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RPW Showtime: Episode 4 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 4 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

The music blasts out of the PA system, the orange pyro explodes from the stage, and the crowd roar with cheers! The show has started!

We move over to Tazz and J.R. who sit at their commentary table.

J.R.: Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to RPW: Showtime!

Tazz: I'm Tazz!

J.R.: And I'm Jim Ross!

Tazz: And tonight is the last show before RPW's first Pay-Per-View... ALL OUT BRAWL!

J.R.: And what a Pay-Per-View it looks to be! We'll see our first RPW World Champion crowned in the new era! The first time someone will have held that championship in 4 years Tazz!

Tazz: But let that not overshadow tonight, we've still got one hell of a show ahead of us! Two number one contenders match qualifiers, as well as our Main Event, the High Flyer Jeremy Stevens, going up against the Cannibal, Thorn!

An image displays on the titantron, capturing the attention of the crowd. It's Thorn, angrily huffing and puffing as he charges through the backstage area. He walks right up to the door of Tony Atlas' office, and pushes it open aggressively.  Atlas looks up from his desk, startled, as Thorn starts towards him...

Until the big Jason Albert steps in between them, putting a hand on Thorn's chest and stopping him. Thorn looks up at Albert, fear showing on his face for just a second, before he hardens his expression again immediately.

Take your hand off me before I bite it off!

Albert starts to laugh at the weird threat, as does Atlas in his signature way.

Tony Atlas
What do you want Kevin?

My name is Thorn!

Tony Atlas
And his name is Jason Albert, and if you don't tell me why you've just stormed into my office, I'm going to have him throw you out of the building!

Thorn looks back up at Albert, gulping quietly, before turning his attention back towards Tony.

I'd like to know why I've not been included in the No. 1 Contenders Qualifiers for All Out Brawl!

Atlas inspects him for a little longer, before waving for Albert to let him go. Thorn stands in the middle of the room, still looking angry.

I am one of your fiercest competitors! I was undefeated here until last week!

Tony Atlas
Undefeated? You had two matches...

And I won them both! And I could beat Ambrose too, if you just put me up against him in one of these qualifiers! What makes him better than me!? What's Matt Sydal doing getting involved in it on his first night!? And Kevin Owens!? And Quincy Reagan!? I would disembowel all of them, and feast on their remains with ease!

Jason Albert
With ease?


Tony Atlas
Alright, Thorn, listen... I think you make a valid point. You're right. You've been left out unnecessarily. So let's just say this, if you win your match tonight, in the Main Event, against Jeremy Stevens, then I'll put you in the No. 1 Contenders Match at All Out Brawl.

A small and grateful smile creeps onto Thorn's face, before he immediately realises he is showing a positive emotion, and eradicates it immediately. He goes back to a forced angry expression, as he nods towards Atlas in a very small display of gratitude.

That's all I wanted. Thank you.

Thorn turns and walks out of the room, leaving a smile on Atlas' face. Albert raises an eyebrow at Atlas, wondering if there's a reason he did it. Atlas shrugs.

Tony Atlas
What? He's right. It was unfair. He might be a nuisance, but he's worked just as hard as the rest of them. It's the least I could do.

Albert shrugs himself, as he moves over and shuts the office door.

RPW Showtime: Episode 4 Howell%20vs%20noble

With Noble already down in the ring, smiling at the crowds beside him as he waves at them, Howell's music hits.

Howell shoves the curtain to one side, his usual smug expression absent, replaced instead by a rather infuriated scowl as he glares down at the ring. The crowd boo him viciously as he quickly moves down to the ring.

Tazz: Here he is J.R.! The Real Hard Working Sportsman Howell Saxon!

J.R.: You can call him that if you like Tazz, I'm gonna stick to calling him a damn coward! There are people plenty more deserving of that Championship match at All Out Brawl than he is!

Saxon slides into the ring and charges straight at Noble, clocking him before the bell can even ring.

J.R.: Already! He's not even letting the bell ring!

When the bell rings, the boos are already so loud it almost drowns it out. Saxon hip tosses Noble to the mat, before landing kick after kick into his rib as the smaller man struggles to get to his feet. Saxon locks him up in a tight headlock, before slamming elbow after elbow into the top of Noble's head, sending him dizzy, before Saxon whips Noble's head back and slams him hard into the mat. Before the smaller man can recuperate in any way, Saxon is on him again, bending back his neck and locking him up in a vicious Dragon Sleeper!

Noble roars in pain, before tapping out.

Howell Saxon defeats Jamie Noble in 0:31

Saxon keeps the Dragon Sleeper locked in, despite the bell having rung. The referee tries to pry him away, but he can't, and it's not until Saxon wants to, that he finally lets go. He moves over to the side of the ring and ushers for a mic which is given to him.

Howell Saxon
I dedicate this match to all of you out there who say that I can't win a match without cheating. Well, pardon me, but I think we just saw the shortest match we've had so far in RPW!

The crowd boo, disgusted.

Howell Saxon
You see Jeremy, I don't need to use my Shin Guard, I just like to.

Noble slowly starts to get to his feet, and Saxon turns to look at him. He reaches down and removes the padding from his shin pad, before sizing Noble up...

J.R.: By God no! Someone stop him!

Tazz: It's not a match anymore J.R., he can do whatever he wants!

Noble turns around, SHIN KICK TO THE FACE! Noble crashes down to the mat with a thud, putting a nasty smile on the face of Saxon.

Howell Saxon
I can't hurt you until our match Stevens, but you can't hurt me either. That means you can't stop me from demonstrating with Jamie Noble here, exactly how I'm going to end your career at All Out Brawl!

He moves over to Noble again and lifts him to his feet, ready to hit him with another Shin Kick...

The crowd cheer as Goldust runs out through the curtain and onto the stage, pointing at Saxon angrily.

J.R.: It's Goldust!

Tazz: Jeremy Stevens might not be able to hurt Saxon before their match, but Goldust sure can!

Goldust bounds down the ramp towards the ring, as Saxon slides out the ring and charges right back at the Bizarre One. The two meet in the middle of the ramp, and start exchanging massive punches. Goldust ducks one of Saxon's punches, before delivering a swift uppercut, knocking Saxon out of his senses, before following up by slamming his head on the barricade. Saxon is dizzy, and Goldust locks him up for a suplex, ready to slam him down onto the ramp. He lifts him...

...but Saxon slides off of his shoulders, and pushes Goldust away.

Saxon glares at Goldust, who has now put himself between Saxon and the ring. He puts up his fist, ready to fight Howell again, but Saxon starts to back away. The crowd boo him as he walks backwards away from Goldust, before exiting the stage through the curtain.

J.R.: Go on! Leave! That God damn coward!

With Saxon gone, Goldust runs down to the ring to check on Noble, the referee doing the same. He lies on the mat, clearly out of it, as the scene fades out.

The camera fades in, Kelly Kelly being the immediate star. She's shown from head down to chest, where the audience is able to see the upper part of her dark blue dress. A microphone with RPW's likeness also sits in full view. Her smile is inviting and stays on her face as she speaks.

Kelly Kelly
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest: Quincy Reagan.

The camera pans back and to the left, in order to show Quincy Reagan but keep Kelly Kelly in the shot. In his ring gear, all that can be seen is his shirtless torso up to his head. On his left pectoral, there's an old scar of a story untold. He stretches out his left hand quickly before putting both of his hands on his hips. It takes a possibly noticeable amount of time to draw his eyes from the ground to the camera, for those who care enough to realize.

Kelly Kelly
Quincy, you've made a rather decent name for yourself so far in the ring, but you've been, well, completely silent. The question on every one's mind is: 'Who is Quincy Reagan?'

Having had a serious, nearly emotionless facial expression on his face prior, it's a curious sight to see how that question alone brought a smirk onto his face. His gaze finds its way back to the ground. And now a slight chuckle. As Kelly raises the microphone to about midway up his chest, he holds his hand against his cheek as he nods, at what, we don't know.

Quincy Reagan
That's not a question I can answer. Quincy Reagan's been a lot of things to give an actual response to that. It just depends on the year you're talking about. At 6, I was a fatherless child. At 15, I was dealing on the south side of Chicago. At 19, I was in an orange jumpsuit. At 23, I met the love of my life. At 35 - last year - I had a wife and kids.

He puts his hands back on his hips.

Quincy Reagan
Last month, I was in divorce court. There's been a lot of Quincy Reagan's over the years. Who Quincy Reagan is, I couldn't tell you.

With a newfound, unexpected intensity, he looks directly into the camera.

Quincy Reagan
But I can tell you who Quincy Reagan will be.

The camera begins to pan away from any view of Kelly Kelly other than her hand holding the microphone up.

Quincy Reagan
Someone who my kids can turn on the T.V. and want to show their friends. Someone anybody out there can appreciate. A dominator. A man who fulfills his childhood's oldest fantasy. The man to beat in RPW. I've already started the past two weeks. And it's got to continue tonight. If that means going through Dean Ambrose, someone whose passion I have no choice but to admire, well then so be it. Because it's quite simple. There are five words that describe who Quincy Reagan will be.

The camera zooms in closer. He holds the number five up with his hand and with each word, one finger falls, from the thumb on.

Quincy Reagan
Ruthless Professional Wrestling World Champion.

The number five has now turned into a fist. He clenches it and the camera fades out.

RPW Showtime: Episode 4 Quincy%20vs%20dean

A pop welcomes the Lunatic Fringe as he slowly emerges out of the curtain, a smug smile on his face. He stands on the stage, before making a title belt gesture around his waist, causing the crowd to cheer even more, before he starts to make his way down the ramp, stretching out his hand so fans can high five him.

J.R.: Ambrose seems confident about going on to become the No. 1 Contender!

Tazz: Well confidence is the key J.R., and if any man can afford to be confident, it's the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose!

Another warm reception, this time for Quincy Reagan, who raises his arm high upon stepping out onto the stage, before moving down the ramp to the ring.

J.R.: And this man has been very impressive in the last few weeks, with back to back wins over Brodus Clay!

Tazz: And that is no easy feat J.R.!

J.R.: It is not Tazz, so if I was Ambrose, I'd ensure that I remain just confident, and not over confident.!

With Reagan in the ring, the bell rings, and Dean Ambrose extends his hand to Quincy Reagan. The latter accepts.

J.R.: This is what I like to see, respect! Howell could learn something from these two men!

The crowd cheer for this display of sportsmanship, but Ambrose wastes no time, thrusting a kick to Reagan's gut, followed by a Headlock!

Reagan manages to push Ambrose away and into the ropes. The Lunatic Fringe bounces off and throws a Clothesline at Reagan, who quickly ducks under. Ambrose turns around straight into a Dropkick! He staggers back and falls into the middle rope, catching on to the top rope and pulling himself back into the ring! He charges at a confused Quincy with a lariat, but Reagan sidesteps, Jumping Neckbreaker! Tries for a pin!


Ambrose kicks out at 1 and a half!

Reagan gets to his feet and pulls Ambrose up with him, then follows with a punch to the abdomen. He pulls him up for a Vertical Suplex, but it's countered by Dean with a couple of jabs to the side of the head. Ambrose bounces back with a Snap Suplex of his own! He gets up to his feet and hops onto the middle rope in the corner, before jumping off with an Elbow Drop! A pinning attempt...



Kickout at 2!

Tazz: Neither of these men going down that easy!

Both wrestlers get up at the same time but Ambrose still has the upper hand, he grabs Quincy's head in a front facelock and tries to get the double underhook in! Back Body Drop by Reagan!

J.R.: Looks like Ambrose was going for the Dirty Deeds there, couldn't quite get it locked in!

Quincy wastes no time and neither does Dean! He runs the ropes as Ambrose rushes to his feet! Double Clothesline drops both men to the mat! The quick pace of the contest is doing a splendid job of warming the fans up for what's to come. The referee begins to count both men out but they're up soon enough with the use of opposite ring ropes. Reagan tries to rush Ambrose but the Lunatic Fringe sends him flying over the top rope! Or at least it seems so, but Reagan hangs on and gets himself onto the apron, as Ambrose is distracted recovering his breath in the middle of the ring.

Dean turns round! Reagan leaps off the top rope with a springboard clothesline!

J.R.: My God! A manoeuvre we've not seen from the likes of Quincy Reagan yet

Tazz: A springboard! Who knows what else this man has in his arsenal!

With Ambrose down on the mat, Reagan hooks his leg...







Both wrestlers get up at the same time! Big Boot by Quincy Reagan drops Ambrose to the mat! Big Splash! Reagan gets up and lets out what could be perceived as a war cry.


Tazz: Ambrose has him!




Ambrose, with a cocksure grin on his face, looks across the ring at his foe as they both get to their feet. They rush at each other! Quincy goes for another big boot but Ambrose ducks under it, before bouncing off the turnbuckle, and bounding back with a huge lariat! Quincy flies off his feet to the mat!

J.R.: We may see the Lunatic going on to All Out Brawl!

Ambrose, worn down himself, uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, another wide grin on his face that may spell out Dirty Deeds...

The lights in the arena go out!

J.R.: What the hell!

Like last week, the titantron switches on, displaying a colour across it's whole canvas. However this week, unlike the orange, it turns bright hot pink, illuminating Ambrose's confused face as he stares at it.

Tazz: It's the same as last week! This happened after Ambrose's match with Thorn!

Then, as quick as it came, the titantron shuts off again, and the lights go back to normal. The crowd is silent and confused, as Ambrose continues to stare at the titantron with a raised eyebrow, waiting for anything else to appear. Once he realises that seems to have been it, he turns back around to continue the match...

...and walks right into a MICHINOKU DRIVER!

J.R.: No!

Tazz: That's the move that put away Brodus Clay and Jamie Noble! This is all over!

Reagan hooks the leg...




Quincy Reagan defeats Dean Ambrose in 12:14

Tazz: And Quincy Reagan goes on to All Out Brawl to fight for the No. 1 Contendership, against either Matt Sydal, or Kevin Owens!

Reagan celebrates lightly, before helping Ambrose to his feet. The Lunatic looks furious, as Reagan offers his hand for another post match handshake. Ambrose however, ignores it, before rolling out of the ring and walking to the back. Reagan continues to stand in the ring, hands on his hips, disappointed with the reaction, but understanding.


RPW Showtime: Episode 4 Owens%20vs%20sydal

Matt felt excited and energized as he walked into the arena with his Adidas bag, wearing a blue Alpha Brain t shirt, jeans and sneakers. His jet black hair styled in a modern bowl cut with a man bun pony tail. His big brown eyes full of optimism and open to this new world.

Matt walks up and sees Kelly Kelly in the interview area, a female wrestler he always got along. She is excited to see him.

Kelly Kelly
Oh my god, Matt!

Matt smiled and they hugged.

Matt Sydal
It's been a while.

Kelly Kelly
You look way different, mind if I interview you?

Matt Sydal
As you know I'm sure, I'm debuting. Of course I will.

Kelly Kelly
Making his debut in RPW, please welcome Matt Sydal! Matt how does it feel to be here in RPW.

The camera pans closer on the right next to her, focusing on Matt Sydal.

Matt Sydal
I am very "hype" as the kids say. I've been doing this for 20 years, 17 years pro this October on the 20th.  I've made a compilation, a vignette of my own to showcase what I bring to the table as the best American super junior.

The titantron changes from the interview, instead displaying the vignettes in question.

As the second vignette is playing, Sydal himself makes his way out of the curtain and down to the ring to loud crowd support. He high fives the fans in the front row, before displaying his athletic prowess by bounding into the ring. Once there, upon asking for a microphone, he waits for the second vignette to finish until he speaks.

Matt Sydal
Kevin Owens and I always got along and respect each other despite our difference in ethics and appreciation for fans. We are both teen prodigies in this industry, we are both globe-trotters and yes Kevin has beat me twice and I've only won against him once but now I can even the score, because I can say without a shadow of doubt, not out of arrogance or egotism that I am the top wrestler in this company, industry and at least in this dimension. I can name all my accolades as holding tag team, cruiserweight , light heavyweight  tag team and world championship gold. That I've defeated world champions such as Sheamus, Chris Jericho and Jack Swagger. I put on Pay-Per-View quality matches and I have a huge move set, able to spin kick your face off with these educated feet and knees, force you to tap or roll you up with various submissions and pins , slam you on your head with super hero strength or bust your guts with the most impeccable, flawlessly but never reckless shooting Sydal press. I bring novelty and innovation. Kevin Owens brings familial pressure and a short temper.

As soon as Matt Sydal finishes his sentence, the sound of a bicycle bell is heard, ringing incessantly.

Tazz: Whot to heck is this?

Out from behind the curtain cycles none other than Kevin Owens, on a red bike. He repeatedly rings the bell with one hand after stopping, the back of the bike still covered by the curtain. He puts the microphone up against the bell to make it even more annoying. The crowd don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Jim Ross: It's a gosh darn bicycle. What's Kevin Owens doin' out here with a gosh darn bicycle?

Owens pedals a little further to unveil something that brings the capacity crowd to a halt in their minds and their hearts. It's a twin bicycle.

Jim Ross: OH MY GAWD!

The curtain slides over Chris Jericho's shoulders as Owens pedals on. As they move on down the ramp, Y2J has his arms spread wide, and his nose facing the sky, eyes shut.

Tazz: That's Chris Jericho!

Jim Ross: You don't say, Tazz!

There's no need for a theme song, the crowd is going bananas and that's more than enough ruckus to carry these two down to the ring. Owens gives Jericho a nudge as they reach the end of the ramp, and the latter pretends like he knew exactly where he was. They get off the bike and look up at Sydal. Owens hands Jericho over the microphone.

Chris Jericho
Well, well, well...

He looks over Sydal, at the fans behind him, then around the arena.

Chris Jericho
I bet you weren't expecting this, were you?

The crowd pop, loud!

Chris Jericho

The fans go berserk as they yell along, at the top of their schlongs!

Chris Jericho


Kevin rings the bell along with the excitement of the crowd. But Jericho doesn't finish.

Chris Jericho
Actually, no. RPW is not Jericho. RPW wishes it was Jericho. But unfortunately for all of you jackasses, Tony Atlas doesn't want to give Jericho what Jericho wants, and so RPW cannot therefore be Jericho.

The crowd boo, now, visibly disappointed.

Chris Jericho
But I'll stop speaking in third person now, I'm giving myself war flashbacks, if you know what I mean.

Kevin lets out a sound ring of the bell. Some fans laugh, getting the Rock reference, also.

Chris Jericho
Let's get down to business, shall we?

Owens and Jericho get up onto the apron and then enter the ring. Owens is handed a mic from a ringside official, in the meantime. They both don't even look at Matt Sydal.

Chris Jericho
A few weeks ago, my best friend Kevin Owens decided to make his way back here to RPW. I still had a few weeks left in my contract, however, and I decided to let it runs its course rather than quit. You know, with age comes responsibility and all that crap.

The crowd laugh.

Chris Jericho
And then tonight, I decided to pay my best buddy Kevin a visit, here. Of course, Tony Atlas almost broke a hip at the very sight of me, he's never had such star quality as the first-ever Undisputed Champion in history in his roster before. He pulled me aside and said.

Owens does his best Tony Atlas impression, which suffices to say is still crap, but it's his "best".

Kevin Owens

The fans laugh.

Chris Jericho
Why, sure. I don't see why not, old friend Tony Atlas! On one condition--

Kevin Owens

Chris Jericho
But Tony...

Kevin Owens

Jericho turns to the positively confused crowd and shrugs.

Chris Jericho
I was on my way out. He then turns to Sydal. But then I saw astro boy here come out and talk shit about my best friend, Kevin Owens.

The polarizing crowd either cheer loudly for Jericho and Owens or boo for them insulting Sydal.

Jim Ross: Oh, come on! The kid showed nothing but respect for Kevin Owens.

Chris Jericho gets uncomfortably close to Sydal. Owens, in turn, gets uncomfortably close to Jericho, staring at Sydal over his shoulder.

Chris Jericho
How dare you come out here and say things like that about Kevin?

Sydal tries to speak but Jericho cuts in before he has any chance to.

Chris Jericho
How DARE you?!

There's now some laughs followed by some silence.

Chris Jericho
I'll have you know, junior. Kevin Owens NEVER respected you. Kevin Owens NEVER liked you. Kevin Owens in fact doesn't even know who you are, kid, he thought you were Dylan James! So watch what you say.

Kevin Owens
He's right, when you came out here I thought you were just some delivery boy that got lost.

Chris Jericho

Kevin Owens

Owens and Jericho give each other a hug for no reason at all.

Kevin Owens
But it appears that I'll be the one delivering tonight. I'll be delivering myself to the main event and I'll be delivering you to the EMT staff on hand!

Jericho laughs unnecessarily loud.

Chris Jericho
Good one. They should call you Kevin Owns!

The crowd react at the shitty joke.

Kevin Owens
Thanks, I came up with it all by myself, unlike what this guy has to say.

The crowd lets out a large gasp for a possible exposure of the business.

Kevin Owens
You know what Chris, I think I should warm up a little before my match. Care to join me for a ride?

Chris Jericho
It would be my pleasure.

Jericho and Owens exit the ring and get back on the bicycle. They start to circle around the ring, ringing the bell incessantly.

Jim Ross: Oh for cryin' out loud.

Matt Sydal
You forget Jericho, I've beaten you twice out of three times. I beat you Clean on PPV.  As you like to say Jericho " Roll the tape monkeys!"

The tron plays something again

The camera pans back to Matt Sydal as fans are cheering for him.

Matt Sydal
Jericho, I have replaced YOU as the best in the world at everything I do and you will never, EVAR be able to change that!

Matt gets a huge pop as he focuses on Owens as he cuts a promo using the lyrics of his old entrance music

Matt Sydal
You're kids will be rooting for me as I make you believe what you don't want to see and for the rest of your life you'll be answering to me.  
I see the fear in your eyes
I see the bead of sweat there
I see your empty lies too late to say a prayer!

Owens and Jericho come to a stop on their bicycle, before looking at one another, eyebrow raised, before turning to look at Sydal in the ring. Owens dismounts the bike, and climbs up onto the apron, as the crowd cheer, excited as the match is about to start. Owens moves his way into the ring and squares up to Sydal.

CRACK! Owens smashes a headbutt into Sydal's nose, knocking him stumbling back into the ropes. He bounces back! Owens locks him up from behind, and throws him over his head with a German Suplex, seeing Sydal land right on his neck! Owens is straight on him, delivering blow after blow into the face of Sydal on the mat, before turning him over, and locking him up in a Camel Clutch! Sydal roars in pain, as Owens adds on the pressure to his face, and Jericho screams 'ASK HIM REF! ASK HIM!'

J.R.: Owen's quickly taking the lead in this match!

Tazz: Absolutely J.R.! And he's taking this time to show off his technical prowess!

Sydal starts to reach towards the ropes, and just before he can break up the hold, Owens cracks an elbow into the top of his head. He drags him into the middle of the mat and pins him...



J.R.: How on earth was he able to kick out so quickly after an onslaught like that!?

Owens lands more punches into Sydal's face, before pulling him to his feet, and tossing him into the turnbuckle. He mounts him on the turnbuckle and starts raining punch after punch down into Sydal's face, Jericho ringing the bicycle bell in time with each hit. He reaches nine punches, and lifts his hand up for a tenth, but Sydal slips out underneath his legs. Before Owens can react, Sydal springboards off of the ropes next to the turnbuckle, and lands a huge kick into the back of his head, knocking him dazed.

Tazz: And Sydal's fighting back!

Sydal starts throwing punches into Owens' back, before grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him down into a tree of woe position. Sydal continues to land kicks into Owens chest, before taking a run up from the other turnbuckle, and landing a baseball slide into Owens face, knocking him off the turnbuckle and to the mat. Sydal stands next to Owens on the mat, leaps, and lands down on him with a standing Moonsault! He covers...



Jericho rings the bicycle bell a few more times to congratulate his best friend on the quick kickout. As Owens starts to get to his feet, Sydal begins kicking him in the back again, knocking him into a sitting position, before pinning his knee into Owen's back and locking him up in a Surfboard Stretch! Owens begins to roar in pain, as Jericho starts yelling "LET HIM GO SYDAL! LET HIM GO YOU STUPID IDIOT!". Sydal pays too much attention to Jericho, allowing Owens to force his way out of the hold, delivering another nasty elbow to Sydal's face. Matt and Kevin are to their feet, until Owens plants Sydal down with a DDT!

J.R.: God! That head of his must be in a lot of pain!

He covers him again...




Tazz: Not enough pain J.R., Sydal is one resilient son of a gun!

Owens begins to deliver the punches to Sydal's face yet again, before angrily getting to his feet. He runs at the ropes, before bouncing back, and landing a Senton down on Sydal's head!

J.R.: By God! No way!

The crowd ooh, as Owens pins him again...




Tazz: What!?

J.R.: Sydal proving just how durable he is by refusing to let Owens put him down!

"THAT WAS A 3 REF! YOU STUPID IDIOT!" complains Jericho as he angrily cycles. Owens meanwhile drags Sydal into the corner in a sitting position, before landing stomp after into Sydal's face. He takes a run up, and charges... CANNONBALL SENTON!

NO! It misses! Owens crashes into the turnbuckle as Sydal rolls out of the way into the middle of the ring. Owens gets to his feet, but Sydal gets him in a Reverse DDT position! He lifts up his leg, in position over Owens neck, before dropping him down with a Split Leg Drop DDT! He covers Owens...

Tazz: This could be a major comeback!




Sydal looks disappointed as the crowd ooh. Sydal looks from Owens to the turnbuckle, before pointing towards it and getting a positive response from the crowd. Sydal moves over to the turnbuckle, and starts to climb...

Tazz: Are we about to see it!? The Shooting Sydal Press!?

...but Owens is on his feet! With the Sydal on the top rope, Owens throws himself into the ropes, knocking Sydal off balance, and sending him crashing down into the mat. Sydal holds his head in pain, the tactic of Owens really starting to work on him, before he fights through it as he charges at Owens... SUPERKICK FROM OWENS! Sydal's head is rocked, as he falls back down to the mat again. Owens looks ready to cover Sydal again, but decides against it, looking at the turnbuckle himself. He moves over, but instead of climbing it, starts to rip off the top turnbuckle pad.

J.R.: No! Come on!

Tazz: What better to add more pressure to that head?

The referee runs over to Owens and starts arguing with him, before pushing past him in order to fix the turnbuckle pad and put it back on. Sydal makes his way to his feet, watching Owens and the referee arguing, and looking confused...

Suddenly, he's spun around...



Tazz: There's no getting up from that!

Sydal flops to the mat, with Jericho stood over him victoriously. Jericho looks over at the referee, and slides back out of the ring before he can notice him. Owens runs past the referee, shouting for the referee's attention, before covering Sydal. The referee stands confused for a second, but quickly jumps down and starts the count...




Kevin Owens defeats Matt Sydal in 13:56

J.R.: Well that's just disgusting! I hope they're proud of themselves!

Tazz: I wouldn't worry about that J.R., they look very proud of themselves.

Jericho and Owens jump in circles in the middle of the ring, holding hands, gigantic gleeful smiles on their faces. The only thing missing is slow motion and a meadow backdrop. The pair hug one another tightly, basking in their friendship.

Tazz: So Owens graduates to All Out Brawl, where he'll be facing Quincy Reagan for a chance at becoming No. 1 Contender for the RPW World Championship.

J.R.: Just when I start to like the guy, he goes and pulls a stunt like that! Despicable!

Tazz: You might not like it J.R., but it's worked! And it's pushed these two further up the ranks in RPW.

Jericho and Owens climb out of the ring, and get back on their two man bicycle, ringing the bell insistently until they've disappeared back through the curtain. Sydal starts to get to his feet, holding his head angrily as he watches them, before the scene fades out.


Ambrose is walking angrily backstage, before he spots Tony Atlas picking up some food from a catering table, and approaches him aggressively.

Dean Ambrose
Hey Tony!

Tony Atlas
That's Mr. Atlas to you son.

Dean Ambrose
What the hell was that out there with the lights and the tron! That's the second time it's happened, and it cost me my match!

Tony Atlas
I know, I saw, and I'm very sorry about that-

Dean Ambrose
It cost me a Number One Contendership spot for the title!

Matt Sydal makes his way over to the scene, holding his head, a similar disappointed expression on his face.

Matt Sydal
Gotta say I feel the same way Mr. Atlas. That was a match between me and Owens, Jericho had no right to get involved.

Tony Atlas
Listen boys, I know how you both feel. What happened out there stunk for both of ye', I know. But don't get yourselves too down, because I'm going to give you both a chance to fight for gold again. At All Out Brawl, you'll both be competing in a 10 MAN BATTLE ROYAL, where the winner... will become the first ever RPW EXTREME CHAMPION in history!

The crowd pop the promise of a new match at All Out Brawl, and for a new championship no less. A smile appears on Sydal's face, and despite Ambrose still being quite angry, still can't help but show his gratitude for being placed into the match.

Tony Atlas
And if there's one thing the two of you can definitely be referred to as... it's Extreme! So get training boys, at All Out Brawl, you may just make history! HE HE HE HA HO HE!

With that laugh, Atlas walks away from the scene, leaving a smiling Ambrose, Sydal, and Road Dogg in his wake. Wait, what!? Ambrose and Sydal, eyebrows raised, slowly turn to Road Dogg, who stands grinning in between them. The pair look back at one another confused.

Dean Ambrose
What the hell are you doing here?

Road Dogg
Oh, you didn't know?

With that, Road Dogg gives another smile, before walking away from the scene, leaving Ambrose and Sydal looking bewildered.

RPW Showtime: Episode 4 Thorn%20vs%20stevens

J.R.: And here we are! Our Main Event!

Tazz: I can't wait for it J.R.!

Boos sound, as Thorn shoves the curtain to one side before angrily stomping through, his signature vicious shrieks filling the air. Fans in attendance start to lift up signs saying 'SHUT UP THORN!', and upon seeing them, Thorn looks slightly hurt, before pushing the emotions to one side, and putting his fierce expression back on.

Tazz: There's a lot on the line for Thorn tonight! Atlas told him earlier that if he wins this match, he gets to go on to face Quincy Reagan and Kevin Owens in a triple threat match for a chance to become the No. 1 Contender for the RPW World Championship!

J.R.: And I wouldn't doubt his chances, he might have suffered a loss at the hands of Ambrose last week, but he's a ferocious competitor nonetheless, even if I don't particularly agree with how he likes to get things done.

Thorn stomps dramatically down the ring, before climbing inside, and delivering another feisty shriek. The fans quickly put their hands over their ears.

The crowd cheer as Stevens music cuts off Thorn's scream. He turns aggressively to look at the stage, as the high flying Jeremy Stevens bounds out of the curtain to a pop! He does his signature windmill fist bump taunt, before running down to the ring, high fiving the fans who reach over the barricade on his way down.

J.R.: And here he is, our possible future RPW World Champion!

Tazz: The crowd sure would be happy to see that title go around his waist.

J.R.: And I would be too Tazz! As would Stevens! He gets to add his name to the list of great men who've held that title belt, Christian, Matt Hardy, Vance Archer, and none other than the late, great, Nelson Frazier Jr., who our viewers might better know as Big Daddy V.

Tazz: That's right J.R., and what a champion he was.

Stevens bounds up into the ring, jumping up over the top rope, before lifting himself up on the turnbuckle, and doing his signature windmill taunt yet again. He jumps back down, and moves towards Thorn, extending his hand for a handshake. Thorn bares his teeth at Stevens, who begins to back away from him. The bell rings.

Thorn charges at Stevens, but as usual, Stevens prepares for it and quickly counters by dropkicking Thorn in the legs. Thorn flies over Stevens head, and crashes to the mat, but quickly and viciously gets to his feet, before running at Stevens again. Stevens ducks a clothesline, before running at the ropes... Springboard Crossbody! He turns it into a roll-up!




The crowd ooh as Thorn pushes Stevens off of him, before throwing himself to his feet, red in the face and looking furious. Stevens only replies with a smile.

Tazz: We almost saw a quicker match than Saxon vs Noble earlier just then!

The Cannibal roars as he charges at Stevens again, who rolls over Thorn's back, seeing him smash into the turnbuckle! Stevens takes a run up and goes for a big turnbuckle splash, but Thorn moves out of the way, and Jeremy collides with the turnbuckle before bouncing off nastily. Thorn capitalizes, throwing punch after punch into Stevens stomach, before dropping a double axe handle onto his head. He lifts Stevens to his feet, and locks him up in a Full Nelson!

J.R.: Thorn may not be the smartest in the business, but you do NOT want to let him get a hold of you...

Stevens struggles, knowing he won't be able to power out of the full nelson due to the strength disadvantage, and instead tries to reach for the ropes with his feet. Thorn screams as he puts on more pressure, but Stevens manages to reach the ropes with his foot. The referee starts counting to five, but Thorn pulls Stevens back into the middle of the ring, and smashes him down with a Full Nelson Slam! He covers Stevens...




Thorn throws more wild punches at Stevens, hitting him wherever he can, before he begins to stomp on his leg. Thorn moves over to the turnbuckle, and starts to climb, measuring Stevens, getting ready to hit him with a double axe handle... he leaps! But Stevens rolls out of the way! Thorn turns around! Stevens runs at him and plants him down with a Slingblade! Thorn lays dazed in the center of the ring, before he starts to sit up... SHINING WIZARD from Stevens! Thorn cracks back down to the mat as Stevens covers him...




Stevens lifts Thorn to his feet, and locks him up for a DDT, before pointing at the ropes. He runs up them and bounces off, ready to plant Thorn down with a Tornado DDT! But Thorn pushes him away! Stevens turns back around, and Thorn smashes him down with a lariat!  He picks Stevens to his feet, but the High Flyer jumps down and takes Thorn down with a Drop Toe-Hold! He locks up Thorn's legs, and applies a Sharpshooter!

J.R.: The Sharpshooter! He's got him locked up in the Sharpshooter!

Thorn screams in pressure as he starts to crawl towards the ropes, Stevens with the hold locked in as hard as he can. Thorn gets closer and closer to the ropes, with Stevens trying to pull him away...

Thorn reaches out to the ropes...

Rope break!

Stevens lets go straight away as Thorn continues to hold the ropes, red faced and sweating, as he starts to catch his breath on the mat. He rolls over onto his back to see where Stevens is... but can't see him...

PHOENIX SPLASH! Stevens bounds right off of the top rope onto Thorn! Knocking the wind right out of him!


Tazz: That hit Thorn outta nowhere!

Thorn clutches his stomach as Stevens hooks his leg...




Jeremy Stevens defeats Thorn in 10:14

Tazz: And Thorn can say goodbye to his chances of getting into that No. 1 Contenders match!

The crowd cheer as Stevens jumps to his feet, celebrating the win. He gets back up onto the turnbuckle and performs the windmill taunt again, as Thorn slowly rolls out of the ring. Suddenly, the crowd start to boo, as Saxon steps out of the curtain onto the ramp.

J.R.: Oh no! What's he doing here!

Saxon smiles smugly at Stevens from the stage, before starting a sarcastic slow clap.

Tazz: He's just congratulating him J.R.!

J.R.: Yeah right! He's here to mock Stevens and nothing more!

Tazz: Well last I checked, that aint against the rules!

Saxon continues to clap with a smile on his face, as Stevens glares right back at him. He gestures around his waist, making a belt shape, causing Saxon to chuckle and shake his head.

Tazz: Well we'll see this continue at All Out Brawl, where only one of these men will step out RPW World Champion!

The two stand, staring at one another from across the arena, as the show fades out.

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