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Post by Tony Atlas on Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:15 pm

RPW Showtime: Episode 11 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 11 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

The usual orange pyro explodes from the stage, as the cameras pan around the arena, taking in the excitable South Carolina crowd!

J.R.: Good evening and welcome to RPW Showtime, here in the Colonial Life Arena, Columbia, South Carolina!

Tazz: And tonight tensions will continue to boil between our roster as we zoom towards RPW: Brute Force, on the 9th of July!

J.R.: That's right! Last week, Tony Atlas announced that at that event, we will see RPW's first ever Elimination Chamber, where six of RPW's finest will fight it out for the prized RPW World Championship!

Tazz: It'll be Kevin Owens, Nero, Howell Saxon, either Dean Ambrose or Jeremy Stevens, and another yet to be named wrestler, going for the belt that currently sits around Quincy Reagan's waist!

J.R.: And tonight, we see all those men compete against one another in a series of one on ones, culminating in our main event... Quincy Reagan versus Howell Saxon!

Tazz: But up first, we have the Kurt Angle invitational!

RPW Showtime: Episode 11 Cooltext247238073530378

The crowd cheer, as Angle emerges through the curtain, sporting ring gear, his gold medals, and the RPW Extreme Championship around his waist. He raises his arms proudly in the ring, before removing his medals and title belt, before placing them on the mat next to him.

J.R.: We all know the rules of the Kurt Angle invitational; you get in the ring with him, and if you can outlast him for just 3 minutes, then you win either that Championship belt, or those Gold Medals!

Tazz: That's right, and it's harder than it looks, last week, a returning Dave Navarro couldn't even last two minutes in the ring with him!

J.R.: I believe that's Dylan Navarro Tazz!

Angle turns in the ring, and gestures towards the stage for an opponent to emerge, and after a few moments...

The crowd boo as a red-faced and ferocious looking Thorn bursts out from behind the curtain, shrieking as he makes his way down to the ring. He climbs inside, and glares at his soon to be opponent, the Olympian, before pointing at the Extreme Championship belt. Angle smiles, as the referee collects the items.

Tazz: Looks like he wants the title!

The referee calls for the bell.

Thorn charges! German Suplex! Angle grabs him again! Another German! Thorn can barely get his bearings enough to dodge a third, but he manages it, before gaining the offense back with a well placed and vicious sounding elbow! Thorn tosses Angle back into the corner, and unloads shoulders into the stomach of the Olympian, but Angle is able to lift up a knee, knocking the Cannibal backwards, shaking his head groggily.

Angle runs and takes down Thorn with a clothesline, before crashing through his sternum with another as he jumps back to his feet. Thorn gets back up angrily, but is cut-off when he's grappled into a hold, before being planted down by a FISHERMAN SUPLEX!

Angle hooks his leg and pins him...




J.R.: Well he nearly got him there!

Tazz: Nearly, but he didn't! Thorn's a tough cookie J.R.! I have no idea how Angle's gonna beat this one!

Thorn roars out of it, before grabbing Angle's head, and sinking his teeth into his hairless scalp! Angle clutches his head in pain, before Thorn smashes a hook across his mouth, then spins him around before locking him in a Full Nelson! Before Angle can even begin to fight out of it, Thorn lifts him, and crashes him down with a FULL NELSON SLAM!

Angle rolls around in pain, as the clock hits 2 and a half minutes. Thorn laughs as he looks at the timer, feeling confident about the belt being draped over his own shoulders in just thirty seconds. He just needs to outlast Angle, who begins to get to his feet...

Thorn sets him up for the Shoulder Jawbreaker...


Those famous words blast through the PA System, almost deafening Thorn, and allowing Angle to slip out of the hold. Angle uses the opportunity to slip behind the Cannibal and lock him up...


Angle pins him...




Kurt Angle defeats Thorn in 2:40

Angle kicks Thorn under the bottom rope and out of the ring, before lifting his RPW Extreme Championship belt and celebrating with it. Thorn meanwhile comes to his senses, and angrily turns to look up the ramp, as from behind the curtain, the Road Dogg appears. He grins widely at Thorn, before giving a mocking shrug of his shoulders. With the camera close up on Thorn's contorted and angry expression, the scene fades out.

Daniel stands onto of an amphitheater as various student pass by going in both directions. Daniel stares out into the crowd below looking among the various building surrounding the area. After a few moments a nearby building catches his eyes. Daniel carefully makes his way over maneuvering himself in between the students. Daniel comes to an abrupt stop in front of a large building with the heading, "Wrestling Room", he pauses for a moment before making his way in. To his surprise not many students are inside only about six.

Who here is looking to make some extra cash? Easiest two hundreds dollar you'll ever make.

The student look confused and among one another for a few moments. Two student lock eyes, nod in succession before stepping forward.

Wrestler 1
We'll do it, what do you need?

Daniel smiles for a moment before handing him a small card.

Here's all the information you need. It's a privately owned gym just a few miles from here. Be there in three hours. Give me a call if you get lost.

Daniel turns away from the two and begins heading out of the room.

Wrestler 2
Wait, what exactly is this job?

Daniel pauses for a moment.



RPW Showtime: Episode 11 Cooltext247238181105473

Ambrose and Stevens circle one another in the ring. Stevens looks determined, clear frustration and anger on his face from his match with Ambrose the week prior, in which a chair shot was delivered to his face to end the match. The same chair is at ringside, causing Ambrose to smirk to himself, knowing the fact irks his opponent.

J.R.: And whoever wins this one gets a spot in the Elimination Chamber at Brute Force Tazz!

Tazz: I know! And I'd be happy with either, both of these men are incredibly fun to watch!

The bell rings.

Stevens and Ambrose are immediately at each other's throats, Ambrose bringing his brawler, grounded moveset to the table, whilst Jeremy zips around him at lightning speeds, taking to the air on multiple opportunities. The pair go back and forth, but Stevens is able to get the edge when he follows up a Slingblade, with a running Springboard Crossbody!

Stevens waits in the corner for Ambrose to sit up, and when he does, he charges... SHINING WIZARD! NO! Ambrose ducks it, and Stevens collides into the corner turnbuckle... he turns around... MONEY CLIP by Ambrose! He hooks Stevens leg...




Ambrose sits up, looking irritated, and eyes the chair at ringside, contemplating using it, before remembering the stakes of the match. He wants a spot in that Chamber! Instead, he looks ready to finish things off with the Dirty Deeds! He waits for Stevens to get up... Gut Kick...




Ambrose is down, right in front of the turnbuckle! Stevens starts to climb... he has Ambrose set up for the PHEONIX SPLASH...

J.R.: It's over if he hits this! Jeremy Stevens will be the fifth competitor in the Elimination Chamber!

But he doesn't! Ambrose rolls out of the ring, regaining his bearings, and being able to recompose himself. Stevens at first looks irritated, but has a new idea. He stands tall on the turnbuckle, before leaping into the air...


With the two layed out, strewn over the concrete, the referee begins to count to ten! The first one doesn't move until it's the count of five, and it's Stevens, who ambles towards the apron before grabbing the bottom rope... but Ambrose grabs his foot! He yanks him backwards, before crashing a forearm into his gut!

He grabs Stevens around the neck, before tossing him back first into the barricade! With the referee counting to seven, Ambrose takes a run up at Stevens... he charges... CLOTHESLINE! NO! Stevens jumps and locks his legs around Ambrose's head! HURRICANRANA! The pair both crash over the barricade and into the chairs in the front row!

J.R.: The referee's at a count of 7!

Tazz: One of these men needs to get back to the ring!

Both of them lay in a heap, as the referee counts to 8! Neither has moved as it gets to 9! Stevens starts to come around, before realising how little time he has left! He leaps the barrier, and runs at the ring as fast as he can!


HE DIDN'T MAKE IT! The referee calls for the bell! The match has ended in a draw!

Dean Ambrose and Jeremy Stevens draw by countout in 14:39

Stevens bats the ring apron with his hands angrily, annoyed at not having made it to the ring on time. The crowd murmer loudly, clearly out of confusion for what will now happen between the pair. Fans heads start to turn towards the stage, hoping for Atlas to emerge and clear up the confusion, but he never does.

J.R.: What on earth happens now then Tazz!

Tazz: I don't know J.R.! Do both men get in!? Do neither!? Where's Atlas when you need him?

Stevens still looks confused on the outside of the ring, also looking up the ramp for any signs of the Chairman. When there's no sign of him, he turns back around to the ring...


Stevens goes down, as Ambrose stands over him, chair in hand, and smirk on face. The crowd boo, as he laughs, before walking back up the ramp past the unconcious High Flyer. The scene fades out.


Rump:So what exactly is this training you have for me? You know I could be at home right now relaxing. I swear if this is a waste of my time you're going to regret it.

It's not going to be a waste, you have a few days before your match against Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker. After your loss last week i'm sure you're not too happy about it. You need to step up your game.  So I arranged for you two have a match against two students for a nearby college campus. Don't screw this opportunity up.

Captain Rump looks starts to grow furious as Daniel continues to speak.

You better watch your mouth. I should kick your ass for speaking to me like that!

I'm just trying to help you out. Now cut the crap and just get ready.

Daniel turns away, opens the door and the two wrestlers make their way through. Captain Rump carefully examines the two students. One stands at six-foot four inches weighing in at two hundred sixty pounds, with a physically muscular build known as Rick. The other stands a six-foot two inches weighting in at three hundred ten pounds, more of a rounder shape is known as Sam. Captain Rump looks intimated for a moment.

These two are going to be your opponents today. I've had them sign out some forms so no one will be held liable for any injuries that may occur tonight. It's going to be a handicap match. If they are able to pin you they get four hundred bucks. If they can't all they're going to walk away with is four bucks.

The two wrestlers come forward and stand face to face with Rump.

This shouldn't be too hard. Sure he's bigger than us but we're all around the same height.

You mean to tell me this fatso is a wrestler? I feel bad now, this will be the easiest money we ever make.

Rick and Sam laugh at their own comments.

Alright now everyone follow me to the ring. Let's get this started.

Captain Rump picks up Rick by his hair and wraps his arms around his throat. Rump lifts Rick off his feet and slams him onto the mat causing Rick screams in pain.

Rump turns his attention to Sam who's now standing on his feet. Captain Rump lifts Sam up and slams him onto his back. He hovers over Sam’s chest and performs a hip drop. The impact causes Sam to lose his breath. Rump stands up and begins to drive his foot into Sam’s chest.

Captain Rump walks over to Rick, grabs him and pulls him up to his feet.

Captain Rump tosses Rick into the corner turnbuckle. Rump smacks his giant ass, then runs toward Rick. Rump leaps into the air and smacks Rick's chest with his massive ass causing Rick to fall against the turnbuckle. Rump turns around and repeatedly smacks his ass against Rick's face. Rump pauses for a second to hover his ass over Rick's face. Rump then humiliates Rick by rubbing his giant, sweaty, stinky ass in Rick's face.

Rump grabs Rick by the hair and drags him into the center of the ring.

Captain Rump turns his attention toward Sam. Rump walks over to Sam and lifts him to his feet.

Captain Rump tosses Sam into the corner turnbuckle. Rump smacks his giant ass, then runs toward Sam. Rump leaps into the air and smacks Sam's chest with his massive ass causing Sam to fall against the turnbuckle. Rump turns around and repeatedly smacks his ass against Sam's face. Rump pauses for a second to hover his ass over Sam's face. Rump then humiliates Sam by rubbing his giant, sweaty, stinky ass in Sam's face.

Captain Rump drags Sam into the center of the ring beside Rick.

Rump hovers over the two of them before dropping down directly on them. Dropping his right ass cheek on Rick and his left ass cheek on Sam.

Captain Rump begins to count out loud.




Captain Rump looks over to Daniel and smiles.

You're ready!

RPW Showtime: Episode 11 Cooltext249059927758565

Rump finishes up his entrance in the ring, Daniel by his side, as he angrily watches the stage, waiting for his opponent to emerge. In recent weeks, Rump has only displayed more and more anger, and hence, more and more nastiness, and it's now that the fans begin to resent the once loveable luchador for this.

Rump snarls, as the crowd cheer. Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker emerges from behind the curtain, nunchucks in hand, as he starts to spin them around his head with skill and precision. Once done, he slots them into his trousers, before starting down the ramp, his glare on Rump the whole time.

BUT HE'S ATTACKED FROM BEHIND! Jamie Noble, wearing a black and orange lucha mask, crashes a forearm into the back of his head, sending the Superkicker rolling down the ramp. Behind Noble, emerges Joey Simone and Johnny Knockout, wearing the very same masks, before they all circle Dangerman and begin to repeatedly kick him over and over.

J.R.: WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS!?  What are these men doing!?

The crowd boo, as Rump starts to laugh, before he beckons his three mask wearing allies to bring his opponent into the ring. They lift up the Martial Arts Master, and roll him into the ring, before dragging him into the corner. Rump moves over, slaps his behind a few times to a series of boos, before delivering a DREADED STINKFACE to Dangerman!

After a good 10 seconds of humiliation for the Superkicker, Rump orders Noble, Simone, and Knockout to drag Dangerman into place for the turnbuckle, before they each pin down a limb. Rump begins to climb, before giving his ass one final slap, and dropping ass first onto Dangerman's chest with an ASS-AULT!

Tazz: Well it looks like an alliance has been created J.R.!

With boos sounding from the crowd, and the referee complaining due to never having been able to start the match, Rump lifts his arms up high above his head. His three new mask wearing minions stand on either side of him, along with Daniel, all raising their hands together. The scene fades out.


RPW Showtime: Episode 11 Cooltext249060055464214

Kevin Owens leans on the turnbuckle in his corner, a smile on his face, looking not to be worried about the match ahead of him. Nero meanwhile looks very serious, stood tall, hands at his sides, trying to stretch his neck out in order to get the size advantage over Owens.

The bell rings.

Owens and Nero lock up, with Owens getting the quick lead in the match thanks to a well placed irish whip and back body drop combo! He keeps the assault on Nero, keeping him to the mat, but the Enigma is able to bounce back into action with a picturesque front dropkick to Owens' mouth!

The pair battle it out around the ring, stumbling into the corners where they unload onto each other with strikes, before they take turns smashing each other into the turnbuckles with splashes and clotheslines! After a missed Cannonball Senton, Hardy charges at Owens and attempts to take him out of the ring with a clothesline...

But Owens ducks it, and throws Hardy over his head onto the apron! Hardy tries to fight his way back in, but Owens slams an elbow into his head, knocking him dizzy, before a headbutt knocks him off and onto the concrete! Owens uses the time to run at the ropes opposite, before bouncing back, and diving through the ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE!

BUT HARDY MOVES! Kevin crashes down face first!

J.R.: That's gonna hurt your god damn face!

Jeff lifts Owens to his feet, before whipping him face first into the steel ring post, knocking him dizzy, before a wheel kick knocks him tumbling backwards into the barricade. Hardy tries to take advantage, attempting to splash onto him into the barricade, but Owens moves! Hardy crashes stomach first into the barricade, before Owens takes back the advantage! He lifts Hardy up...


J.R.: That's gonna hurt your god damn back!

With Hardy squirming on the ground, clutching his back, Owens throws him back into the ring, before he climbs onto him for the cover...




With Hardy still on the mat, Kevin decides to climb. He moves up the turnbuckle, the crowd cheering as he stands up, ready to hit Hardy with a BULLFROG SPLASH!

BUT THE ANTI-CHRIST IS UP! He runs and dropkicks Owens legs out from underneath him, causing Owens to crash nastily into the ropes, before landing awkwardly and brutally onto his neck! He spins out onto the mat next to the ropes, before Hardy covers him...






Nero defeats Kevin Owens in 11:02

Tazz: WHAT? He touched the ropes ref!

J.R.: Aww come on! This is ridiculous!

A furious Owens sits up, as Nero immediately rolls out of the ring, not even celebrating. It proves to be a wise move, as Owens is to his feet, pushing the referee around with an angry expression. The referee begins to shout back, but this only infuriates Owens further, causing him to push the referee to the mat hard, before turning to face Nero.

The Anti-Christ watches Owens, a small and mocking smile on his face, which causes Owens to become even redder with anger. Hardy watches him for a few moments more, before exiting through the curtain, leaving the cameras to linger on an infuriated Owens as the scene fades out.


RPW Showtime: Episode 11 Cooltext249060072441599

Quincy Reagan and Howell Saxon stand across the ring from one another. Both men look equally angry, despite Saxon trying to hide it with that classic smirk of his. He bends down and taps his shin guard a few times, causing Quincy to tense up slightly.

J.R.: Tensions are high between these two men after last week! They did not have friendly things to say to one another!

Tazz: They didn't J.R., and now they have a chance to back up their words!

The bell rings.

And Saxon moves first! He locks up Reagan from behind, but Quincy powers out of it immediately, before gaining the offense with a series of clotheslines and strikes! He sets Saxon up for a power slam, but Saxon spins through it, and takes Reagan down with an arm drag, before crashing a kick across his head! Saxon takes a run up, before delivering a baseball slide to Quincy whilst he's down!

He goes for the pin...

...but Quincy kicks out!

Saxon locks Quincy up in a sleeper, but Quincy is quick to break out of it, before getting the edge back with a Belly to Belly! Through a series of power moves, and displays of intense strength, Quincy is able to keep Howell grounded, however isn't able to secure more than a one count with every pin attempt.

Saxon bounds back by kicking away at Reagan's legs, before locking him in a headlock, and delivering elbow after elbow into Quincy's head, knocking him dizzy, before bounding off the ropes, and sending him down with a knee strike! He goes for another pin...

Another quick kickout by Quincy!

Saxon continues the onslaught, but Quincy continues to have spurts of energy which keeps the match back and forth. Howell however, through a series of underhanded tactics, keeps the edge, until he's able to take Reagan down with a Judo Throw, and lock him up in his dreaded DRAGON SLEEPER!

J.R.: The Dragon Sleeper! This move has caused insurmountable pain to the RPW locker room!

Reagan roars in pain, as he starts to use his feet to drag himself as close as he can to the ropes. Saxon tries to hold him back from doing so, but the far stronger Reagan succeeds, and is able to latch his legs around the ropes! Saxon lets the count go to 4, before letting go, ensuring as much damage is done as he can. Once Quincy is back up, Saxon knocks him right back down with a Jumping Reverse Turning Kick!

Saxon moves over to the turnbuckle, and shreds away at it, causing the referee to yell at him and push him away, before he tries to fit the turnbuckle head back on. Saxon grins, as the distraction of the referee gives him time to shred away the padding of his shin pad, as he beckons for a weak Reagan to get to his feet...


Quincy's up...

Saxon charges...


NO! QUINCY DUCKS! He runs at the ropes, as Howell twists around... Quincy bounds back...


Tazz: Reagan with the Pounce!

SAXON IS KNOCKED SOARING THROUGH THE AIR! He collides with the top rope, before flopping onto the apron, and cracking into the concrete below! Reagan shakes his head angrily, clearly hoping that Saxon would've landed in the ring, but uses the time to gain back his composure. He smiles at the hard camera, and points into it sincerely for a second, before moving after Saxon.

He pokes his head through the middle rope as he starts to climb out...

But Saxon's up...



Reagan plummets backwards, before landing back first unconcious, as Saxon rolls under the bottom rope and climbs on top of him before hooking his leg...




Howell Saxon defeats Quincy Reagan in 18:21


Saxon jumps to his feet, the sounds of boos greeting him, and the smile on his face goes from force to genuine. He prods Reagan's still unconcious body with his toe, before sending a mocking smile his way, and then pointing at the hard camera himself with a laugh.

As Reagan begins to stir, Saxon climbs out of the ring, and starts to move up the ramp, the crowd booing him even further due to his cowardly antics. He laughs as he starts to move up the ramp, before Reagan regains his senses, and watches him, an angry expression on his face. Clutching the top of his head, he glares at Saxon, who stands at the top of the stage.

BUT IT'S OWENS! He spins Saxon around, and unloads into him with punches! Saxon is knocked off guard, as he stumbles backwards down the ramp! Owens grabs Saxon, and tosses him into the barricade, before setting him up for a SUPERKICK...

BUT IT'S NERO NOW! He jumps in and crashes into Owens with a forearm, knocking him falling backwards down the ramp! He tries to follow up on it, but Reagan gets involved, crashing a hook across Nero's face, causing him to retreat up the ramp with Howell Saxon by his side. Owens is straight back to his feet, and stands next to Reagan, as the four men glare at one another.

It's at this point, that each of them turns to look at the man they stand next to, as the realisation hits them.

J.R.: At Brute Force, there will be no sides. No teams. No alliances. It will be every man for himself. Even their friends will become their enemies.  

With this shot, of all four men glaring at one another, the show fades out.

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