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Glimpse of what's to come. Empty Glimpse of what's to come.

Post by Rump on Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:50 pm

"Ass Man" fills the arena causing Rump's titantron to appear on stage. Various clips of Captain Rump dominating previous opponents with his massive behind appear on screen. The crowd is a mixture of cheering and booing. Captain Rump stands proudly at the entrance wearing his normal attire, which consists of a red and black mask, skin tight full body red spandex, masked by a pair of black briefs, black boots, and black gloves. A black cape wraps around and hangs down a few inches away from the floor. Behind him he's accomponied by his Squad. Aside from a man who is in normal clothing, the entire rump squad is wearing robes. Rump and his squad make their way into the ring.

Rump: “I see some of you still don't know what true talent is, you really have the audacity to boo at me!? I'm becoming the best damn thing this federation has to offer and that's how you treat me?”

Rump lowers his microphone for a second and begins to shake his head.

Rump: “It's a shame really. To think that fans here at RPW are truly moronic is just sad to think about. But I mean it's not to bad, I wouldn't want idiots like you rooting for me anyway. I can win without your support. There ain't a damn thing anyone can do to stop me. Me or my crew.”

The other three members of the squad climb onto the corner turnbuckles, raising their arms high into the sky. The crowd begins to boo.

Rump: “Come on now, don't be like that. I'm not a bad guy. In fact i'm honestly a really good person. Take a look over at this man for a second.”

Rump points over at the normal looking guy who is standing awkwardly in the ring alongside The Rump Squad. Rump lowers his microphone and motions over Jamie Noble over. He begins to whisper in his ear so the audience is unable to hear.

Rump: “You made sure he signed the paperwork right? We won't be held liable, right?”

Jamie Noble begins to smile as he nods his head toward Rump. Rump smirks before raising the microphone to his mouth. Rump motions the man over to his side.

Rump: “I was feeling generous this past week and decided to host a small competition for a fan to meet the some of the wrestlers here. It was kept on the down low because I didn't want to ruin the surprise for anyone out there. But our lucky winner here is Jeff from Austin, Texas.”

Rump  turns toward Jeff.

Rump: “So Jeff why don't you tell everyone here who your favorite wrestlers are here?”

The man looks nervous for a few moments.

Jeff: The NWO

Rump: “The NWO! Do you want to meet them!?.”

Rump points over toward the entrance ramp. Immediately Jeff's eyes light up, he turned toward the entrance ramp awaiting NWO.

Rump: “Well that's too damn bad. You wanted to meet the best and now you're standing in the ring with the best. And you're going to get what every other fan of the NWO deserves.”

Rump drops the microphone and tackles Jeff onto the floor. Rump leaps into the air and smashes his massive ass into Jeff's chest. Rump signals for his squad to drag him into the corner.

Rump: “Nash, Hall, and even you Dangerman. I hope you're watching cause you're in for a glimpse of what's to come. ”

Jamie Noble, Johnny Knockout, Joey Simone each remove this robe to reveal they are each wearing nothing but black briefs. The Rump squad take turns delivering Rump's Signature Stinkface to Jeff, each one adding their own rendition of the move.

First Johnny.

Then Joey.

Finally Jamie

The Rump Squad put their robes back on and look over at Rump.

Rump turns around and repeatedly smacks his ass against Jeff's face. Rump pauses for a second to hover his ass over Jeff's face. Rump then humiliates Sam by rubbing his giant, sweaty, stinky ass in Jeff's face

The punishment lasts about a minute. Nearly everyone in the crowd is booing.

Rump stands proudly in the ring for a moment with his squad, soaking in the negative energy. After a few moments he waves goodbye, exits the ring and arena with his squad following right behind him.

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