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Post by Thorn on Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:04 pm

Loud bangs echo through the backstage area, as Thorn treats a metal storage cabinet like a punching bag. His face displays nothing but viciousness, barely even flinching each time his fists connect brutally with the metal. Kelly Kelly, wrestler turned backstage interviewer, slowly and worriedly approaches Thorn. He doesn't seem to notice her, so she attempts to get his attention.

Umm... excuse me, Thorn...

Thorn stops suddenly, before slowly turning to look at Kelly Kelly.

We'd like you to ask you a few questions, is that alright?

The expression on Thorn's face hasn't changed, unsettling Kelly further. She turns to the camera and puts on a smile.

Hello New York! I am Kelly Kelly and I'm here with RPW superstar Thorn, who's getting ready to make his RPW debut tonight against fellow superstar Jamie Noble! How do you feel about that match Thorn?

Thorn snarls as he speaks into the mic she holds out to him.

How do I feel? I feel fantastic! Getting my hands on Noble tonight will be a treat! Let me demonstrate...

Thorn turns to the cabinet.

Look at this metal cabinet. Now, imagine it's Jamie Noble.

Kelly raises an eyebrow at the camera upon Thorn saying this. Then, she jumps, startled, as with a venomous roar, Thorn unloads punches and kicks onto the cabinet. Kelly recoils backwards, as Thorn continues to bat away at the cabinet, the punches and kicks turning into headbutt after headbutt, Thorn screaming the whole time. Once a quite sizeable dint is left in the door, Thorn turns around to face the camera, his face twisted and demented.

THAT'S WHAT I WILL DO! Jamie Noble! Tonight will be your debut, and tonight will be your demise! I WILL NOT LET YOU BREATH! I WILL NOT RELENT ONCE I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! I will tear your body limb from limb! I will start with your arms, twisting them right out of your little sockets! Then I'll snap every bone in your legs! Then I will gauge out your eyes and feast on your flesh as you still squirm! That's right! I WILL EAT YOU ALIVE! If you step in that ring, you will not STEP OUT! You will be melting away in my STOMACH ACID! Even your bones will not be safe! I will grind them down to powder and snort them up like cocaine! Jamie Noble! Tonight is your last night! SPEND IT WELL!

Thorn twists around and punches the cabinet again, before storming out of the scene. Kelly Kelly turns to the camera, a face of pure confusion.

Well, that was an... interesting conversation. Let's hope most of that was exaggerated.

Kelly gives a forced smile at the camera, before it fades to black.


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