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Post by Kurt Angle on Mon May 01, 2017 6:52 am

We come back from commercial break to find the RPW Extreme Champion, Kurt Angle, in the ring. Despite not having a match tonight, he dons his ring gear. His gold medal and championship flashing almost as if proudly around the appropriate parts of his body for the desired effect of sporting them. The crowd are cheering for the Olympic Gold Medallist, and his theme song blares through the arena speakers.

Kurt Angle
Cut the freakin' music.

The music cuts abruptly. The fans are cheering on, however, but this doesn't stop Angle from getting straight to the point.

Kurt Angle
Last week I came out to the ring and proved a point. That point is you don't mess with Kurt Angle, and you most definitely do not mess with the RPW Extreme Championship.

The fans cheer again during Angle's short pause.

Kurt Angle
Let me set the record straight for all these bozos in the locker room. This title is here to stay. It's not for nothing that I came out and put my God damn heart and soul in the ring to win it in my first night. It's for good reason that I flew out all the way in one freakin' to Connecticut from Florida where I was stationed for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The fans laugh at his subtle mention of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. That reason wasn't money. Heck, you all probably know I could be getting a much fatter paycheck elsewhere. Not once in my life have I done this for the money. I love this business, and I stand for it with everything I've got. I've proved that to you night in and night out for almost twenty years.

The crowd now cheer and applaud Angle's dedication.

Kurt Angle
And I guara-damn-tee you, there's so much left in the tank...

The crowd pop for this remark.

Kurt Angle
This title around my waist is physical proof of what I bring to this company. It's proof of my intelligence, proof of my intensity, and proof of my integrity. And by the time I choose to be done with this championship it will be worth far more than the RPW world championship, because I bring more prestige to it than anybody else could and you freakin' know it. It will not leave my waist until I freakin' say so!

Again, the crowd cheer, even louder now.

Kurt Angle
Let's get down to business.

Angle stops addressing the crowd and looks straight into the hard camera.

Kurt Angle
Dean Ambrose. Last week I came out and made a statement. I'm sure you of all people heard it loud and clear. I politely waited until your match was over before I took to the ring and exercised revenge for what you did to me a couple of weeks ago. Not because I hold a bitter grudge against you, not because I think I'm better than you - which I know to be a fact - but because in this business it's an eye for an eye, kiddo. While you were cutting your face open with pizza cutters and jumping off twenty foot ladders for a measly pay cut at the end of the day I was wrestling for world championships at levels you can only ever dream of. This is because I'm not only a much better athlete at fourty-eight years old than you have ever been or ever will be, but also because I've got something that you'll never have. Respect.

Angle pauses.

Kurt Angle
I have an amount of respect for this ring and this business that you can't even fathom. You can poke your fun at me, make light of my catchphrases and convince yourself that you deserve more than you're given, but the truth of the matter is at the end of the day, you'll never come out on top. Not against someone like me. Because this company, this business...

Angle unstraps the championship title belt from his waist and shows it off to the cameras.

Kurt Angle
And this championship mean a hell of a lot more to me than they could ever mean to you.

The fans applaud Angle's continual show of appreciation for RPW and the Extreme Championship.

Kurt Angle
When you step into the ring at Locked & Loaded, you'll know as soon as my name's announced... You're in my world, kiddo. And there ain't a chance in Hell you're gonna take this baby away from me, so why don't you run along and go and be "wacky" and "crazy" to the crap indies before I send you there myself?! People may chant your name and cheer you on but there's not a doubt in anyone's minds that that's where you belong.


Kurt Angle
Oh, it's true.

Angle drops the microphone and walks away as his theme song hits once again.
Kurt Angle
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