Episode 7. May 1st, 2017

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Episode 7. May 1st, 2017 Empty Episode 7. May 1st, 2017

Post by Tony Atlas on Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:53 am

Episode 7. May 1st, 2017 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws
Monday, May 1st, 2017
Delaware Stadium, Newark, Delaware

Singles Match
Captain Rump vs Jeff Hardy

Coming off of an impressively fast victory over Johnny Knockout on episode 6, Captain Rump looks for more in-ring action, and he'll get it when he goes toe to toe with debuting superstar, the Enigma, Jeff Hardy!

Singles Match
Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker vs Kevin Nash w/ Scott Hall

Last week, the New World Order called out anyone in the locker room who dare to stop from 'taking over'. Just when it seemed like no one dare to get in their way, Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker emerged from the curtain, showed off his skillset, and layed out a silent warning to the pair! Can he follow it up this week with a win over Kevin Nash?

A Word from Kurt Angle
Following his victory the other week over Road Dogg, the Lunatic Dean Ambrose took to the ring and attacked Angle with a steel chair! And after becoming the number one contender for Angle's title, Ambrose had the favour paid back to him with an Ankle Lock! This week, the RPW Extreme Champion brings to the ring some choice words!

Singles Match
Jeremy Stevens vs Brodus Clay

Stevens burst back onto the RPW scene last week following his injuries from All Out Brawl, and was able to secure a pinfall victory over Quincy Reagan, which is not an easy feat to accomplish! This week, he takes on the Giant Orange, Brodus Clay, in yet another size vs speed match-up!

Triple Threat
Quincy Reagan vs Jamie Noble vs Joey Simone

After losing in the Main Event last week to a roll-up out of nowhere from Jeremy Stevens, Reagan looks to redeem himself this week as he takes on Noble and Simone in a triple threat... or more accurately, a handicap match!

Singles Match
Jesse James vs Thorn

Thanks to Thorn, The Road Dogg Jesse James has fallen short in both the Championship Battle Royal at All Out Brawl, and last week in the No. 1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way! This week, James looks for payback, but will it be so easy to attain over The Cannibal? We'll find out!

Main Event
Singles Match
Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

Guest Commentator: Howell Saxon
Kevin Owens, the number one contender for the RPW World Championship, takes on Dean Ambrose, the number one contender for the RPW Extreme Championship! Which of them will prove to be a better fighter, and garner the most momentum going into their match at Locked & Loaded! Also, Howell Saxon joins Tazz and Jim Ross on the commentary table to give his insight on the match!

*subject to change
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