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Nero or Faro, Wherever you Aro Empty Nero or Faro, Wherever you Aro

Post by Nero on Sun May 21, 2017 10:09 pm

The lights throughout the arena fade down until only the stage is illuminated by the light emanating off the static titantron above it. Before anyone knows it, the titantron fades into the image of a pig's head. No blood, just a pale decapitated pig's head. The image remains there for a moment before disappearing to black, leaving a confused silence from the crowd as they are plunged back into darkness. This lasts for a few seconds before a familiar voice fills the darkness.

Pennsylvania...The Mohegan Sun Arena....

A few quiet cheers are heard, only due to the venue having been named.

When we were young... We were told of a story... A story of three innocent piglets and one Big, Bad Wolf.

The spotlight shines down to reveal Nero sitting on the stage, microphone in hand.

This story has been subject to many changes, interpretations and moral understandings throughout its history...

Hardy steadily rises to his feet, still grasping his microphone tightly.

The piglets are replaced by lambs, the houses are made of a variety of materials, sometimes the piglets escape,
other times they are slaughtered.

He takes a few long, slow steps down the ramp, his white contacts hiding his subtle eye movements as he glances to the crowd.

The one constant, the one that is ever present, is that Big, Bad Wolf.

Nero nears the ring steps and glances around once more before stepping up towards the apron.

I am the constant. I am the Big Bad Wolf. I am Nero.

The man enters the ring through between the ropes and makes his way to the centre of the ring, which now has a small white sheet over the small area.

This time, the Big Bad Wolf is here...

Nero stares directly into the hard-cam before removing a small red capsule from his pants and placing it into his open mouth.

And Rump... This time, I'm here for blood.

Nero bites down on the capsule, causing a thick red liquid to pour from his lips, seemingly more than the capsule had held. He continues to stare into the hard-cam as the fake blood drips from his now-scarlet chest, onto the small white sheet. He smiles through his bright red teeth as the lights suddenly plunge the entire arena into darkness once more, before steadily returning to normal, with the sheet now removed and Nero standing in his corner.

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