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Post by Nero on Tue May 02, 2017 10:35 pm

As the crowd steadily calms down, the Titantron begins broadcasting a scrambled signal of static and interference accompanied only by a distorted voice reading off various combinations of letter and numbers. No music, no real visuals, just a distorted man's ramblings.


Each alphanumeric combination is separated with a low, distorted "boom" sound. As the string comes to end, the booming loudens, quickens and raises in pitch, until the almost deafening booms shake the large screen itself, almost seeming as if the Titantron is about to fall off of its supports. However the booming suddenly ends, becoming the relatively familiar sound of a chiming bell. A church bell at that.


The image of a large church appears behind the static on the Titantron. As the picture becomes clearer we can make out the large spire behind the doors. As more details appear on the screen, we can begin to see that the church is actually rather derelict, with large chips of the stonework missing from the roof, wilted trees and what looks like a heap of crumbled stone laying on the steps which were most probably the remains of an old gargoyle. Before we can get a good look at the rest of the building's features, the camera cuts to the inside of the dilapidated church, where amidst the wreckage of what was once a lavishly adorned altar room stands a shadowed figure in black slacks and little else. He speaks softly yet keeps his back to the camera.

"I have been to the extremes that others cower from a mortal and returned immortal."

The voice coupled with the physique of the man make it obvious that it is none other than The Charismatic Enigma himself, Jeff Hardy!

Jeff Hardy
"I have stepped into the flame and returned unburnt."

He motions to the candles flickering beside him.

Jeff Hardy
"I have lost the senses that once guided me. I have lost my way. I have lost my heart and my soul and my mind.
I have lost all feelings that once resonated through my being and now I am empty.

He turns his head to the side, allowing a small amount of red and black facepaint to be seen from behind the shadow.

Jeff Hardy
"The weak and pitiful morsel you revered, you loved and cheered for... Is dead. Jeff Hardy is dead. Jeff Hardy was weak. Jeff Hardy was never enough. The man had to be killed in that ring last week. I had to let him die so that I may live."

Hardy turns fully now, and whilst still being difficult to see at best, more of his features can be made out, most notably his large stylized cross drawn across the center of his chest.

Jeff Hardy
"I am not him. I am not him."

He begins stepping out of the shadow slowly, calculating each step he takes.

Jeff Hardy
"I am the Alpha. I am the Omega."

With each step closer, the image begins to deteriorate yet again.

Jeff Hardy
"I am your savior. I am your redemption."

The man can now be seen fully, the red and black facepaint now being revealed as being more liquid than paint as if he were bleeding from his eyes, which were hidden behind plain white contacts.

Jeff Hardy
"I am the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling..."

He stops suddenly and stares blankly into the camera, piercing into the soul of everyone watching.

I am Nero.

His chapped lips slowly form into a distorted smile as his eyes continue to stare, still without blinking.

As I took Owen James, As I took Perro, As I took Misawa... I will take you.

Nero softly begins to sing as the camera turns completely static again and eventually cuts out completely, with only the gentle singing carrying on for a few seconds more.



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