the unconcious Thorn, blaming him for knocking him out of the match so Ambrose could pick up the win, before he starts to move off to the back.

Ambrose continues to celebrate in the ring, the smirk still on his face, until suddenly he's grabbed from behind...


Jim Ross: BAH GAWD! It's Angle! It's Kurt Angle!

The crowd explode into cheers! Kurt Angle looks down at Ambrose ferociously, a bruise on his head from the week prior where Ambrose DDT'd him onto a steel chair. He reaches down, grabs Ambrose's ankle, and locks him in the ANKLE LOCK!

Jim Ross: Ankle Lock! He has him in the Ankle Lock!

Tazz: Angle's teaching Dean the hard way that you don't mess with him!

Ambrose roars in pain as Angle applies more and more pressure to the hold, refusing to let go! Security bound down to the ring, flocking Angle and pulling him away from Ambrose, who wriggles in pain clutching his foot. Angle shouts and yells abuse at Ambrose, before he does as security tell him and leaves the ring. The security move over to check on Ambrose, but he just pushes them away angrily, limping back to his feet, barely able to stand without clutching the rope. He watches Angle walk back up the ramp, red faced and furious, before the scene fades out.

Kelly Kelly, a genuine smile on her face this time, stands backstage with Matt Sydal, who also looks joyful and giddy. He shows a peace sign to the camera, getting a couple of cheers from the fans in attendace.

Kelly Kelly
So Matt, tonight we see you go one on one with none other than RPW World Champion, Howell Saxon! How does that make you feel?

Matt Sydal
Well I've gotta say Kelly, I've not had the best of luck so far in RPW, I know that. But I'm confident that if I keep my head in the game tonight, and I can pick up a win over none other than the RPW World Champion himself, then I'm guaranteed to shoot right to the top! You see-

But Matt can say no more! WHAM! Howell Saxon blindsides him with an elbow to the back of the head! The cheers for Sydal turn to vicious boos for Saxon!

Kelly Kelly
No! What're you doing!?

Howell Saxon

Howell pushes Kelly to one side as he moves after Sydal. He picks him up, and slams him hard into one of the walls in the hallway. Before Sydal can recuperate, Saxon has him by the head, and cracks it over and over again into the hard brick wall, before lifting him up and tossing him over the catering table.

Matt wriggles on the floor, clutching his head in pain, but Saxon isn't done. He grabs Sydal brutally by the face, lifting him up onto his knees, before he picks up a big glass jug of water off of the table, and pours the contents over Sydal's head. Once it's empty, to the sounds of Kelly Kelly's screams, Saxon smashes the glass jug over Sydal's head, shattering it to pieces, and cutting Matt's head open.

Matt continues to squirm and writhe in pain on the floor, as Saxon ushers for him to get up. Security flock the scene, and start to try and drag Saxon away, but Howell just beats them away. As Sydal uses some boxes to pull himself back up, Saxon lifts up his trouser leg, and shreds his shin guard of it's padding. Sydal turns around...

BAM! SHIN KICK TO THE FACE! Sydal crashes to the concrete floor, his head a bloody mess, whilst Saxon looks at him infuriated. He turns to the camera, red faced and seething.

Howell Saxon
I am the RPW World Champion! Let this be a lesson to you Tony! If you so much as think of putting me up against a worthless nobody like this again, then you'll see this repeated all over again!

Sydal is sat up against the wall by security, with a backstage medic checking on him. Saxon throws them all to one side, as he bends down and starts throwing more and more punches into Sydal's face. Saxon takes a few steps back, lining himself up against Sydal...

...he charges...


Sydal collapses into a heap on the floor, his head a complete mess, blood spilling out of the gashes in his face to create a giant puddle on the floor. Saxon takes a couple of steps back, admiring his work, before more and more security members put themselves between he and Sydal, ensuring the battering doesn't continue. Jason Albert, head of security, has arrived on the scene, and immediately moves over to Saxon, staring him down. Saxon only grins in the big man's face.

Howell Saxon
Make sure Tony gets the message, won't you?

Howell gives a condescending pat on his shoulder, before walking away. Sirens sound, as an ambulance arrives onto the scene. Paramedics run over to Sydal, lift him up onto a stretcher, and hastily move him into the back of the ambulance. Kelly Kelly watches on helplessly, tears in her eyes, as the ambulance drives away.


Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, before the break, we are aware that there were some very harrowing scenes that you were forced to watch. We've been told you to inform you that Matt Sydal has been rushed to the hospital, and will not be in any shape to compete any time, in the near future.

Tazz: Howell Saxon has proved again why he's a force not be messed with!

Jim Ross: Oh Tazz! Come on! All he's proved is how much of a disgusting human being he is! First, all of his actions towards Stevens, and now this!

Tazz: Speaking of which!

The crowd cheers at the opening riff of the song. It plays for awhile, before Jeremy Stevens steps out to massive cheers, but the cheers die down  when Jeremy doesn't do his typical entrance, but instead walks down to the ring with an almost upset look on his face. Instead of getting right into the ring, he first reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair. He tosses it into the ring, then rolls under the bottom rope. He sets the chair up in the middle of the ring. He sits down, knees spread apart, and his elbows on his knees. He looks down for a second, then looks up at the camara. He brings the mic up to his mouth tries to speak, but looks at a loss for words. He looks down, then back up and takes a deep breath.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry.

The crowd doesn't seem to know if they should cheer or boo.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry that I failed to do they very thing I promised I wouldn't do, Let Howell Saxon be the first RPW Champion of the new era. He managed to get the better of me, and because of that, he had a chance to make history, and he snatched that chance up as fast as he could.

Stevens wipes his face with his hand.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry that I failed to be the better man in that match, and because of that I failed to become your RPW Champion. I'm Sorry that I let Howell Saxon be the man to represent this company inside and outside of this ring. I'm sorry that since I lost that match Howell Saxon Can now hold it against anyone that he is the first RPW World Champion since the rebooting of this company. I'm sorry that I let you all down, especially after I guaranteed that Saxon would not walk out of this ring as the Champion.

Stevens takes another deep breath, and looks almost on the verge of tears. He shows out a small nervous smirk.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry i'm not currently your RPW Champion.

The crowd lets out a sympathetic cheer towards Stevens.

Jeremy Stevens
I had a chance to Represent this company, but I blew it. I had a chance to Make History, But I blew it. I had a chance to become the new RPW World Champion, and make all of you happy, and make people proud of me, I had a chance to once and for all shut up Howell Saxon, but...

He wipes underneath his eyes.

Jeremy Stevens
But I blew it.

The crowd is still mostly silent.

Jeremy Stevens
I was supposed to win that match and the title for you guys, it wasn't for me, it was all for you, but I can't say that now. I was supposed to be your champion, the champion for the people. I was supposed to be a voice. A voice that said everything that had to be said. I was supposed to be the one that proved that no matter who you were, with enough heart and enough drive, you could accomplish anything in this world. But again, I can't say any of that or prove it all to work, because of one loss, the most devastating loss of my career. And because of that loss, does that mean that hard work is all for nothing? Does that mean that you have to be mean and step on everybody you pass to get to where you need to be? Because that's what Howll Saxon proved at All Out Brawl.

The crowd is still in between cheering and booing.

Jeremy Stevens
Hey I'm not done yet.

The crowd starts to stir, wondering exactly what he is implying.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm not done believing in myself, I'm not done having courage, I'm not done trying to please the crowd, I'm not done with the RPW World Championship, and I'm definitely not done,
with Howell Saxon.

Stevens seems to be shaking with rage at the mention of getting his hands on Howell Saxon, and the RPW World Championship. The crowd started to cheer as Stevens throws both the mic he was holding and the chair he was sitting on to the outside area  of the ring, and prepares to face Quincy Reagan.

RPW Showtime: Episode 6 Quincy%20vs%20stevens

Another warm reception, this time as Quincy Reagan steps out of the curtain, soaking in the cheers. He raises his hands in the air, before he makes his way down the ramp, delivering high fives and fist bumps to fans and children in attendance. Reagan rolls into the ring, before moving over to the turnbuckle and climbing it, pointing at the hard camera as he looks right into it, before giving that signature nod of his.

Tazz: Reagan tells me that nod his directly to his kids watching at home!

Jim Ross: That's why he does all this Tazz! There's only one thing he loves more than being in that RPW ring, and that's those children o' his!

Reagan climbs back off the turnbuckle, and moves over to Stevens. He gives him a warm and sympathetic smile, before giving him a friendly pat on the shoulder. He extends his hand, and Stevens shakes it straight away, giving a small smile right back. The crowd cheer the Sportsmanship displayed by the two.

Jim Ross: This is what I like! Good, healthy competition!

The bell rings.

Quincy offers to lock up with Stevens, who shakes his head, before giving a 'Come on? Really?' look at Reagan. Quincy, the much larger and stronger man, laughs, before immediately jumping for Stevens legs. Stevens leaps up into the air, totally evading Quincy's grasp, before cartwheeling to the other side of the ring.

Jim Ross: You simply cannot match Jeremy Stevens when it comes to speed!

He runs at Stevens again, but this time the smaller man leapfrogs over his head, before bouncing at the ropes, and bounding back with a huge dropkick! Reagan soars back off the ropes, right into a headscissor, taking him to the mat! Reagan is quick to his feet again, looking perplexed at the speed of Stevens. Jeremy charges at the ropes again, springboarding off the middle rope, before diving at Quincy with a crossbody!

Quincy catches him! He lifts Stevens high above his head into a Gorilla Press position, the crowd cheering his strength, before he slams Stevens down on his back with a Gorilla Press Slam! Stevens grits his teeth in pain as he sits up, looking up at Reagan, who gives him a small smile. It's clear to the pair, that this is the ultimate bout of speed versus power!

Tazz: And you cannot match Quincy Reagan when it comes to strength J.R.!

Stevens rolls back to his feet, and Reagan lunges for him again! Clothesline! No! Stevens ducks, and cracks a series of kicks into the back of Quincy's leg, before dropping him into the ropes with a spinning roundhouse kick! Stevens bounds off the opposite ropes, and charges at Reagan... but Quincy ducks and tosses the High Flyer over his head, right over the top rope! But Stevens dangles onto the apron, and lifts a swift kick up into Quincy's head!

Reagan stumbles into the centre of the ring, as Stevens grips the top rope tightly. He lifts himself up, bounding onto the top rope, before delivering a beautiful Springboard Corkscrew right onto Reagan! Stevens crashes on top of him on the mat for the cover...




Tazz: A beautiful corkscrew there from Stevens!

Jim Ross: It doesn't matter whether it looks nice Tazz, it matters whether it can put your opponent away!

Wasting no time, Stevens is straight back up, taking another run up, and landing a dropkick into the face of Reagan! With Reagan on the mat, Stevens takes another run of the ropes, before leaping through the air and slamming on top of Quincy with a standing Shooting Star Press! The crowd are in awe, as Stevens hooks Reagan's leg again...




Jim Ross: And Reagan's still in this!

And Stevens jumps back to his feet, already back on the attack! He lifts Quincy to his feet, and locks him up for a Dragon Suplex... but Reagan powers his way out of it, before drilling Stevens across the face with a sharp punch! And following up with a Scoop Slam! Stevens tries to move to his feet quickly, but Reagan gets a hold of him, locks up in a Suplex position, and lifts him up above his head!

Tazz: Uh Oh! We've seen this!

With Stevens held high above his head for a Suplex, Reagan just holds him there, showing incredible strength, and letting all of the blood run to the High Flyer's head! The seconds tick by, the crowd cheering and applauding the longer it goes on for! After it seems like Stevens has been up there for a life time, Reagan drops him right back down! Sitout Facebuster!

Jim Ross: And finally he plants him! No way Stevens is getting up after all that!

With Stevens stretched out on the mat, stars spinning around his head, Reagan hooks his leg...




The crowd pop at Stevens' resilience! Reagan looks blown away as he looks down at his still dazed opponent. He goes for another cover, trying to take advantage...



Kickout! Again!

Tazz: I think Reagan was trying to see if that first kickout was a fluke!

Jim Ross: It doesn't seem to be Tazz! If there's one thing you can say about Jeremy Stevens, it's that he's a resilient bastard.

Quincy lifts Stevens to his feet, and places him against the ropes, before Irish whipping him to the other side of the ring... Stevens bounds back, and Reagan charges towards him from the side...


No! Stevens ducks! Reagan crashes to the mat! Quincy jumps straight back up, trying to make up for the loss of momentum... he turns around... SLING BLADE! Reagan crashes back first to the mat, before slowly moving up into a sitting position... Stevens charges at him again...


Reagan collapses to his back, as Stevens covers him yet again...




Tazz: Jesus! Neither of these two seem to be able to put the other one away!

With Reagan still on the mat, Stevens eyes the turnbuckle, before pointing at it and getting a cheer from the crowd. With that, Jeremy moves over to it, and starts to climb!

Jim Ross: Stevens is going high risk! If he hits this! It's over!

Stevens climbs to the top rope, getting ready for his Pheonix Splash... but Reagan is up! He leaps at Jeremy, batting at his legs, and knocking him down onto the turnbuckle! Reagan wrenches Jeremy off of the turnbuckle, onto his shoulder, before he charges across the mat and plants him down with a Oklahoma Slam!

Reagan stands, ushering for Stevens to get to his feet, with the High Flyer slowly stumbling to a standing position. Quincy's on him! He grabs Stevens, throws him into the ropes... and when he bounds back...


NO! Stevens slips right off of Quincy's shoulders, grabs him by the legs, and rolls him up!




Jeremy Stevens defeats Quincy Reagan in 17:02

Tazz: Stevens got him! He got him with a roll-up!

The crowd pop the sudden win, as Reagan sits up, absolutely flabberghasted. His eyes are stretched wide, his jaw hitting the floor, as he looks up at the celebrating Stevens. With his music blasting through the arena, Stevens jumps to the top rope and performs his signature windmill fistbump!

Tazz: A win over Quincy Reagan! That's not an easy task J.R.!

Jim Ross: Stevens told us that he would get right back on track going after the RPW World Championship, and this is where it may start!

Stevens jumps off the turnbuckle and moves over to Reagan, who still sits bewildered on the floor. He extends a hand to him, and Reagan smiles before taking it, Jeremy helping him to his feet. Quincy grabs Jeremy's hand, and lifts it up in the air, the crowd cheering the mutual respect between the pair.

Tazz: Aww you gotta love this!

Reagan pats Jeremy on the back in a friendly manner, before moving over to the ropes and climbing out of the ring, before walking up towards the back. Stevens meanwhile stays in the ring, continuing to celebrate, looking quite overcome by the crowd support despite his loss at All Out Brawl. He climbs back to the top rope, and starts mouthing the words 'I promise you' to the crowd, as the scene fades out.

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