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Don't mouth off to me. Empty Don't mouth off to me.

Post by Rump on Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:08 pm

A nice looking limousine pulls into the parking lot. The limousine driver exits the vehicle and makes his way over to the rear end. He opens the door, and Rump makes his way out of the vehicle. He’s wearing a pair of black boots and a large white robe that covers his entire body. He's accompanied by Jamie Noble, Joey Simone and Johnny Knockout. Daniel follows behind the four men carrying a few bags. The men slowly making their way toward the locker rooms, making no stops to speak with anyone they pass by. As Rump makes his way around a nearby corner he bumps into an interviewer.

Rump: “Watch where you’re going idiot.”

Rump pushes the interviewer aside knocking him into a nearby cameraman. The interviewer is confused by the commotion. Rump and his crew begin to walk away.

Interviewer: “Really? I’m pretty sure you should be watching where you’re going. You bumped into me, aren't you at least going to apologize you moron?”

Rump and his crew stop in their tracks. Rump grows furious and turns his attention toward the interviewer and his cameraman.

Rump: “You should really keep your mouth shut, and you shouldn’t mouth off to those who are bigger and stronger than you. Do you have any idea who I am, and what i'm capable of?”

Rump snaps his fingers which causes his crew to close in on the interviewer. The three men begin to assault the interviewer for a few moments, the cameraman avoid the confrontation but continues rolling his camera. The three crew members set up the interviewer in a sitting position.

Rump removes his robe and reveals that he's only wearing a pair of black briefs. He slowly walks over towards the interviewer and turns himself around. Rump thrusts backwards and begins to rub his giant, hairy, sweat ass against the interviewer’s nose and face executing a Dreaded Stinkface

Rump: “Make sure you get all this on camera, I want everyone out there to see what happens when they mess with me or my crew. The Rump Squad.”

Rump hold his position for a couple minutes before finally letting him go. Rump looks over to the young cameraman, who is shaking with fear. Rump smiles at the state of the young man.

Rump: “Look if you don’t want to end up like him you’ll follow me, make sure the camera’s rolling, and you won’t get in the way. You got that?”

The cameraman is scared stiff, but slowly manages to mumble a couple words.

Cameraman: “Yes sir, whatever you say, just please don’t do that to me.”

Rump just smirks.

Rump: "Of course not. The next two who will have the luxury of being on the receiving end of a Dreaded Stinkface with be the NWO."

Rump turns away from the attack and continues to make his way backstage approaching the nearby locker rooms with the Rump Squad, Daniel, and cameraman following right behind.

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