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Post by Kevin Owens on Sun May 21, 2017 11:50 pm

J.R.: We have had an amazing show so far ladies and gentlemen, but it is now time for our main event. Kevin Owens challenges Howell Saxon for the RPW World Championship!

Tazz: Our cameras caught up with Kevin Owens earlier today!

The camera cuts to footage from earlier in the day.

Kevin is walking the arena, wearing a gray suit and wheeling a small suitcase behind him. A camera runs up to him and gets into his face.

Kevin! Kevin! Do you have any to say regarding what happened on the highlight reel?

Kevin stops in tracks and looks into the camera. His face is covered in healing lacerations from being thrown into the Jeritron. He shakes his head and keeps walking.  The cameraman continues to follow him.

Kevin, do you think the attack last week will affect your chances tonight?

Kevin starts walking faster to the arena. The camera is now trying to catch up with him.

Kevin, reports came in that Chris Jericho is in the hospital in critical condition. Do you think this could be the end of his career?

Kevin does a sudden turn which makes the cameraman bump into him. The cameraman collects himself as a very angry Kevin Owens faces him.

Kevin Owens:
Have you ever had to see your best friend in critical condition? Have you ever have to hold his hand and assure him that everything will be ok when you damn well know it won’t be? Well I have and it puts a lot of things into perspective and really makes you think. When someone else is in this situation, they just have to keep their head held high and try not to worry. That’s not the situation I’m in though, I have an opportunity. I have the opportunity to face the man that did this to my best friend. That is power that not many people in my position have and I will take full advantage of that.

Kevin puts face closer to the camera.

Kevin Owens:
Chris Jericho was one of, if not the greatest that this sport has ever seen. He has done more in this industry than almost anyone else and you tried to take that away for no reason. You were that paranoid, that afraid of our friendship that you took out my best friend. If you thought the odds weren’t even when there was two of us, you’ll hate your chances now. What you did was given me reason to beat you. Before, Chris and I were just having fun. We were messing with you, having the time of our lives and it didn’t really matter what the outcome of the match was. Chris was having the time of his career and we were just along for the ride.

Kevin steps away from the camera and tries to compose himself.

Kevin Owens:
But now? Now I’m going to hurt you. I have never been in the business to hurt people. I’ve been here for the money and to provide for my family, but I am going to enjoy hurting you. I will enjoy every punch that will land on your face. I will enjoy every senton that I hurl at you. I will enjoy knocking the life out of you with power-bomb after power-bomb after power-bomb. I will fight the referee if they try to stop me from getting to you. A picture of you sitting in a pool of your own blood in the middle of the ring will be hanging on the wall in my house. I am making it my personal mission to destroy you and make sure that you never be the same again.

Kevin sits down on his suitcase and waves the cameraman to come over.

Kevin Owens:
You like to think yourself as the bad guy around here. The ultimate evil. You walk around and talk like you're this unbeatable sanctimonious villain champion, glorifying your dirty victories like they don't make you look like a little bitch. You like to revise history to make yourself seem like this dominating champion. All you’ve done is beat up some unsuspecting people who weren’t prepared to fight. You won’t have that luxury tonight. You have never had a one on one match with someone like me before. I’m not saying someone who has been wrestling as long or someone who has had as many championships as I’ve had. I’m talking about someone who wants to hurt you as bad as I do. Someone who will do anything to make sure you don’t exit the arena in anything less than a ambulance.

Kevin stands up again and grabs the camera. He puts it right up to his face.

Kevin Owens:
One thing is for sure, this isn’t about the title anymore. It’s about me returning the favor for what you did to Chris. Hell hath no fury like a best friend scorned.



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