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Post by Rump on Thu May 11, 2017 2:23 am

Captain Rump and his manager Daniel are sitting at a small chinese restaurant with a banquet laid out in front of them. Rump is continuously chowing down on whatever is laid in front of him using his hands, while Daniel is taking a more dignified approach, while staring down Rump. Rump pauses for a moment and looks up at Daniel.

Rump: "What's up? Is there a reason you're staring me down!?"

Without missing a beat Rump continues shoving food into his mouth.

Daniel: "I suggest you slow it down there a bit big guy. You keep shoving food down your throat without pausing and you'll end up choking. Wouldn't want you passing out on me before your big match tonight."

Captain Rump holds up one of the dumplings, points it at Daniel, and begins speaking with his mouth half full.

Rump: "Trust me, there are worse thinks that could kill me. Besides what's wrong with living a little?"

Rump begins to laugh while Daniel just sighs. Rump looks over to a lady who's pushing a cart around the restaurant.

Rump: "Hey! Can we get another round of everything over here. And some more saki! Thanks!"


Captain Rump makes his way backstage without a care in the world while Daniel following right behind holding onto Rump luggage. The few stay quite for a while as they make their way into the locker room. Daniel places the luggage on a nearby bench which prompts Rump to begin rummaging through his things.

Daniel: "You don't have a lot of time before your match, so we better prepare."

Rump: "Who's my opponent for tonight?"

Daniel: "You're going to be going toe to toe with Kevin Owens, this should be a tough match i've seen what he can do in the ring."

Captain Rump looks puzzled for a second.

Daniel: "Don't let that sike you out though, you have a shot here. Just try and adjust to his weak points and you should be fine. Use your size to your advantage when you get a chance and make sure you keep your blind spots to a minimum. And of course if the opportunity opens up nail him with a Dreaded Stinkface, that always gets the crowd going."

Rump smirks at Daniel's comments.

Rump: You're not half bad kid. I feel we're going to work well together."

Daniel: "Now hurry up and finish getting ready. You got to prepare for tonight."

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