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Post by "Road Dogg" Jesse James on Sun May 28, 2017 11:43 pm

Oh, you didn't know?


Yo' ass better caaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll somebodaaaaaaaaaay!

The crowd roars with approval, only getting louder when the veteran, Jesse James, rushes out from the curtain. Tonight, he's adorned in a brand new, official RPW, black and orange Road Dogg t-shirt. The sleeves are cut off and it's tucked into wrestling sweats similar to his usual, except with a new matching color scheme. His boots follow such a pattern as well. His braids are put into a tall bun, sturdy but comfortable.

Road Dogg
Oh hell yeah! He's back. That's right: it's me, it's me, it's that real D-O-double G! Ready, fin-a-lly, to take over that sports E-N-T.

He reaches the center of the ramp, then stops. He fills his mouth with water, then begins to shake his legs, his head shaking as well. He crotch chops - one arm down, then the other, as if they're taking turns - while he spits water with each chop. From there, he quickly makes his way down the rest of the ramp and rolls into the ring. With haste, upon entry, he hops onto a turnbuckle, throwing up a proud X then following with a perfectly executed crotch chop. He takes center-ring soon after.

Road Dogg
Now, if you had the pleasure to watch Locked & Loaded, you woulda seen not only the return of the six-time, WWE, tag team champions of the wooooooooooooorld! The New Age Outlaws!

The crowd pops, sounding almost as excited as the crowd who saw the reunion live.

Road Dogg
But you also woulda seen the true return of yours truly - finally shutting Thorn's big angry ass up for once. And so, for once, I can proudly say...

Road Dogg stands firm in the center of the ring and stares into the hard camera, which zooms in slowly as he says:

Road Dogg
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Ruthless Pro Wrestling proudly brings to you, that T-to the R-to the U-to the E to that D-O-double G: "The Road Dogg": Jesse! James!

He soaks in the crowd's loudest pop for him so far tonight. He looks at the stage and points to it.

Road Dogg
But it looks like Sycho Sid Jr. wants another shot, so without further to-do - ado? - fuck it, I make my own shit. Without further to-do: Thorn, come down and get part two of your ass whooping.

TBC - Thorn OR END
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"Road Dogg" Jesse James

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Post by Thorn on Mon May 29, 2017 12:52 pm

The crowd boo, as The Cannibal rips aside the curtain, so angrily that it almost comes off, before he glares at his opponent in the ring. His huffs and puffs are even more aggressive, and his face is glowing red, almost as bright as the scarlet colour of his singlet. He shrieks a vicious shriek, before stomping his way down the ramp and to the ring.

Once in the ring, he snatches the microphone away from James, before putting it to his mouth. All that is audible across the arena for a good few seconds, are the loud, punctuating breaths of Thorn, before he finally starts to speak.


The audience cover their ears as the almost inhuman noise projects through the arena. James squints and grimaces.


James laughs this time.

DO NOT LAUGH IN THE FACE OF MY OWN- FACE! DO NOT! You are the loser of RPW! You always will be! One measly, accidental win will not change that! Changing your gear to match the RPW colours will not change that! And the result of tonight... will not change that! I will shut down your new-found confidence before it can begin! Tonight, you fall again, and I'll shove you right back into the rut you was in when you started! That's right! SQUARE ONE! Courtesty of THE CANNIBAL!

Thorn hurtles the microphone away from him, as he gets into the face of a smiling James. The referee backs them into their respective corners, as he gets ready to call for the bell.


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