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RPW Showtime: Episode 12 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 12 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

The usual orange pyro explodes from the stage, as the cameras pan around the arena, taking in the excitable Atlanta, Georgia crowd!

J.R.: Good evening and welcome to RPW Showtime, here in the Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia!

Tazz: And we're getting closer and closer to Brute Force on the 9th of July, where we'll see six men battle it out inside the dreaded Elimination Chamber, for the RPW World Championship!

J.R.: And four of those men will battle it out tonight in our main event, as RPW World Champion Quincy Reagan and Kevin Owens, will face off against Nero and Howell Saxon!

Tazz: Whoever wins it will get a huge boost of momentum going into Brute Force!

J.R.: It'll be a slobber knocker that's for sure!

A nice looking limousine pulls into the parking lot. The limousine driver exits the vehicle and makes his way over to the rear end. He opens the door, and Rump makes his way out of the vehicle. He’s wearing a pair of black boots and a large white robe that covers his entire body. He's accompanied by Jamie Noble, Joey Simone and Johnny Knockout. Daniel follows behind the four men carrying a few bags. The men slowly making their way toward the locker rooms, making no stops to speak with anyone they pass by. As Rump makes his way around a nearby corner he bumps into an interviewer.

Watch where you’re going idiot.

Rump pushes the interviewer aside knocking him into a nearby cameraman. The interviewer is confused by the commotion. Rump and his crew begin to walk away.

Really? I’m pretty sure you should be watching where you’re going. You bumped into me, aren't you at least going to apologize you moron?

Rump and his crew stop in their tracks. Rump grows furious and turns his attention toward the interviewer and his cameraman.

You should really keep your mouth shut, and you shouldn’t mouth off to those who are bigger and stronger than you. Do you have any idea who I am, and what i'm capable of?

Rump snaps his fingers which causes his crew to close in on the interviewer. The three men begin to assault the interviewer for a few moments, the cameraman avoid the confrontation but continues rolling his camera. The three crew members set up the interviewer in a sitting position.

Rump removes his robe and reveals that he's only wearing a pair of black briefs. He slowly walks over towards the interviewer and turns himself around. Rump thrusts backwards and begins to rub his giant, hairy, sweat ass against the interviewer’s nose and face executing a Dreaded Stinkface

Make sure you get all this on camera, I want everyone out there to see what happens when they mess with me or my crew. The Rump Squad.

Rump hold his position for a couple minutes before finally letting him go. Rump looks over to the young cameraman, who is shaking with fear. Rump smiles at the state of the young man.

Look if you don’t want to end up like him you’ll follow me, make sure the camera’s rolling, and you won’t get in the way. You got that?

The cameraman is scared stiff, but slowly manages to mumble a couple words.

Yes sir, whatever you say, just please don’t do that to me.

Rump just smirks.

Of course not. The next two who will have the luxury of being on the receiving end of a Dreaded Stinkface with be the NWO.

Rump turns away from the attack and continues to make his way backstage approaching the nearby locker rooms with the Rump Squad, Daniel, and cameraman following right behind.

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Following a warm reception to Goldust as he enters down to the ring, Dean Ambrose is met with boos, as he walks down to the ring with his signature steel chair in hand, smacking it on the ramp and barricade. He places it at ringside with a smirk, before rolling into the ring and squaring off against Goldust.

The bell rings.

Ambrose is quick into action, surprising Goldust who is quickly taken down by a series of strikes, followed up with a clothesline. Ambrose works the Bizarre One on the mat, before whipping him into the ropes, and sending him flipping to the mat with a Kitchen Sink! Ambrose locks Goldust in a head hold, and with a smile on his face, applies a nasty amount of pressure!

But Goldust begins powering out of it! He gets to his feet, and with a few shots to the stomach of Ambrose, pushes the Lunatic away, before a Big Boot knocks Ambrose back into the ropes! Ambrose slips through the middle rope... but he clutches on! He launches himself back through the ropes at Goldust... LARIAT! Goldust crashes to the mat!

Ambrose smirks as he beckons for Goldust to get to his feet, which the Bizarre One starts to do. Ambrose measures him... he kicks him in the gut...

DIRTY DEEDS! He hits it!

Ambrose pins Goldust...



But Ambrose breaks up his own pin! He raises Goldust's shoulder with a smile, before shaking his head as he gets back to his feet. He turns around, and points at his steel chair on the outside of the ring. The referee shouts at him, but Ambrose takes no notice, as he rolls out of the ring to pick it up. He gets back into the ring, and waits in the corner, chair held high above his head, ready to bring it down onto the skull of Goldust...

Goldust is at his feet, and Ambrose readies himself...

BUT WAIT! The chair is snatched out of his hands!

Ambrose turns, to see Jeremy Stevens grinning at him from the apron, before jumping down and running away with Ambrose's steel chair. An angry Ambrose yells at him, before he's grabbed from behind, and twisted around...


He pins him...




Goldust defeats Dean Ambrose in 6:17

Goldust celebrates, the crowd cheering him, before he exits the ring and leaves. Ambrose stirs into conciousness, before glaring angrily up the ramp at Stevens, who still holds his steel chair. But now, in his other hand, Stevens has a microphone.

We may not have ended up in the Elimination Chamber Dean, but that won't stop us from going to Brute Force. Because on that night, the 9th of July, it's gonna be me and you! No false finishes! No bullshit! Just me, walking out, with my hand raised!

Stevens drops the mic, and the steel chair, before slapping the stage floor with his hands, and then performing his signature windmill fist bump ot fan approval. Ambrose continues to watch him angrily, as the scene fades out.


We join Howell Saxon inside his car. He’s parked across the road from Phillips Arena, still sitting in the driver’s seat, in his everyday casual clothes (jeans, trainers, a short sleeved button-up) and in the middle of what looks to be a fairly stressful phonecall. His wrestling gear is piled in the passenger seat next to him.

Howell Saxon
You don’t think I know what a big deal this is? If I can show Reagan and Owens the full measure of my skill today, they’ll go into Brute Force shitting themselves and I’ll have a shot at winning the title back fair and square!

A pause as the person on the other end of the phone says something. Howell starts to look flustered.

Howell Saxon
Well, of course I don’t care about fair, you know that. Why do you think I keep doing those shin kicks? We’ve discussed this; I need to prove to those idiots that all their showmanship and gimmicks won’t get them anywhere.

The person on the other end cuts in and suddenly Howell looks irritated, even offended, at what they’ve said.

Howell Saxon
Hey, don’t talk shit about Nero. His gimmicks I can let slide.

A brief pause.

Howell Saxon
Because I res – hey, listen! I respect him. He’s one of the few people in this federation who’s not afraid to get his hands a bit dirty.

The person on the other end cuts in again and Howell looks increasingly exasperated, even anxious. When he speaks again, he's louder and his voice takes on a defensive tone.

Howell Saxon
Well, yes, we’re partnered up in this tag team match, but that’s not the point. The point is he can actually deliver, without relying on a friend’s support, or the “look at me, I have kids” sympathy card. He wants to progress in the federation and he doesn’t care about people liking him as he does it. And I damn well respect that, so don’t you go questioning my integrity just because I’ve finally spotted someone in RPW who isn’t a total fucking sellout!

We still can’t make out a distinct voice or words, but the other side of the conversation gets more intense to keep up with Howell – we hear shouting down the phone, which Howell surprisingly cringes away from, backing off.

Howell Saxon
Okay, okay, I… darling, listen. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you. I’m doing this for us, alright? For our sport. For what we really care about. We’re showing these wrestling morons what a truly strong and talented sportsman looks like.

Howell takes a deep breath. The other end of the phone is silent.

Howell Saxon
And I’m glad I’ve got you to boost my morale when I need it. Alright?

The person on the other end speaks up again. Their tone’s less angry now, but still stern. We can faintly hear them say something as Howell begins to look a bit exhausted.

Howell Saxon
Of course I’ll win. Have some faith in me, okay? We’re both winners, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The conversation seems to have calmed down; the next thing the person on the other end says is inaudible. Howell finally relaxes his shoulders and even smiles.

Howell Saxon
Okay. Love you. See you later.

Howell ends the call and stuffs his phone into his pocket with a heavy sigh. He runs his hand over his face and, steeling himself, reaches over and grabs his wrestling gear. He bundles it under his arm and steps out of his car, slamming the door viciously before he locks it.

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Unusually for the typically cowardly and disliked New World Order, they are cheered upon their entrance to the ring, a reaction which confuses but pleases them. Captain Rump and 'The Rump Squad' on the other hand, are boo'd loudly as they make their way down to the ring. Once inside, Jamie Noble, Joey Simone, and Johnny Knockout situate themselves on the apron, as Rump waits in the ring. Hall meanwhile looks ready to start for his team.

The bell rings.

Rump and Hall jump into action, and it's Rump who takes the quick advantage. He uses his strength to ensure he keeps Hall where he wants him, the mat, as he powers through his opponent with a series of power moves and brutal holds. Hall is able to reverse an attempt at a lariat, and bounds back with a reverse elbow, before going for another... but a Back Body Drop stops him short.

Rump tosses Hall into the corner, before tagging in Joey Simone. The new Rump Squad member looks excited, as he kicks Hall over and over in the corner, before taking a run up, and crashing a front dropkick across Hall's chest, before he tags in Johnny Knockout. Knockout goes for a different approach, striking Hall in the face multiple times, before whipping him out of the corner, keeping a hold of him, and then tossing him harshly right back into the turnbuckle!

Noble's tagged in now, and he throws some nasty knife edge chops over Hall's chest, causing shock from the Atlantian crowd. The Rump Squad take turns tagging each other in, and continuing the assault on Hall in the corner, much to the chagrin of the crowd and Nash. The crowd will on Hall, and the motivation succeeds in helping him force his way out of the corner, slamming Joey Simone to the mat with a scoop slam, and tagging in his partner Kevin Nash!

Johnny Knockout is tagged in too, but Nash has the advantage! Clothesline! Clothesline! Big Boot! Knockout is reeling, and the crowd is cheering once again, as Nash lifts Knockout up in the air, and slams him down with a Military Press Drop! But Nash isn't through there, he puts Knockout's head between his legs, lifts him onto his shoulders... and gets ready to plant him down with a JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!

Jamie Noble extends his arm towards Knockout who's on Nash's shoulders... the two almost touch fingertips...



Nash goes for the pin, unaware of what has happened... LEG DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE! NOBLE CRASHES DOWN ON NASH! Nash stirs, as Noble drags him into the corner, where Rump is tagged in! Noble takes Nash down with a Gutbuster, as Rump starts to climb the turnbuckle... he slaps his ass a few times...


He pins him...




The Rump Squad defeat The nWo in 8:45

But Rump's not done there, he yells at his Rump Squad to get back to their feet, and has them place Nash and Hall in the turnbuckle on top of each other! With the two sat down against the turnbuckle, Rump slaps his arse a few more times, and gets ready to deliver to the nWo a DREADED STINKFACE!

The crowd pop as Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker bursts out from behind the curtain, nunchucks in hand! He slides into the ring, and quickly clonks Joey Simone across the face, knocking him down, before smashing a Roundhouse over the head of Johnny Knockout, knocking him stumbling through the ropes. Noble charges at The Martial Arts Master and goes for a CLOTHESLINE... but it's ducked under! Noble turns around...

SUPERKICK! Noble is hit so hard, he flies right over the top rope and to the concrete below!

Dangerman turns back around, but Rump has already exited the ring, not wanting to face off against Dangerman with his Nunchucks. He re-groups with his Rump Squad on the ramp, as Dangerman helps Hall and Nash to their feet. The three stand in the ring, to cheers from the crowd, as Nash asks for a microphone. Once it's given to him, he turns to the Rump Squad.

How about this Rump! Us three, versus you four, at Brute Force!

The crowd cheer.

Cos me and Hall, we're taking over! And we're not letting you get in the way of that!

Rump and his squad have now backed up to the stage, looking at each other and nodding at Nash's proposal. Rump lifts his hand and points at Nash, saying 'I'll see you there', before he exits through the curtain, his minions following. The scene fades out.


He left his car running as he sat there parked. Was this the way to go about it? A champion for nearly a month, and he still had not been able to share his glory with his children. But was this stooping to their level? Or would this be simply taking action the only way there seems to be? He contemplated driving off right then, but instead he found himself turning the ignition off. He opened the door, grabbed the title formerly sat in his passenger's seat, and began across the street.

At the door, he once again found himself hesitating. He knew all too well the emotions influencing him; he knew was going on his impulses of old. The impulses that gave him a criminal record. But still, he knocked upon the door.

It took a second, louder knock for someone to finally come to the door. When it swung open, Sheila's face immediately went into a scowl. She then rolled her eyes and went to shut the door. But Quincy's hand quickly stopped it.

Nigga, if you don't get your crusty ass hand from off my door...

Quincy Reagan
You can't keep me away from my kids, Sheila. It's been a month.

She continued to try to force the door to close, but Quincy persisted.

Quincy Reagan
Where they at?

Q, get from this door, forreal now.

Yo what's good down here?

Down the stairs just thirty feet from the door, Clint began to walk down the creaky wooden stairs. From what he can see, the sorry scrawny excuse for a replacement only wore a wife beater and plaid green boxers. His feet suctioned to the raggedy slides he wore, forcing a squishy-type sound out with every step he took, a sound that did nothing but irk Reagan. The homewrecker began to scratch at his belly as well, creating yet another sound that felt like it only existed to aggravate Quincy further. Quincy forced such annoyance out of his head, realizing he came to see his kids, not to start an issue.

Once Clint neared the door, the first thing he did was yawn, before beginning to scratch his corn rows as he looked at Quincy.

Ight bro, so I'm gonna need you to back off my door. I'm tryina sleep and really don't give a fuck about why you're here, you just gotta go.

"My door". Quincy's blood began to boil.

Quincy Reagan
Well, I'mma need you to mind your fucking business for once and tell me where my kids are.

They ain't here. Bye.

She tried to close the door yet again, but his hand was ready. However, Clint took to shoving it off.

Ight, forreal nigga, back the fuck off and go home.

He snatched Quincy's title out of his hand and throws it, it nearly landing on the cement at the end of their front lawn.

And take your toy with you.

It took absolutely everything in Quincy's body not to lash out right then. In that very moment, he nearly made all his progress from the past decade meaningless. He had flashbacks of his younger days, when having someone else's blood on his knuckles was a normal day's hobby. Right then and there, he almost painted the house a very dark red.

But, as a testament to his maturation, he instead decided to turn and walk away. He grabbed the world championship and went to his car.


As he drove, nothing would calm him. All he could think of were his kids, and the two demons they were trapped with. He could only think of the last time he saw his children, and how his ex-wife refused to let them attend the night he would see himself win that title he worked his ass off for the past few months to acquire. He could only dwell on having been kept from celebrating said win with his children. She wouldn't even let them FaceTime. But they would see Clint. They see him every day. They smell his cigarettes as they poison their lungs. They would talk to the man that was the final reason they longer saw their parents together.

He anger turned to speeding. Speeding directly back to the house.

Once there, he grabbed a black hoodie kept on the backseat floor of his car and put it on so as to look anonymous. Out of the glove compartment, he pulled the pocket knife he kept inside. With it, he exited his car.

He stared at the house. Slowly, he walked toward it, shuffling the knife around in the hoodie's pocket. His anger only built as he got closer, with each step.

Then he turned to the black Lexus parked in the driveway. Clint's Lexus. He drew the knife from his pocket, and starting from the headlight, he left a deep, thick scratch to the rearlight. He did the same on the other side. He then took the knife to one of the back tires and popped it. The sound was loud, but taken by anger, he did not think to leave then and instead went and popped the other back tire. It was only once the car's alarm went blaring after he elbowed right through the driver seat's window that he finally realized he had to leave, and quickly. He ran to his car, and somehow managed to drive off before being caught.

He drove and he drove. His anger still flowed through every vein his body. He had gone backwards. It felt good. But he was ashamed. But then he was proud. He was confused. He was lost.

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'Oh, you didn't know?

The crowd cheer.

'Yo' ass better call somebodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.....!'

"The Road Dogg" Jesse James bursts out of the curtain, a microphone in his right hand as he continues to drag out the last syllable of "somebody". In the left is a bottle of water, as per his usual custom. He continues to wear his custom RPW gear.

Road Dogg
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, you know how it be.

He begins to walk down the ramp.

Road Dogg
Y'see, it's me, it's me, it's that D-OOOOOOOOOOO-double G! Back once again in-!

BUT HE'S ATTACKED FROM BEHIND! It's Thorn! He clubs James in the back of the head, sending him stumbling down the ramp, before following up by launching him back first into the ring apron! Thorn grabs him again, and throws him face first into the ring post, causing James' head to bounce back nastily, before he slumps to the concrete.

The crowd boo Thorn loudly, but he seems not to care, as he lifts James, and scoop slams him nastily onto the concrete! He doesn't stop there, and upon dragging him back to his feet, charges with him towards the ring steps, ready to throw him head first into them...

BUT JAMES REVERSES IT! He spins Thorn around, and sends The Cannibal crashing knees first into the ring steps, causing him to flip over them and crack back first into the concrete! Thorn tries to get to his feet using the barricade, but James is on him, and clotheslines Thorn over the barricade into the crowd!

James climbs over after him, and the pair start exchanging blows back and forth, stumbling up the steps, and further but the aisles. Crowd members excitedly pat James on the back, and some of them even take shots at Thorn, only to be met by angry security members. Thorn wrenches a cup of beer out of the hand of a fan, and tosses it in the face of James, to boos from the fans on either side of them.

James then nicely asks a fan next to him if they can stand up for a second. They do, and James uses this time to pick up the chair they were sitting in, fold it up, and slam it over the head of Thorn! The crowd cheer, as Thorn tumbles down the stairs. Thorn tries to get to his feet, as James gets ready to hit him with a chair again...

The crowd pop, as Kurt Angle emerges onto the stage, RPW Extreme Championship belt around his waist, and Gold Medals dangling from his neck. He has a microphone in hand, as he makes his way down to the ring, before sliding inside.

James. Thorn. I'm supposed to face one of you for my RPW Extreme Championship at Brute Force... but with the looks of things, with how passionate the pair of you seem to be... I don't wanna face just one of you! In fact, I'm making it clear now... at RPW: Brute Force, we're gonna have a triple threat match for the RPW Extreme Championship!

The crowd cheer. Thorn and James look from one another, back to Angle, excited by the news.

But it won't be an easy task taking me down! Let me prove it to you right now! Let's do another Kurt Angle invitational! Come on! Out you come! Anyone in the back who reckons they can take me on!

Kurt places his RPW Extreme Championship on the mat, along with his gold medals, as he waits for someone to emerge.

The crowd cheer, as Stevie Richards emerges through the curtain, and out onto the stage. He runs down to the ring, and upon sliding inside, points at the RPW Extreme Championship belt, before clapping his hands together and getting ready...

The bell rings!

And Stevie runs at Angle... he goes for a dropkick! But Angle catches his legs, and locks him up in the ANKLE LOCK! Stevie roars in pain, before tapping out!

Kurt Angle defeats Stevie Richards in 0:04

Angle's music plays again, as he places the gold medals back over his head, and holds the RPW Extreme Championship high in the air, as he looks over at his two Brute Force opponents, stood watching him from the crowd. The scene fades out.

Tony Atlas in driving around the lively city of Atlanta in the afternoon. He takes a sip of his coffee as he pulls into a spot across the street from the Philips arena in a spot labeled “For Tony Atlas”. As he pulls in Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho step in front of his car, both standing cross armed with a stern look on their faces .

Tony Atlas:
What the hell…

Tony steps out of the car with his briefcase and coffee. He heads to the sidewalk and is met by the disgruntled best friends.

Tony Atlas:
Can I help you boys?

Kevin Owens
Yeah you can. Can you explain what happened last week?

Tony Atlas:
What do you mean? You lost to Nero.

Kevin Owens
Come on Tony, we both know I had my finger on the rope. The ref chose to ignore it and count the pin anyway.

Chris Jericho grabs a bag behind him and pulls out a picture of Kevin with his finger on the rope from last week. They duo looks at Atlas as if to say “See!”

Tony Atlas:
Kevin, I hired good referees. I trust that he made the right call.

Kevin and Chris both have a wide eyed expressions. They turn to look at each other and then back at Atlas.

Chris Jericho
Are you having a stroke? I have a first aid kit in the bag if you need it.

Kevin Owens
Are you serious? You are just going to turn a blind eye to a corrupt official…

Kevin’s expression drops from his face and then comes back a second later as if he thought of something.

Kevin Owens
You’re turning a blind eye because you are a corrupt official too. You probably told the referee to make sure that I didn’t win.

Kevin hits the hood of the car with his fist as Tony Atlas stands there with a emotionless expression.

Kevin Owens
It all makes sense now! You still have it out for me! Why do you shower Quincy Reagan with praise and admiration, yet I have accomplished more than he ever did and you just throwing hurdles at me. What makes you love him but hate me?

Kevin starts to pace back and forth while thinking. Chris and Tony just stare at each other with emotionless faces. Kevin then throws his finger.

Kevin Owens
I figured it out! It wasn’t what he did, but how he looks. When I compared you two in mind I finally figured it out. You have such a hard on for him because you’re both...you know...bald. I get it, bald people are still a minority in this business, but that doesn’t mean you can screw me over because you need the show to be PC.

Kevin gets really close to Atlas.

Kevin Owens
You say you support Reagan because he is an upstanding guy. Well guess what, you keep giving guys like Howell and Nero chances and they are worthless, pits of human garbage. You should be happily supporting someone like me who is not trying to screw everyone any chance I get. I am the best you have here and you can’t even see it. You have a good guy who is a ratings draw and a fan favorite. I should be your poster boy, I should be on every bit of promotion, but I’m not. I bet you I wasn’t contractually obligated to a rematch, I’d be working the dark match tonight. Come Brute Force, I will take anything I can get my hands on and destroy Howell and Nero.

Chris takes brass knuckles and a lead pipe out of the bag to show Atlas they mean business.

Kevin Owens
And I will give Quinton one hell of a fight and walk out of the elimination chamber with my title. Then you will have no choice to give me the recognition I deserve. That is not my opinion, that is a fact. Another fact is that if you keep giving guys like Hormel and Necro opportunities and keep screwing guys like me, then you might not have a company left to run.

Kevin takes a step back. Atlas looks him up and down before a smile appears across his face. He then pats Kevin on the back.

Tony Atlas:
Good luck tonight Kevin.

Tony walks away towards the arena. Chris starts putting stuff back in the back when the two are surprised by a loud bang sound. They turn to see Howell Saxon slam his car door down the block from where they are, but he does not see them. Kevin and Chris look at each other and then look into the bag. A huge grin appears on both of their faces as they start to walk to Howell’s car.


RPW Showtime: Episode 12 Cooltext250108894656821

Nero is the first to enter, the crowd booing him loudly, more so than usual thanks to his dirty antics the week prior to gain his win over Kevin Owens. Once in the ring, it is Howell Saxon's turn to enter, more boos being sent his way, though his signature smirk cuts through them. He taps his shin guard, taunting the audience, having used that very item to secure unfair wins over many of the RPW roster, and most recently, Quincy Reagan in their match last week.

Howell slides into the ring, and moves over to Nero, the two sharing a friendly handshake, before they look up towards the ramp. Quincy Reagan's music hits, and he enters out through the curtain, a big and peculiar looking smile on his face. The crowd at first become confused as to why Reagan would be smiling, before he turns and points back towards the curtain...

And out comes Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, driving Howell Saxon's car. Saxon looks furious, as his car has been ruined. The windows have been smashed, the paint torn off, and graffiti has been sprayed all over it. 'KO' is written on the hood, 'Y2J' on the roof, and 'Wonder Dad' written on the side, prompting Quincy to laugh. Saxon looks ready to storm out of the ring and attack the men there and then, but Nero stops him, and tries to talk his partner into a clear head.

Owens and Jericho get out of the car, and walk down the ramp with Quincy, the crowd cheering and laughing along with them. The trio climb into the ring, where a red faced Saxon glares at the three of them. Nero still holds Saxon back, and Howell, almost to himself, mutters 'She's gonna kill me.'

Reagan climbs through onto the apron, insinuating that Owens will start. Saxon however, without even discussing things with Nero, jumps into action! He crashes an elbow into the back of Owens head, and immediately starts the onslaught!

The bell rings.

He tosses Owens into the middle of the ring, and throws a series of kicks at him, before trapping his arm in an armbar! Owens powers out of it, and he and Saxon have a small back and forth, which thanks to his surprise attack, Howell is able to mostly control! Owens goes for a clothesline, but Saxon reverses it into a Hip Toss, before crashing a baseball slide into the side of Owens' head, and then tagging in Nero.

Nero keeps the attack on Owens going, managing to drive him into the corner, before unloading into him with a series of elbows, kicks, and splashes. Nero takes a run up, and goes for another splash... but Owens moves! He follows it up by taking Nero down with a German Suplex, before he gets to his feet and tags in Reagan!

Quincy storms in, and rules the ring for a while with a series of power moves! It's not until he tries to hold Nero above his head in a suplex position, than the clever and agile Nero is able to slip out, and takes Quincy down with a sleeper slam, before following up with a leg drop! Nero tags in Saxon, and he and Quincy fight for a while.

Frequent tags are made in and out for both times, with neither of them getting the edge. Owens recovers enough from Saxon's pre-match attack that he is able to bring his technical prowess to the table, whilst his partner Reagan brings the strength. Saxon and Nero utilise underhanded tactics to keep themselves on top however, and whilst the crowd dislike it, the pair have no qualms continuing to use them.

Owens and Saxon are going at it, before Saxon gets the upperhand with his headlock and elbow combo! Owens is dizzy, and Saxon takes him down with a Jumping Reverse Turning Kick! With Owens down on the mat, Saxon pins him...




Saxon angrily gets to his feet, before looking up at Nero, and looking prepared to tag him in... but Owens grabs him from behind, and rolls him up...




Saxon jumps back up angrily, not pleased with Owens being able to turn the tables so quickly. He looks ready to slam his opponent with an elbow, but Owens ducks... SUPERKICK! Saxon crashes down, right in position of the turnbuckle... Owens starts to climb to the top... he measures Saxon...


He hooks his leg...




Owens is up, himself now furious, as he shouts at the referee 'Oh! So you see that one!'. Jericho too has joined in the shouting match from the outside, giving Saxon the time to get to his feet, and tag in Nero. The Anti-Christ quickly takes it to the distracted Owens, sending him reeling with an enziguiri, before following up with a Whisper in the Wind!

With Owens down, Nero begins to climb to the top turnbuckle, with Saxon routing him on. He measures the downed Owens... he leaps...



Saxon looks furious as Owens moves over and tags in Reagan! Howell lifts up his trouser leg, and whilst the referee isn't looking, rips away his shin guard padding! In the ring though, Reagan drags Nero back to his feet, and tosses him into the ropes... Nero bounds back, and Reagan sets him up...


NO! Saxon pulls Nero off of Reagan's shoulders! Saxon knocks Reagan back with an elbow, before running at him, aiming a kick at Reagan's head... he goes for it...


NO! REAGAN DUCKS! Saxon tumbles into the ropes, before he turns around! CLOTHESLINE FROM OWENS! Both men fly over the top rope and plummet to the concrete! Reagan turns around, but he's hit in the stomach with a gut kick by Nero... it's followed up by...


NO! Reagan pushes Nero away from him, into the ropes! Nero bounds back...


Nero crashes to the mat, where Reagan dives on top of him for the cover...




Quincy Reagan & Kevin Owens defeat Howell Saxon & Nero in 18:33

Quincy is to his feet, celebrating, before noticing what is happening on the outside. Saxon is back to his feet, and is throwing punch after punch into Owens on the barricade. Jericho jumps in and starts throwing strikes at Saxon, who is forced to back away towards the ramp. Reagan watches Saxon angrily from within the ring, before his gaze instead goes to something over Saxon's shoulder, up on the stage. Saxon too turns around, to see Tony Atlas has emerged.

Good match gentlemen! Very good match! Very entertaining! And well done to the winning team! But do keep in mind, when it comes to the Elimination Chamber, only one of you can raise your hand victorious...

Atlas laughs.

Oh, and speaking of the Elimination Chamber, I have an announcement. Now, as we all know, an Elimination Chamber holds six men, but as of so far, we only know four of those men who're going to be in that contraption... so, get ready for one more...

The crowd cheer in anticipation.

Ladies and gents, the fifth man in the Elimination Chamber at RPW: Brute Force, who will be fighting for the RPW World Championship...

He points towards the curtain...


The crowd pop, as out of the curtain, emerges the gigantic, 600 plus pound monster, KING KONG KUNG! He performs a Sumo Stance on the stage, a big wide grin on his face, before he slaps his belly and moves over to Saxon's car. Saxon watches in horror, as Kung positions his hands underneath it, and with a huge grunt of strength, tosses the car onto it's side.

The crowd roar with cheers, as Kung stomps down the ramp towards Howell Saxon, towering over him with his great size. Saxon looks at Kung for a second, before turning around, and bolting away through the crowd. The crowd laugh, as does Kung, whilst Reagan, Jericho, Owens and Nero all watch him with terror. The show fades out.

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