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Post by Tony Atlas on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:24 pm

RPW Showtime: Episode 1 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 1 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

The intro music for RPW Showtime plays, stirring the crowd into a frenzy. Then, suddenly and without warning, orange and white fireworks shoot from the stage up into the air, shocking the crowd into instant cheer and applause. Banners and signs are lifted up left and right, in preperation to see the return of the great RPW, and to see their favourite wrestlers in action.

We cut over to the commentary table, which sits the excited duo of Tazz and J.R., Jim Ross.

J.R.: Hello and welcome to tonight's episode of Ruthless Professional Wrestling! The first of many to come!

Tazz: I'm Tazz!

J.R.: And I'm Jim Ross!

Tazz: And we'll be your commentary team! What a show we're in for tonight J.R.!

The crowd pops as Tony Atlas steps out onto the stage, a big smile on his face as he waves at the many fans in attendance. Mic in hand, he moves confidently down to the ring, and climbs inside, his smile never wavering. Once in the centre of the ring, he takes in another large applause, before finally begin speaking.


The crowd cheer again at Tony Atlas' signature laugh, with Tony giving another smile.

Hello New York! (the crowd cheer) Where else but Madison Square Garden than to host the first ever show of RPW, and boy, is it a show tonight! We've got three incredible matches lined up for ye! We're going to see everyone's favourite little guy Jamie Noble, go toe to toe with the Cannibal, Thorn!

The crowd cheer.

We're going to have newcomer to the sport, but all too keen to cement his name, Howell Saxon, go up against none other than the Bizarre One, Goldust!

The crowd give an even bigger cheer this time.

And, for our main event... we're going to have the high flyer, Jeremy Stevens, take it to the skys when he faces the Prizefighter, K.O. Kevin Owens!

The crowd give the biggest cheer so far. Atlas laughs again.

J.R.: You weren't wrong when you said tonight'd be one hell of a show Tazz!

Tazz: No I wasn't! We're in for a treat tonight!

So ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, because RPW is about to take you on the ride of your life!

Atlas' music plays as he exits the ring, the ecstatic cheers from the crowd following him up the ramp.

Loud bangs echo through the backstage area, as Thorn treats a metal storage cabinet like a punching bag. His face displays nothing but viciousness, barely even flinching each time his fists connect brutally with the metal. Kelly Kelly, wrestler turned backstage interviewer, slowly and worriedly approaches Thorn. He doesn't seem to notice her, so she attempts to get his attention.

Umm... excuse me, Thorn...

Thorn stops suddenly, before slowly turning to look at Kelly Kelly.

We'd like you to ask you a few questions, is that alright?

The expression on Thorn's face hasn't changed, unsettling Kelly further. She turns to the camera and puts on a smile.

Hello New York! I am Kelly Kelly and I'm here with RPW superstar Thorn, who's getting ready to make his RPW debut tonight against fellow superstar Jamie Noble! How do you feel about that match Thorn?

Thorn snarls as he speaks into the mic she holds out to him.

How do I feel? I feel fantastic! Getting my hands on Noble tonight will be a treat! Let me demonstrate...

Thorn turns to the cabinet.

Look at this metal cabinet. Now, imagine it's Jamie Noble.

Kelly raises an eyebrow at the camera upon Thorn saying this. Then, she jumps, startled, as with a venomous roar, Thorn unloads punches and kicks onto the cabinet. Kelly recoils backwards, as Thorn continues to bat away at the cabinet, the punches and kicks turning into headbutt after headbutt, Thorn screaming the whole time. Once a quite sizeable dint is left in the door, Thorn turns around to face the camera, his face twisted and demented.

THAT'S WHAT I WILL DO! Jamie Noble! Tonight will be your debut, and tonight will be your demise! I WILL NOT LET YOU BREATH! I WILL NOT RELENT ONCE I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! I will tear your body limb from limb! I will start with your arms, twisting them right out of your little sockets! Then I'll snap every bone in your legs! Then I will gauge out your eyes and feast on your flesh as you still squirm! That's right! I WILL EAT YOU ALIVE! If you step in that ring, you will not STEP OUT! You will be melting away in my STOMACH ACID! Even your bones will not be safe! I will grind them down to powder and snort them up like cocaine! Jamie Noble! Tonight is your last night! SPEND IT WELL!

Thorn twists around and punches the cabinet again, before storming out of the scene. Kelly Kelly turns to the camera, a face of pure confusion.

Well, that was an... interesting conversation. Let's hope most of that was exaggerated.

Kelly gives a forced smile at the camera, before it fades to black.

TMZ Breaking Report!!!

TMZ Reporter:
Breaking news! Kevin Owens, current WWE Universal champion was seen heading into a RPW show. This is what he had to say.

A shaky camera is now shown walking towards Kevin Owens outside of MSG. Kevin is in a suit and has a duffel bag over his shoulder.

TMZ Reporter:
Kevin! Kevin! What are you doing here? Do you have friends at the show or something?

Kevin Owens looks back at the reporter and keeps walking.

TMZ Reporter:
Kevin, you're the WWE Universal Champion, are you jumping ship?

Kevin Owens  turns to the reporter.

Kevin Owens:
No, I'm not "jumping ship". This isn't the Monday night wars. I left WWE because I received a much higher offer from Tony Atlas. I am just trying to do what will provide the best life for my family.

Kevin begins to walk away from the reporter.

TMZ Reporter:
Are you sure thus has nothing to do with your position in the WWE?

Kevin turns around quickly with an annoyed look on his face.

Kevin Owens:
You wanna talk specifics? Let's talk specifics! I worked my ass off for months as the longest reigning Universal Champion, giving it my all every night! How did the company treat me? They treated me like a second fiddle to part timers and people who weren't even champion! I don't need them! They needed me! I'll do what I have done in every company I've worked for, ascend to the top and stay there! Tonight I'm facing.....uh......Kevin walks over to poster on the street.  Jeremy Stevens and I'll use him to prove that no matter what show I'm on, it's always The Kevin Owens Show!

Kevin shoves the camera away and the feed fades.

RPW Showtime: Episode 1 Thorn%20vs%20Jamie%20Noble

Jamie Noble bounds out with a smile on his face, winning the crowd over immediately. Thorn on the other hand is instantly boo'd, his demeanor however shows that the crowd reaction is something he could not care less about. Once in the ring, and upon the bell ringing, Thorn immediately takes the offence. He's relentless with Noble, tossing him, slamming him, and treating his face to every single turnbuckle.

J.R.: Bah Gawd! Thorn is dominating this match so far!

Noble manages to duck an attempt at a clothesline, and is able to get some offence of his own with a flurry of punches, before hitting a nice square dropkick straight to Thorn's jaw. This does nothing but infuriate the Cannibal, and once Noble is back to his feet, Thorn grabs Noble by the ears, and sinks his teeth into Noble's forehead. The crowd hiss in shock, as Noble wails in pain.

Tazz: Holy shit! Thorn wasn't kidding earlier!

Thorn lets go and Noble holds his forehead in pain, but before he can overcome the shock of what just happened, Thorn has his arm wrapped around Noble's neck. Thorn lifts Noble up into the air, before jumping down onto his knees, bringing Noble's head down onto Thorn's shoulder with a vicious jawbreaker! Noble hits the mat, and Thorn covers him.

1... 2... 3!

Thorn defeats Jamie Noble in 5:13

J.R.: What a vicious display of power there by Thorn!

Tazz: It's one way to put away an opponent...

Thorn's music plays and the crowd boo, but Thorn doesn't seem to care in the slightest. He doesn't even raise his hand in victory, instead just scowling at the crowd, before he rolls out of the ring and heads to back.

RPW Showtime: Episode 1 Goldust%20vs%20Howell%20Saxon2

Howell Saxon swaggers out from behind the curtain, a self-assured smirk plastered on his face as the opening riff from “Into the Void” blasts behind him. He strides straight ahead, not once taking in his surroundings or acknowledging the crowd – they notice, and start booing, but he doesn’t care. If anything, his smirk seems to widen a little as he stomps up into the ring and snatches the mic. Howell finally seems to take a good look around at the crowd, and sneers at them as he raises the mic to his mouth.

Howell Saxon
That’s enough from you lot. You’re here to listen to me, so let’s have a bit of hush!

The crowd lower their voices, but don’t stop booing. Howell chuckles and shakes his head.

Howell Saxon
Look at yourselves. Getting so hyped up over this crap. Let me tell you, I was trained in MMA before I came here. Real sport, that. Not this flashy trash you call a sport.

The boos get louder, the crowd beginning to swear at him. Howell grins, soaking it in.

Howell Saxon
That kind of profanity’s not gonna get you anywhere. You know I’m right. And if you know that, you should know that I’ll have no problem making a name for myself here. You just have to look at my skillset and training compared with the other idiots in this federation… it’s very clear to me I’ll have no trouble kicking and grappling my way to the top. So boo me all you like, you morons. You’re just adding fuel to my fire.

The boos are louder than ever. Howell, undeterred, shouts over them.

Howell Saxon
And as for that Goldust freak? Believe me, I’m not worried about him. I’ve met plenty of freaks in my time, and it’ll take more than some half-arsed Gene Simmons paint job to throw me off. I’ll have that idiot out cold in minutes, you wait. Him and plenty more idiots like him. I didn’t train as hard as I have for years to have a bunch of gaudily-dressed halfwits get all high and mighty, thinking they stand a chance against a real, hardworking sportsman like me.

The crowd boos excitedly – the aggression in Howell’s voice is getting them hyped to see what his matches hold.

Howell Saxon
So. Sit back and enjoy, I suppose. Sit back and enjoy watching real talent for once. God knows you don’t get enough of it here.

Howell tosses the mic to the side, grins smugly and cracks his knuckles, ready for action.

Tazz: Here he is! It's the Bizarre One!

Draped in his golden gown, and his blonde locked wig sat firmly on his head, Goldust appears onto the stage. He calmly makes his way to the ring, showing a great lack of fear of his opponent Saxon, who in turn just stares back at him with an eyebrow raised. Once Goldust is in the ring, with his wig and gown removed, the bell rings, and the pair lock up. Saxon immediately takes Goldust down with a judo hip throw! The crowd boo and Goldust looks up at his opponent quite startled. Saxon only laughs.

Tazz: Saxon displaying that MMA inspired moveset he mentioned earier.

Goldust is back to his feet and the two lock up again, with similar results, however this time Saxon keeps the hold in and locks Goldust up in an armbar. The crowd cheer for Goldust to escape, which he does, but is sent straight back down by Saxon yet again. Saxon goes for the pin...




J.R.: Saxon looking impressive here in his debut.

The match continues with Saxon continuing to overpower Goldust for a while, the boos raining in left and right, the smile on Howell's face only getting wider and wider. He taunts the crowd as he starts to lift Goldust to his feet, and Goldust takes advantage! Back body drop to Saxon! The crowd cheer as Howell roars in pain, holding his back. Saxon is back to his feet, Goldust knocks him back down with a clothesline! He jumps back up again, another clothesline! Saxon looks to be getting impatient, as he charges at Goldust again. Goldust goes for another clothesline, but Saxon ducks it! Saxon runs, bounces off the ropes, ready to hit a strike of his own, but Goldust plants him down with a powerslam! The crowd cheer again, as the Bizarre One takes the lead.

J.R.: The so-called 'Real Hardworking Sportsman' not looking so impressive now Tazz!

Goldust covers Saxon for the pin...




Goldust lifts Saxon to his feet, hooking him up in preperation for his finisher, that swinging vertical suplex he calls the Final Cut! He lifts him, but Saxon pulls himself out of the hold, and pushes Goldust away from him, straight into the referee. The ref goes down, as Goldust looks immediately apologetic, checking to see if he's alright. Meanwhile, Saxon lifts up his trouser leg, before grabbing the soft padding on his shin pad, and removing it, exposing the bare steel lacing. The crowd start to scream and shout, but neither Goldust or the referee notice.

J.R.: No! He isn't!

Saxon puts his trouser leg back down, covering the steel shin pad, as Goldust helps the referee back to his feet. Once the situation is ammended, Goldust turns back around... SHIN KICK TO THE FACE! Steel reinforced no less! Goldust collapses down to the mat immediately, as Saxon covers him.




Howell Saxon defeats Goldust in 13:45

The 'Real Hardworking Sportsman' smiles, as he allows the referee to raise his hand in victory. He's met back with only harsh and vicious boos, the crowd disgusted by the antics he used to win the match.

J.R.: What a foul display we just saw from that man! So much for hard working!

Tazz: Say what you want J.R., but a win's a win.

Goldust's is checked by officials, with fans stood in their seats looking genuinly worried. Saxon only chuckles to himself, as he exits the ring and walks backstage, leaving the Bizarre One in his wake.

RPW Showtime: Episode 1 Kevin%20Owens%20vs%20Jeremy%20Stevens

After the opening riff of the song,  Jeremy Stevens steps out from the curtain. He looks around smiling, taking it all in. He kneels down for a moment, taps the ground once, then snaps back up, does a windmill with his right hand, before a big fist pump. He starts to make his was down to the ring, while getting moderate cheers from the crowd. He jumps onto the apron from an angle, and wipes his feet off  before entering the ring. He stands in the center of the ring and does the same motion he did when he came out from the curtain. He signals to the time keeper for a mic, which he receives. He smiles once more at the crowd before speaking.

Jeremy Stevens
What is going on, NEW. YORK. CITY!?

He emphasizes every word of the cities name. The crowd cheers at the mention of their name.

Jeremy Stevens
Man, what a place to debut, right? I mean, New York City? Madison Square Garden? This place is full of so much rich history, and not even just in the wrestling world, in entertainment as a whole. Things like UFC 205 being the first New York held UFC event, The 2016 League of Legends world Championship,and The new York Rangers winning the Stanley Cup here.

The crowd cheers at the mention of the New York Rangers.

Jeremy Stevens
And in the Wrestling World, Wrestlemania 10 AND 20 happening here. But now, tonight, we add another accolade to the history of this building. Tonight, will be known as the birthplace of Ruthless Pro Wrestling!

The crowd cheers, knowing that they are making history here tonight.

Jeremy Stevens
And man, am I ever happy to be here as it happens, and help make that history. But something is bothering me tonight, and that's my opponent, Kevin Owens.

The crowd boos at the mention of Kevins name.

Jeremy Stevens
Something about that guy just rubs me the wrong way, and I think I know what it is. I think it's the fact of he doesn't care about you people, in fact, it seems like he detests most, if not all crowds he performs in front of, which isn't right in my books. I mean, you guys are the paying customer, you guys pay to come see us perform, which is quite humbling for me quite honestly. And it's because of that, that I feel the need to not only try my best every night, I also feel the need to thank you great people. So, thank you, thank you very much.

Stevens motions towards the crowd as they cheer, clearly liking the fact that there are getting acknowledged and thanks at the same time.

Jeremy Stevens
Now, sorry guys, but I gotta talk about myself for a moment here, which I normally don't like to do, but I feel the need to tell you guys a bit about myself, seeing as this is the first time you guys are seeing me. Ya see, I came to RPW for one thing. The reason being it's something new, and something i haven't tried before. I haven't been on any sort of television yet in my career. So far I've been performing in bingo halls and armories and small town rinks back in Canada. And for awhile that was all fine and dandy, but after awhile I was being told "Oh wow, you're so good!" and "Why aren't you on TV yet?". At first i thought it was people just being nice to me, but then I started to realize that I was really good, but I wasn't getting noticed at all by any other companies. I had a couple of tryouts with some bigger companies, but they all said the exact same thing, "You are really good, but we aren't really interested in you right now." And after hearing that time and time again, it started to hurt a little. I thought, if i'm so good, and people keep telling me i'm good, then why doesn't anywhere want me? But then, something happened.

Jeremy pauses for a second.

Jeremy Stevens
Something happened that changed everything. I was at a convention, when I spotted Tony Atlas. He was sitting there, talking to fans, and signing autographs. I waited in line, then I finally got a chance to talk to him. I told him I was a big fan, and that I was a wrestler myself. We we;re talking about the business for awhile, then he told me that he was starting his own company and that he was looking for wrestlers. I eagerly gave him my tape, before shaking hands and leaving. The next day, I got a phone call from Tony, telling me that he watched my tape, and was very impressed. I was expecting to hear the all too familiar "But i'm not interested right now." line, bust it didn't come. He told me that he wanted to hire me, and I happily accepted, and that leads to me here, tonight.

The crowd cheers after hearing his story.

Jeremy Stevens
But, that's enough talking for right now, I was hired as a wrestler, so let's get it on with!

He hands the mic back, and the crowd cheers, waiting for the match to begin.

The crowd begin to boo. Owens snarls as he steps out onto the stage, looking right at Stevens, before moving down the ramp and towards the ring.

Tazz: This is gonna be one hell of a main event J.R., I can feel it already!

J.R.: Oh it'll be a slobberknocker for sure!

The two men stare each other down, with Stevens actually walking into the middle of the ring and extending a fist, as to touch gloves with Owens before the match. Owens walks over to Stevens, and whilst it at first looks as though he is going to perform the respectful gesture, he instead slaps Steven's fist away. The crowd boo, as Stevens shakes his head almost disapointedly, before shrugging and getting ready to start the match.

The bell rings, and the two men begin to circle each other in the ring, the crowd excited. Despite Owens having the size advantage, Stevens opts to lock up, and Owens starts to gain the advantage. Stevens riggles out of the hold, and moves around the back of Owens, before planting a dropkick into Owens back. Owens plummets forwards, bounces off of the ropes, and falls backwards into a schoolboy by Stevens!




Tazz: We nearly saw a huge upset victory there!

The crowd cheer the near pinfall as Owens looks quite startled at almost losing the match so quickly to clever tactics from the much smaller man. Stevens smiles and does the windmill fist bump he did earlier, the crowd popping. Owens is back to his feet, and the pair lock up again. Owens gains the advantage again, but as he feels Stevens begin to wriggle out, moves around the back of Stevens himself, and locks him up from behind, before pulling him backwards into a roll-up!




J.R.: Bah Gawd!

This time it's Steven's turn to look shocked, as Owens moves to his feet. The crowd boo as Owens smiles, but Stevens shuts it down quickly, and jumps back to his feet, a smile back on his face, looking ready to continue the contest. Owens snarls, before the two lock up for a third time, and the match continues.

The crowd are treated to the high flying arsenal of Stevens, who shocks them with a series of top rope and springboard manouvres, getting a near fall over Owens after a tornado DDT. Owens meanwhile brings a more grounded moveset to the match, dismantling and brutalizing Stevens whenever he gets his hands on him.

Tazz: Despite the difference in size, we've got two quite equally matched competitors here J.R.

Stevens delivers an enziguiri to the side of Owen's face, knocking him backwards into the turnbuckle, causing Jeremy to grin. Getting the crowd on his side, he takes a run up from the other turnbuckle, and cracks Owens with a Shining Wizard! Owens tumbles forwards and falls to the mat, in perfect position for a top rope manouvre. Stevens eagerly starts to climb.

J.R.: What're we about to see here?

Stevens is stopped abruptly by Owens, who delivers an elbow into the face of the highflyer. Owens starts to climb the turnbuckle as well, locking Stevens up, ready for a superplex... but a series of jabs to the rib halt the attempt. Stevens pushes Owens backwards off of the turnbuckle, where he hits the mat, and Stevens readies himself. He leaps through the air towards Owens! CLOTHESLINE FROM OWENS! Stevens plummets to the mat as Owens covers him...




The crowd cheer the resilient Stevens, as Owens seems agitated. He grabs Jeremy by the head, lifting him to his feet, and shouting in his face. Jeremy pushes Owens hands away, causing a moment of distraction... SUPERKICK! Owens teeters from the impressive kick by Stevens, but doesn't go down. He sizes a confused looking Stevens up... SUPERKICK of his own! Stevens this time teeters, but doesn't go down either. Owens looks on angrily, getting ready for another, but Stevens has the same idea. The two go for the same move... DOUBLE SUPERKICK! The pair both hit the mat at the same time, the crowd cheering.

J.R.: A double superkick! And both men go down!

Both slowly start to pull themselves to their feet, before they look at one another agressively. Kevin lands a punch across Stevens face, before Stevens delivers one right back. The two begin punching one another, the crowd cheering Stevens, and booing Owens. Owens starts to get the edge, the crowd booing as he lands strike after strike into Stevens face. Owens brings his elbow right back, ready to deliver one final haymaker and knock Stevens down to the mat... but Stevens catches it! HURRICANRANA!

Owens begins getting to his feet quickly, so Stevens bounds off the ropes... Springboard Crossbody! But Owens catches him! BELLY TO BELLY SLAM! Owens looks ready to pin, but seems to decide against it. Instead, he runs off of the ropes, and lands on Stevens with a a senton! He covers him...




Tazz: Unbelievable!

Owens seems furious, shouting at the referee, but it's to no avail. Instead, he gets to his feet, and bounces off the ropes again for another senton! Stevens moves out of the way! Owens crashes down! Owens starts to sit up, but Stevens bounces off of the ropes, and hits him with the Shining Wizard! Owens is down in the middle of the ring, and Stevens gets the crowd to cheer as he points at the turnbuckle.

Stevens moves over to it and begins to climb, slowly due to his weakened state. He's almost at the top, when Owens grabs his leg and pulls him down! Stevens collapses onto his back, before using the turnbuckle to attempt to lift himself to his feet. But Owens charges at him... CANNONBALL SENTON!


Owens rolls along the mat away from the turnbuckle, dazed and in pain. The crowd cheer as Stevens is back on the top rope, measuring Owens. He stands tall on the turnbuckle, and leaps through the air...


Stevens covers Owens!




Jeremy Stevens defeats Kevin Owens in 21:02

The crowd cheer as Stevens gets to his feet, hand raised, the victor! Clapping can be heard, and whistles, as the crowd are immensely pleased with the match they just witnessed.

Tazz: That was one hell of a match, and one hell of a victory for Stevens too!

J.R.: Absolutely! What a main event to kick off the future of this show, and hopefully the future of this man right here!

Stevens gets back to the top rope, before slapping his hand down on the top turnbuckle, and doing his windmill fist bump. The crowd pop yet again, Stevens smiling and taking it all in, as the show fades out.

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