I'm gonna make Angle want to destroy me

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I'm gonna make Angle want to destroy me Empty I'm gonna make Angle want to destroy me

Post by Dean Ambrose on Sun May 21, 2017 11:48 pm

Camera fades to Dean Ambrose looking at the camera intensely

Dean Ambrose:

Tonight is gonna be fun guys. Tonight I get my hands on Kurt Angle in my own personal playground; no rules, no limits, not restrictions. But there is just one problem. Kurt says he isn't gonna use any weapons; like at all. What a killjoy am I right?. Kurt you're gonna deprave these precious fans of yours of a real fight? for what? to prove you are better than me? come on now Kurt, shame on you. Well you know what, I am going to give your fans what they want. I am gonna tear you a part with anything that I find in this arena. I am going to fill you with so much pain and rage that the only way you'll truly feel happy again, is by almost killing me with any object of your choosing. Hell I am even gonna give you a free shot straight to my face with any weapon you want. I am going to make you want to destroy me Kurt; I will sow you what you are truly capable of. After tonight, your children are going to be terrified to see daddy.

Dean Ambrose Smirks as the camera slowly pans down and fades to black.
Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose

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