So Angle wants to fight me?

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So Angle wants to fight me? Empty So Angle wants to fight me?

Post by Dean Ambrose on Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:06 am

The crowd erupts with a mixed reaction for Dean Ambrose as he walks to the ring with a cocky smirk across his face. He enters the ring and walks in circles a few times before finally grabbing a microphone from the outside of the ring. The crowd is still mixed with some cheers and boos following his vicious attack and Kurt Angle last week. Ambrose responds to the mixed reaction.

Dean Ambrose:

Bit of a mixed reaction here tonight huh?....

Cheers and boos erupt again for Dean Ambrose.

I get, I get it. I do, I totally understand, I mean i damn near crippled a wrestling legend who you have all loved and respected for years last week, right the middle of this ring.

The boos start to overtake the cheers slowly.

Dean Ambrose:

I get it, your all a bit pissed, but no offence to any of you guys but this is between me....

Ambrose looks around the crowd as all of the cheers are slowly drowned out by the boos.

Dean Ambrose:

And Kurt Angle..... Now last week, Mr Olympic gold medalist......

The crowd cheers for Kurt angle

Dean Ambrose:

Kurt Angle.... Called me out last week. Kurt!.... You decided to pick a fight with me. I mean I don't really get what the big deal is. He picked a fight with me.... and I showed him exactly what happens when you pick a fight with Dean Ambrose. I showed Mr Olympic gold medal boy exactly what I am capable of. Now... was it sneaky?... Maybe. But Kurt, I know you blabble on about how you won a gold medal with a broken neck or whatever, and because of that you think your invincible and can withstand anything that gets thrown at you but nothing can compare to the pain that I can inflict on a person. You see Kurt, you think you are a tough guy cos you won a medal with a broken neck, but I..... I once had 10 galons of blood poor right out of my forhead like a fountain. I bled and bled and bled and BLED!..... by the end of the night every drop of blood in my body had painted the canvas crimson, but look at me. I am here standing. So just know whenever stepping in to a ring with me, your not gonna be able to comprehend the kind of things that I! can withstand. You have no idea what I can take and what I can give boy. Picking a fight with me is the biggest mistake anyone can ever make.... Even a gold medalist. Last week you talked about how I can only win my fights by using weapons......  

A sinister grin grows on the face of Ambrose as he stares directly at the camera.

Dean Ambrose:

You have no idea..... You see Kurt,you should really be glad that I beat you to a pulp last week with a steel chair. Because my fists can be so much more dangerous than any weapon that you might find under this ring, or anywhere else. And you'll find that out first hand...... OH IT'S TRUE!!!! 

The crowd showers the entire arena with boos as Ambrose mocks Kurt Angle. He smirks again as he is showered with boos.

Dean Ambrose:

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose

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