You're Ready

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You're Ready

Post by Rump on Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:36 am

Daniel stands onto of an amphitheater as various student pass by going in both directions. Daniel stares out into the crowd below looking among the various building surrounding the area. After a few moments a nearby building catches his eyes. Daniel carefully makes his way over maneuvering himself in between the students. Daniel comes to an abrupt stop in front of a large building with the heading, "Wrestling Room", he pauses for a moment before making his way in. To his surprise not many students are inside only about six.

Daniel: Who here is looking to make some extra cash? Easiest two hundreds dollar you'll ever make.

The student look confused and among one another for a few moments. Two student lock eyes, nod in succession before stepping forward.

Wrestler 1: We'll do it, what do you need?

Daniel smiles for a moment before handing him a small card.

Daniel: Here's all the information you need. It's a privately owned gym just a few miles from here. Be there in three hours. Give me a call if you get lost.

Daniel turns away from the two and begins heading out of the room.

Wrestler 2: Wait, what exactly is this job?

Daniel pauses for a moment.

Daniel: Training


Rump:So what exactly is this training you have for me? You know I could be at home right now relaxing. I swear if this is a waste of my time you're going to regret it.

Daniel: It's not going to be a waste, you have a few days before your match against Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker. After your loss last week i'm sure you're not too happy about it. You need to step up your game.  So I arranged for you two have a match against two students for a nearby college campus. Don't screw this opportunity up.

Captain Rump looks starts to grow furious as Daniel continues to speak.

Rump: You better watch your mouth. I should kick your ass for speaking to me like that!

Daniel: I'm just trying to help you out. Now cut the crap and just get ready.

Daniel turns away, opens the door and the two wrestlers make their way through. Captain Rump carefully examines the two students. One stands at six-foot four inches weighing in at two hundred sixty pounds, with a physically muscular build known as Rick. The other stands a six-foot two inches weighting in at three hundred ten pounds, more of a rounder shape is known as Sam. Captain Rump looks intimated for a moment.

Daniel: These two are going to be your opponents today. I've had them sign out some forms so no one will be held liable for any injuries that may occur tonight. It's going to be a handicap match. If they are able to pin you they get four hundred bucks. If they can't all they're going to walk away with is four bucks.

The two wrestlers come forward and stand face to face with Rump.

Rick: This shouldn't be too hard. Sure he's bigger than us but we're all around the same height.

Sam: You mean to tell me this fatso is a wrestler? I feel bad now, this will be the easiest money we ever make.

Rick and Sam laugh at their own comments.

Daniel: Alright now everyone follow me to the ring. Let's get this started.


Captain Rump picks up Rick by his hair and wraps his arms around his throat. Rump lifts Rick off his feet and slams him onto the mat causing Rick screams in pain.

Rump turns his attention to Sam who's now standing on his feet. Captain Rump lifts Sam up and slams him onto his back. He hovers over Sam’s chest and performs a hip drop. The impact causes Sam to lose his breath. Rump stands up and begins to drive his foot into Sam’s chest.

Captain Rump walks over to Rick, grabs him and pulls him up to his feet.

Captain Rump tosses Rick into the corner turnbuckle. Rump smacks his giant ass, then runs toward Rick. Rump leaps into the air and smacks Rick's chest with his massive ass causing Rick to fall against the turnbuckle. Rump turns around and repeatedly smacks his ass against Rick's face. Rump pauses for a second to hover his ass over Rick's face. Rump then humiliates Rick by rubbing his giant, sweaty, stinky ass in Rick's face

Rump grabs Rick by the hair and drags him into the center of the ring.

Captain Rump turns his attention toward Sam. Rump walks over to Sam and lifts him to his feet.

Captain Rump tosses Sam into the corner turnbuckle. Rump smacks his giant ass, then runs toward Sam. Rump leaps into the air and smacks Sam's chest with his massive ass causing Sam to fall against the turnbuckle. Rump turns around and repeatedly smacks his ass against Sam's face. Rump pauses for a second to hover his ass over Sam's face. Rump then humiliates Sam by rubbing his giant, sweaty, stinky ass in Sam's face

Captain Rump drags Sam into the center of the ring beside Rick.

Rump hovers over the two of them before dropping down directly on them. Dropping his right ass cheek on Rick and his left ass cheek on Sam.

Captain Rump begins to count out loud.




Captain Rump looks over to Daniel and smiles.

Daniel: You're ready!

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