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RPW Showtime: Episode 2 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 2 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

Orange pyro explodes from the stage in sync to the music, as the crowd burst into cheer knowing the show is about to start. The camera sweeps across the audience, picking up the faces of excited looking fans, and the colourful signs that they hold up, displaying witty jokes or support for their favourite superstar like Jeremy Stevens, Goldust, and even the yet to debut Dean Ambrose.

At the commentary table sits J.R. and Tazz, smiles plastered on their faces as they get ready for the show that awaits them.

J.R.: Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to tonight's episode of RPW: Showtime!

Tazz: I'm Tazz!

J.R.: And I'm J.R., Jim Ross!

Tazz: And have we got a show for you tonight! The Lunatic Dean Ambrose will be making his RPW debut!

J.R.: And you're gonna wanna stick around for tonight's main event! The self-proclaimed 'Real Hardworking Sportsman' Howell Saxon, will be going up against the High Flyer, Jeremy Stevens at the end of the night! It's sure to be a slobberknocker!

Tazz: But first up, a match between two debuting superstars, Quincy Reagan versus Brodus Clay!

RPW Showtime: Episode 2 Quincy%20vs%20Brodus

Brodus Clay storms out onto the stage, eyebrows narrowed as he glares angrily down at the ring. He strips himself free of his shirt, revealing the bright orange singlet below, before roaring as he moves with ferocious speed down to the ring.

J.R.: And you would not want to get in the way of that man!

Tazz: No you would not J.R.! Brodus is 6,6 and near 400 pounds! It'll take a lot for Quincy to be able to stop him tonight!

At that, it's Quincy's turn to enter. Quincy comes out onto the stage hands raised, a similarly intense expression on his face, but unlike Brodus, does not ignore the crowd. He gives some high fives to kids resting over the barricades on either side of the ramp, giving them small smiles, before turning his attention back to Brodus in the ring. He steps inside, and the two men square each other up.

Tazz: Brodus may have the size and weight advantage, but Quincy certainly isn't backing down.

The bell rings, and Brodus laughs in Quincy's face as he shoves him with power back into the ropes. He continues to laugh, but is cut off as Quincy bounces back, leaps through the air, and cracks Brodus on the top of the head with an elbow. Brodus himself falls backwards, and upon bouncing off the ropes, Quincy grabs him by the legs, and lifts the big man over his head with a back body drop. Brodus crashes into the mat with a gigantic thud, and the crowd go mental.

J.R.: Bah gawd! Quincy with a huge display of strength there!

Brodus turns around and looks at Quincy with a surprised expression. Brodus moves to his feet, and charges at the smaller man with a roar, but Quincy dodges him last second, before jumping on his back and locking him up with a sleeper hold. The crowd are behind Quincy entirely, impressed by him already, as Brodus struggles to break the hold Reagan has fastened around his neck. Brodus slams Quincy into the turnbuckle, causing him to let go, before he follows up with a few splashes on him in the corner.

Tazz: Brodus using his strength and size to tip the match back into his favour.

The crowd boo Brodus as he continues to throw Quincy around the ring, hitting him with big elbows and splashes, allowing him to use his sheer weight to add to the impact. The crowd start to chant 'GIANT ORANGE' at Brodus, causing him to get angrier and angrier, and when he next goes for a splash into Quincy in the corner, the smaller man moves and Brodus goes head first into the turnbuckle.

Brodus dizzily starts to stumble backwards, right into the arms of Quincy. With another huge show of strength, Quincy roars as he lifts Brodus off of his feet into a powerslam position, before planting the big man down with the Michinoku Driver! The crowd roar again, and the commentators go wild, as Quincy gets the pin...

1... 2... 3!

Quincy Reagan defeats Brodus Clay in 6:12

Reagan gives a smile as the referee raises his hand, the crowd applauding him. Quincy moves over to the turnbuckle, climbs it, and points to the camera. He mouths 'This is for you kids' as he raises his hand again. The scene fades out.

RPW Showtime: Episode 2 Thorn%20vs%20Goldust

Cheers fill the arena as Goldust slowly walks through the curtain and out onto the stage, wig on head, and gown draped over his shoulders. Signs are lifted into the air bearing his name, and many audience members proudly don his facepaint. Goldust smiles at them, but there is a noticable irk in his eyes due to the cast that sits over his nose.

J.R.: The Bizarre One is here!

Tazz: Damn right he is! And he's not pleased! I was talking to him back stage about that cast he's wearing on his face, turns out that's from that unguarded shin kick to the face from Howell Saxon last week. Made a mess of his nose and he's still recovering from it.

The cheers turn to boos as Thorn makes his way down to the ring, huffing and heaving, with wide hungry eyes as he looks at Goldust like he's a 5 course meal. On his way down to the ring, at random intervals, he screams viciously at the top of his lungs, shocking the fans on both sides of him.

Tazz: And here he is, The Cannibal, Thorn!

J.R.: This is a guy that scares me Tazz, especially after what he did to Jamie Noble last week! Let's hope he doesn't do that to Goldust tonight, the man's been through enough already!

The bell rings and Thorn immediately lets out a high pitched shriek before charging at Goldust. The Bizarre One moves, and tosses Thorn straight over the top rope and out of the ring, to a small pop from the crowd. Thorn roars as he immediately gets back to his feet and slides back into the ring, running at Goldust again, but this time he hits him with a powerslam. Thorn uses the pain to surge him some more, using the ropes to pull himself back to his feet, but as he turns around... Clothesline! Thorn sails over the top rope again as Goldust knocks him back out. At this point, the crowd are laughing at the angry Cannibal.

Tazz: Thorn just can't seem to get any offense! Goldust has him pegged!

Thorn jumps back up onto the apron, and blocks a punch from Goldust, before delivering a vicious headbutt to the face mask covering Goldust's nose. Goldust yells in pain as he falls backwards, holding his nose, as the crowd start to boo the Cannibal. Thorn watches the display, before an idea seems to hit him, and he smiles before climbing back through the ropes and moving over to Goldust.

Thorn immediately grasps the cast, and rips it from Goldust's face, before delivering blow after blow into the face of Goldust. Goldust retreats into the corner, where Thorn starts to hit him with knees, before lifting him by the legs and crashing him down with an alley oop bomb! The crowd rain down boos as Thorn gets the cover...




The crowd cheer as Thorn looks furious, picking Goldust to his feet, and being taken off guard by the uppercut the Bizarre One lands on his jaw. Thorn falls backwards, and Goldust is able to get in offense of his own. He hits Thorn with suplexes, a series of submissions, and upon irish whipping him into the turnbuckle, proceeds to start raining down punches on his head. Goldust then proceeds to grab Thorn by the legs, and set him up in the ropes for a Shattered Dreams...

Tazz: Oh no! Not this move! I've been on the wrong end of this!

The crowd cheer as Goldust takes a run up from the other turnbuckle, but Thorn escapes and moves out of the way, causing Goldust to crash into the turnbuckle. Thorn comes up behind him, and slams Goldust's head, injured nose first, into the turnbuckle post, before locking him up and planting him down with a Full Nelson Slam. The crowd are back to booing, as Thorn mounts Goldust and begins to deliver blow after blow into his injured nose, before lifting him to his feet, locking him up, and hitting him with that Lift Shoulder Jawbreaker he finished Jamie Noble with last week! He pins Goldust...




Thorn defeats Goldust in 9:25

J.R.: Another vicious way to a victory there by Thorn!

Tazz: You gotta give props to the guy. He saw a chink in Goldust's armour, and he went for it!

Boos ring through the air as Thorn gets to his feet, refusing to celebrate as he continues to look down at his injured opponent squirming on the floor. The referee attempts to raise Thorn's hand, but he pushes the referee away, before leaving the ring and promtly moving up the ramp to go backstage. Goldust meanwhile continues to lay on the floor, the referee knelt by his side checking to see if he is okay.

RPW Showtime: Episode 2 Owens%20vs%20Ambrose

Dean Ambrose walks down the ramp straight to the ring wearing jeans, black boots, wrist tape, a black tank top and leather jacket. He stops for a moment at the bottom of the ramp to look around the arena and the crowd. He shrugs his shoulders and proceeds to enter the ring.

J.R.: The Lunatic has made his debut here in RPW!

Ambrose stands in the middle of the ring, soaking in the atmosphere of the arena. He grabs a microphone from the corner of the ring.

Dean Ambrose
Alright. I'm just gonna keep this short and simple. Now that Dean Ambrose is here, this place is going to be turned upside down. This place belongs to me... It is my playground!!!!. You see when I'm here, there are no rules.... No limits. I am here to dismantle! I am here to destroy! I am here to bring anarchy and chaos!! and anyone that has my sights set on them are gonna wish there lives didn't exist. This is the Ambrose asylum now!, and that isn't just something i say to put on a damn T Shirt. This time it's a fact!!!. Tonight....... You're all gonna see what I am capable of, and what lengths I will go to. I have no leash on me anymore, which spells bad news for Kevin Owens tonight. Kevin..... if you know what's good for you......RUN!.

The crowd start to cheer as Ambrose circles around the ring.

The crowd boo Owens as he steps out of the curtain, stopping on the stage to get a look at his opponent, and in turn looking unimpressed as he starts to walk down to the ring. Fans from either side of the ramp start yelling abuse at Owens, who yells it right back at them. Once at the ring, he rolls under the bottom rope, and squares up to Ambrose, before moving back into his corner.

Tazz: I can't wait to see these two men go at it J.R.!

The bell rings, and Kevin and Dean start to circle one another in the ring. The crowd are incredibly excited, cheering in anticipation. Owens looks furiously at Ambrose, who in return only smiles his typical psychotic smile, before lifting up his hands, and gesturing for Owens to bring it.

Tazz: Ambrose teasing those mind games already!

Owens does, and slams Ambrose in the head with a mean right hook. Ambrose laughs loudly, before hitting one right back, and the two stand, neither backing down, delivering blow after blow into each other's faces. Suddenly, Owens ducks one of Ambrose's punches, before lifting him and slamming him into the turnbuckle. Owens takes a run up, but Ambrose lifts up his leg and boots Owens in the face, knocking him stumbling back.

Ambrose runs at him for a bulldog, but Owens blocks it and pushes Ambrose into the ropes. Ambrose bounds back and hits Owens with a forearm! Owens is back to his feet, Ambrose bounds back, another forearm! The Prizefighter tries to get to his feet, but Ambrose delivers a dropkick into the side of his head, causing Owens to roll himself out of the ring. The crowd start to boo the cowardly antics of Owens, until to his surprise, cheers start to fill the air instead. Owens looks up confused, wondering why the change of heart from the fans, until he the Lunatic flies through the ropes and straight into him with a SUICIDE DIVE! Owens flies backwards into the barricade.

J.R.: The Lunatic putting his body on the line to get a win here tonight!

Ambrose is to his feet, taunting directly in front of the crowd to garner some cheers, before he throws Owens back into the ring and continues the offense. Ambrose moves up to the middle rope at the turnbuckle, ready to plant a double axe handle down on the head of Owens... he jumps! But Owens catches him! BELLY TO BELLY SLAM! Owens pins him...



Tazz: He's gonna have to do more than that if he wants a victory over that man!

Owens angrily continues to stomp on the Lunatic, before locking him up in an arm lock. The crowd cheer Ambrose on to break out of it, but Owens breaks it off just before he can, and propels Ambrose back down to the mat with a German Suplex! He goes for another pin, but it's another 1 count. Owens looks angrily down at Dean and starts yelling abuse at him, before slapping him on the head multiple times as he ushers him to get to his feet. Once Ambrose is up, Kevin grabs him and throws him into the ropes, setting him up for a Popup Powerbomb...

But Ambrose flies back with a huge dropkick! Owens goes down! Ambrose takes advantage and brings down a huge standing elbow drop on his opponent! Cover...




J.R.: Neither one of these men are givin' in!

Ambrose lifts Owens to his feet and whips him into the corner, where he proceeds to charge all the way from the other turnbuckle and hit him with a clothesline, before slamming him back down into the center of the ring with a bulldog. Ambrose jumps to his feet, and starts to beckon for Owens to get up, ready to finish off the match.

Owens is up, and Ambrose locks him up for the DIRTY DEEDS!

But Owens breaks free! SUPERKICK!

Ambrose stumbles backwards into the ropes and bounds back. Owens sizes him up...


Owens plants the Lunatic down to the mat to a chorus of boos! He covers him...




Kevin Owens defeats Dean Ambrose in 13:54

Tazz: And Owens bounds right back from his loss last week against Stevens!

J.R.: Ambrose looked impressive there in his debut, he just couldn't overcome Owens in the end there.

Tazz: And say what you like about Owens, but that man impresses too!

J.R.: I don't like him. He needs to fix that attitude o' his.

The crowd continue to boo as Owens soaks in the victory. He moves over to the down Ambrose and starts stomping on him, before kicking him under the bottom rope and out of the ring. He gives another Cheshire Cat like grin as he beckons the audience to continue booing him, happy with their disapointment.

But the crowd turns to cheers as Ambrose bounds back into the ring, steel chair in hand. Owens moves like lightning, bolting out of the ring just in time to miss Ambrose swinging at him, connecting with the top rope instead. Owens starts to move up the ramp quickly, as Ambrose watches him from inside the ring, a psychotic expression on his face as he grips the chair tightly. As Owens walks backstage, the scene fades out.

RPW Showtime: Episode 2 Saxon%20vs%20Stevens

The crowd breaks into loud and disgusted booing as Howell Saxon knocks the curtain to the side and stomps towards the ring. “Into the Void” backs him as he’s greeted by shouts of “Cheat!” and “Fraud!”, but Howell’s too full of himself to pay any attention. With his usual self-assured smirk, he steps up into the ring and takes the mic.

Howell Saxon
Alright, you can shut up now.

The crowd do the opposite – their boos only get louder. Howell chuckles and rolls his eyes.

Howell Saxon
Oh, Christ. You lot are still sore about me kicking Goldust’s arse, aren’t you?

Someone from the crowd yells over the rest of the boos. What he says is unclear, but it catches Howell’s attention. He snaps his head around, looking defensive.

Howell Saxon
What was that?

The crowd quietens down as Howell turns to face the heckler, his eyes narrowing.

Howell Saxon
I didn’t catch that, mate, what’d you say?

The heckler – a skinny, bespectacled, twentysomething male – swallows nervously.

… I said it was a dirty win.

Howell throws a steely glare at the heckler. His trademark smirk’s gone, and he looks legitimately angry. The atmosphere’s become tense fast. Howell straightens up, letting out a deep breath. Finally, he shrugs, and turns back to face the crowd in general, having had his fun with the heckler.

Howell Saxon
Well. Dirty or not, I won. I had Goldust out cold in minutes, like I said I would. And I’m here again to show you morons how it’s done.

The crowd’s boos pick up again. Howell’s grin creeps back onto his face, thriving off the crowd’s negativity.

Howell Saxon
Tonight I’m up against the winner of the last show’s main event. That’s right, I’ve joined Stevens at the top already. So you can boo me all you want, but really you know I’m the best. And I have no doubt I’ll have his face in the ground soon enough. He hasn’t got the balls to give me a real fight. I should remind you all I’ve had MMA training, so I’ve got more skill in my little finger than the rest of this federation combined! Stevens, mate, bring it on. I can’t wait.

He throws the mic to the side. The crowd’s booing is thunderous, and Howell stands in the ring, grinning ear to ear, soaking it all in as he waits to fight.

Cheer and applause fill the arena as Stevens theme hits the titantron. After the opening riff, Jeremy Stevens bursts out onto the stage, slapping the ground, windmilling his arm, and fistbumping the air, with some of the crowd performing it along with him. He runs down the ramp, high fiving the audience members leaning over the barricade, before jumping up into the ring over the top rope, giving a small demonstration of his high flying prowess early.

J.R.: This man impressed us all last week with that win over Kevin Owens!

Tazz: I'm hoping we get to see that Phoenix Splash again tonight J.R.!

J.R.: Oh me too Tazz!

Stevens jumps to the turnbuckle and performs his signature taunt again, however as he jumps back into the ring and turns to look at Saxon, his smile fades. The two men stand across from one another in the ring, Saxon with his signature cocky smirk, whilst Stevens looks at him quite angrily, having seen his antics from his match with Goldust and not being one bit pleased with them. Saxon, to everyone's collective surprise, actually moves into the center of the ring and extends a hand to Stevens, in order to shake his hand. Stevens looks confused at the hand, before moving over to Saxon.

Tazz: Maybe he really is a sportsman?

Stevens raises an eyebrow at his opponent, before seemingly shrugging it off and going for the handshake. Saxon pulls away last second, and delivers a slap across the face of Stevens, to vicious hisses from the crowd. Howell bursts into laughter, but Stevens takes a couple of steps back, before angrily bursting at his opponent, hitting him with strike after strike, kick after kick, causing Saxon to fall into the corner.

Howell tries to fight back, going for a clothesline which Jeremy ducks under, before delivering a backflip kick to the head of Saxon. Saxon goes down to the mat like a sack of spuds, right in position in front of the turnbuckle. Stevens points to the turnbuckle, and the crowd immediately burst into cheer, as Stevens starts to climb.

J.R.: This one could be over quickly!

Stevens gets to the top of the turnbuckle, measuring his downed opponent, before doing his signature windmill hand taunt, before getting ready to make the leap!

But Saxon rolls out of the ring.

The crowd boo as Saxon starts to shake his head, trying to regain his composure. Stevens remains on the top rope, and angles his body back around to face Howell on the outside. Before Saxon can even realise what's going on, Stevens crashes down on him with a gigantic cross body! Both men lay splayed out on the concrete floor!

J.R.: Bah gawd!

Tazz: That was incredible!

Stevens is back to his feet first, and tosses Saxon back into the ring, before jumping up onto the apron. He waits for Saxon to get back to his feet, and once he does, jumps up onto the ropes for a springboard clothesline! Saxon ducks it! Stevens turns around, but his legs are kicked out from under him by the Sportsman, who follows it up with another kick to the back of Jeremy's head, before locking him up in a Dragon Sleeper!

'LET'S GO STEVENS!' can be heard from the crowd, as they will for the High Flyer to escape the hold. With a huge amount of fighting, he does, and cracks Saxon with an enziguiri, before hitting the ropes and going for a sling blade, but Saxon just tosses him back down onto his back. Stevens jumps back to his feet, but is taken down again with a Judo throw! As Stevens tries to get to his feet again, Saxon gets him in a headlock, before delivering elbow after elbow to his head. The elbows are absolutely relentless, and Stevens looks to go unconcious, as Howell just tosses his limp body down to the mat with a grin. He covers him...




Saxon grunts angrily, as he pulls Stevens back to his feet, and puts him in another headlock, getting ready for more elbows... but Stevens squirms out of it and locks his arms around Saxon's waist from behind... GERMAN SUPLEX! He bridges it! Pin!




The crowd 'ooh' at the nearfall as Saxon tries to scurry back to his feet. Stevens uses the turnbuckle to get back to his feet, checking his head, and being pleased to find he hasn't been bust open despite the great amount of pain. He looks at Howell angrily, before he charges at him and grabs him around the head, using the momentum to run up the ropes, spin himself around, and plant Saxon down with a Tornado DDT!

Stevens attempts to cover Saxon, but he rolls himself out of the ring. Stevens sits up, and uses this time to check on his head again, trying to undizzy himself. Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring, out of sight from the referee, Saxon starts to lift up his trouser leg, and to a mass of boos, again removes the padding from his shin guard. With the steel lacing exposed, he lowers his trouser leg yet again to hide it.

J.R.: No! He isn't! Not again!

Stevens moves over to the ropes, having composed himself, and ready to drag Saxon back into the match for the victory. As he reaches over to the ropes to climb out however, Howell grabs him by the head, and hotshots his face into the ropes. Stevens tumbles backwards back into the ring, as Saxon climbs inside.

Stevens, holding his face, starts to get to his feet again, with Saxon measuring him from behind, ready to hit that dreaded Shin Kick. The crowd are screaming for Stevens to watch out, as the High Flyer groggily starts to turn around...


J.R.: No! Not like this!

Stevens crashes down to the mat, his face cut open from the kick, as Howell piles on top of him for the pin...




Howell Saxon defeats Jeremy Stevens in 17:28

Saxon is to his feet already, standing proud and tall over an unconcious Stevens, with blood pouring from his face. He beckons the referee over to him to raise his hand, and upon the referee doing so, the crowd greet the scene with disgusted boos.

Tazz: It's a creative way of getting the win that's for sure.

J.R.: It's cowardly is what it is! The man's no Sportsman! He's a damn coward!

Howell moves over to the side of the ring and demands a microphone, which the ringside crew hand to him. Once he has it, he returns to the middle of the ring, and with a smile, attempts to start speaking over the boos.

Howell Saxon
Like it or not, here is your winner of the main event! That's my second match, and my second win here in RPW! That's right, soak it in! I'm your main eventer! I'm your top guy! I'm the one you'll be seeing from now on week in week out! As for Stevens? Yeah, he might've looked decent at first, but that was only when he was up against a punk like Owens! Not a real hardworking Sportsman like myself!

Despite the crowd not particularly liking Owens either, this statement is still met with boos.

Howell Saxon
I find it doubtful that we'll see our friend Stevens in the main event again after this. That's what going in the ring against a skilled athlete like myself does to a person. We all saw it earlier with Goldust, and we'll see it again with-

Saxon turns around to point at Stevens, but realises the High Flyer is starting to pull himself to his feet. The crowd cheer the resilience of Stevens, but the cheers are cut short as Saxon slams his mic into the top of Stevens head, knocking him back down.

Howell Saxon
Yeah! Go on! Cheer him! Cheer him now! Get your last cheers in whilst you can, before I end his career!

Saxon throws the mic down, before getting in the same stance he usually does to perform his Shin Kick. Jeremy starts to get to his feet, as Saxon gets ready...


Goldust runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, taking Saxon by surprise and immediately hitting him with jab after jab. Goldust bounces of the ropes, and attempts to hit Saxon with a clothesline, but the Sportsman gets his foot up and stops Goldust with a gut kick! With his other foot, Saxon attempts a roundhouse kick, but Goldust ducks it, turns around, and cracks an uppercut into Howell's jaw. Saxon stumbles back into the ropes, and Goldust charges him with a clothesline, sending him over the top rope and to the concrete outside.

The crowd have erupted into cheers at this point for the Bizarre One, who immediately goes to check on Stevens to see if he's alright. The High Flyer nods, and through cheers from the crowd, starts to get to his feet. Howell Saxon tries to take advantage of the moment, jumping up onto the apron, but Stevens is having none of it! He runs at Saxon and hits him with a huge dropkick, knocking him right off of the apron and back to the concrete floor.

Saxon starts to scramble back to his feet, moving slowly up the ramp, looking furiously at Stevens and Goldust who watch him from the ring. Suddenly, he hears a voice from the stage behind him, and turns arround to be greeted by none other than...

Tony Atlas

The crowd start to cheer and/or laugh as Atlas appear from out of the curtain laughing down a microphone at the scene unfolding before him. He shakes his head, before beginning to speak.

Tony Atlas
Ooh! You got what was coming to ye' boy! HE HE HE HA HE HO!

Saxon grits his teeth as he glares at the Chairman.

Tony Atlas
You have to do more than get a couple o' cheap wins to call yourself the top guy of my company! I feel like without than shin pad o' yours, you'd be at two losses right now, so I feel it's only fair I give my two boys in the ring there a chance at revenge!

The crowd pop as Stevens and Goldust smile. Saxon looks furious.

Tony Atlas
So we're going to make the main event for the next episode of Showtime right here! Right now! We're going to have a tag team match! It'll be Goldust and Jeremy Stevens... going up against Howell Saxon, and his tag team partner...

Atlas turns his attention towards the curtain, as do all the crowd.

Kevin Owens steps out of the curtain, glaring right at Howell through narrowed eyebrows. Saxon scrunches up his face in irritation at the turn of events, knowing he'll have to get along with the man he just called a 'punk' in order to keep up his winning streak for the next show.

Tazz: Ooh boy! Saxon could've done without insulting Owens earlier on...

J.R.: I'm glad he did, it's time to see this guy get his comeuppance!

Saxon continues to stand in the middle of the ramp, feeling trapped by the men on both sides. Atlas begins to laugh again, as the show fades out.

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