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Thanks to the fans. Empty Thanks to the fans.

Post by Rump on Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:44 pm

"Ass Man" fills the arena as Captain Rump's titantron appears on the stage. Various clips appear across the stage showing some of Rump's previous matches. The crowd cheers as he makes his way out from backstage and into the arena. Captain Rump stands proudly at the entrance wearing his normal attire, which consists of a red and black mask, skin tight full body red spandex, masked by a pair of black briefs, black boots, and black gloves. A black cape wraps around and hangs down a few inches away from the floor. He turns himself around and shakes his massive rump for a few seconds which causes the crowd to cheer once more. He smiles at his own action and soaks in the crowd's energy as he makes his way down to the ring. Captain Rump makes his way toward the center of the ring. He removes his cape and drapes it over the nearby corner turnbuckle. He walks into the center once more with a microphone in hand.

Rump: "Good evening everyone! How are you all doing tonight!?"

Immediately the crowd cheers with excitement.

Rump: "First off I want to start out by saying thank you to all the fans who have been supporting me since last week. You've been making my experience so far in RPW a great one. I also hope you've been truly entertained by watching me in the ring!?"

Rump lowers the microphone and smirks while onlooking the crowd.

Rump: "Tonight i've been booked in another match. I'm going toe to toe with Jeff Hardy. I can assure i'll do my best to keep you fans entertained!"

Rump pauses for a moment as the crowd begins to cheer on his name.

Rump: "I wish I could stay out here and chat some more but i've got some things to do before tonight's match. Thank you."

Captain Rump begins to head out of the ring and towards the backstage area as the crowd continuously cheers on his name.

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