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Holding out for a Nero Empty Holding out for a Nero

Post by Nero on Mon May 29, 2017 2:46 pm

As we return to the action, the now-recognisable Nero static takes over the titantron once again, illuminating the relatively dim arena. Though this time the static has not been accompanied by any form of chanting or pig slaughter and is actually quickly replaced with what appears to be a weathered sign one would find advertising a business on a high street.

"Vivace, Charlottesville, VA"

As predicted, the camera cuts to the warm interior of a quaint, yet stylish, restaurant. The walls are a deep shade of red, adorned with various forms of Italian-esque souvenirs, signs and decorations. Large glass doors lead from the main dining area and bar to the large,
stone-slabbed patio, which itself is modelled after an Italian piazza. The customers are all heard chatting, their varied array of sounds forming a single, indiscernible noise - almost as if it was the backing track to the minimal operatic piece playing softly throughout the establishment. Every customer seems to be enjoying their time making small talk over their Risotto and fine Chianti.

The camera finishes highlighting the finer points of this quite enjoyable restaurant by cutting to the queue of people waiting for a table,
only around five or six small groups of people - mostly couples - are waiting for the busy restaurant to free up their table. A well-dressed African American woman stands behind a small podium which holds the menus, waiting to take the customers to their tables once available. A man in a full three-piece suit shivers slightly as the relatively small door leading in from the cold street slowly swings open and closed a few times, presumably due to the wind. The door settles for a moment before beginning to swing much more violently despite it being a rather calm Virginian day outside. As one of the patrons waiting in line goes to shut the door properly, it swings open wider than it had before and hits him square in the nose, not excessively hard but enough to make him squeal and hold his face to avoid getting blood on his suit.

Returning to the door, it reveals the last swing was caused by a man in a large red and black leather coat forcefully kicking the door open. Nero enters, taking long and slow strides to accentuate his arrival, which is already accentuated fairly well by the bleeding businessman and the fact that Nero is in his wrestling gear - literally only a long coat, his pants, shoes and the copious amounts of body and face paint.

Greetings. I am Nero. Table for one, something dark and foreboding - with candles.

States Nero, as he barges past the entire line of people waiting for places of their own.

Do you have a reservation? There's nothing on the list for a Mister Nero.

Nero stares into the waitress' eyes a moment.

I am Nero. I do not conform to this pathetic mortal tradition of the 'Reservation'. Do you have any comprehension on who I am? The being whom you are addressing? - I am the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling!

The waitress sighs a second before placing a hand on the podium to steady herself.

Sir, I am an Athiest. If you do not have a reservation then you will have to wait at the back of the line until everyone in front of you has been seated, okay?

Nero does not break his gaze from the woman before breaking out into a large, cheesy smile and turning to face those waiting in line. Holding his arms out wide to either side, he addresses them.

My Children Creatures! Do not be afraid, for I am Nero and I have come to join in the festivities of mortal men! For Showtime calls and your saviour has been tasked with the challenge of the six-pack - A trial worthy of your Antichrist!

Nero walks closer towards the crowd, closing the short distance between them and continues addressing his "Children Creatures".

As you must understand, Children Creatures, this is a momentous occasion! And as one must break the eggs of an omelette, I must slaughter the calves of the veal. Who here shall be first to give themselves for absolution, to give their Antichrist the power to complete this challenge set by the Man of Maps?!

The people in line look at each other, unsure of whether they better call somebody or just leave. A small ushering of "McDonald's is around the corner" passing between a couple before they exit the door and break out into a jog down the street. Hardy watches them run away before turning to the closest man to his left, kicking him hard in the gut, grabbing his head and spinning - bringing his jaw down onto Nero's shoulder! Twist of Hate!!

The shock sent throughout everyone in line gives Nero enough time to dash out of the door after the couple who ran away earlier. Due to his fitness and loose clothing, Nero quickly catches up with them as they run through the front doors of McDonald's and shout something to one of the floor staff, who proceeds to lock the front door before Nero can make it through. The Antichrist stands there for a few moments, staring into the eyes of the spotty, acne-ridden ginger teen crew member, who is visibly terrified. Hardy removes a line of his facepaint with his finger and scribbles in red on the large window - "Five." then disappears out of sight from the fast food restaurant.

The camera cuts again to the interior of McDonald's, both the man and woman from earlier are distraught, talking to the manager about the situation. He puts a hand on both of their shoulders and continues talking.

"It'll be okay, we've locked the store. You're sa-"CRASH!!!

Nero comes diving in through the closed drive-through window!! He kicks, grabs and spins the worker dealing with drive-through orders!Twist of Hate!!


The Antichrist is laying waste to every member of staff he can lay hands on!

Three. Two.

McDonald's Crew Members are sent flying over the counter like ragdolls as the manager attempts to stop Nero's rampage! Nero offers a stiff punch to the jaw of the manager! The Manager offers one straight back and catches Nero off guard! This just enrages the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling even further. He grabs the employee by the back of the head and brings a knee straight into his jaw! Followed by bringing his head down onto the charity collection container! In one swift movement, Hardy proceeds to force the manager's head under the drinks machine! He fills his mouth with the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max®! Maximum Taste.
Zero Sugar.


Nero hops the counter, not glancing back to view the destruction he has caused. Crew Members are strewn about the work area like toys thrown from a pram. He spots the couple from earlier, cowering by the locked door.

Nero begins slowly walking towards them.

The man desperately tries to unlock the large McDonald's door.

Hardy gets closer with each step, staring intently at the man and woman, who have both now accepted their fate by huddling upon the floor and crying. A steady stream of liquid can be seen running from the man's pants - presumably urine.

They cower in fear as Nero comes closer and crouches in front of them. He reaches into his back pocket. The couple makes an audibly desperate "Please God, no."

You've made this much more difficult than it needed to be, Children Creatures.

Both members of the couple are now crying as Hardy pulls a large, black object from his back pocket and brings it close to them, making them cry even louder.

You dropped this in the restaurant.

Nero places the man's black wallet into his lap and gets to his feet, flicking the lock on the door and walking out, leaving the couple on the floor to recover.



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