The Main Event Opens the Show

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The Main Event Opens the Show Empty The Main Event Opens the Show

Post by Kevin Owens on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:25 pm

The pyro goes off as the camera pans the crowd going wild.

J.R.: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to RPW Showtime! We are here live in West Orange, New Jersey!

Tazz: The crowd here in the Richard J. Codey arena are going crazy and they should be! We have one entertaining night ahead of us!

Kevin Owens walks out from behind the curtain by himself and with a microphone. He has a stoic look on his face as he walks down the ramp

J.R.: Kevin Owens seems to have forgotten to rent a vehicle this week Tazz.

Tazz: Show our number one contender some respect J.R., you never know where Jericho could be hiding if you don't.

Kevin steps through the ropes and into the ring. He takes a around looking at the audience before he begins to speak.

Kevin Owens
Welcome to RPW...Is.........

The crowd screams "JERICHO!" as Kevin looks around the ring.

Kevin Owens
Actually it's not since he's not here this week.

The crowd boos loudly in protest.

Kevin Owens
Hey don't boo that! His son had a hockey game, so not only is he one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all and my best friend, he is also a great dad. He is a role model for each and every one of you.

Some of the crowd begin to cheer for the dad of the year candidate, eat your heart out Titus O'Neil.

Kevin Owens
Now that Chris missing has been addressed, welcome to the Kevin Owens show where I have something to get off my chest. Last week some things were said and done by certain people that have made me very angry. Take a look.

Kevin Owens points to the titantron as an image appears.

The Main Event Opens the Show Locked%20%20Loaded

The crowd murmurs in confusion.

Kevin Owens
How could Atlas leave me off the poster for Locked & Loaded! I am the face of this company if not the face of professional wrestling! First he passes me over for the first world title match, now this! I deserve to be treated with more respect!

Kevin looks around the crowd and sees that crowd does not know how to respond, as they were not prepared for that.

Kevin Owens
What? Did you really think I was talking about Huey Saxophone?

Kevin starts laughing.

Kevin Owens
Oh you guys are funny! Do you really think what he said would get to me? You guys don’t know me well then. Anyone who is familiar with Kevin Owens knows that I don’t let small guys with big mouths get to me.

Kevin hops out of the ring, grabs a chair from ringside and sits on it in the middle ring.

Kevin Owens
Well I’m gonna be here for a while, might as well have a seat.

The crowd laughs at the fat man in a tiny chair.

Kevin Owens
Howard, I know your idea of intimidation is to read a thesaurus and try to shove random fancy words into your insult. Well I have news for you, I too own a thesaurus and i checked some of those words you said last week. Half of them don’t even make sense, so who’s the fancy villain now? If I'd ever let guys like you get to me I would have never reached the heights I have in this industry. You are like everyone else who thought they could step toe to toe with me in head games, down to the same generic tactics. He knows that my best friend Chris has my back no matter what, so he tried to drive a wedge between us.

Owens frowns and shakes his head in disapproval.

Kevin Owens
He called me fat to try to get a response out of me. The funny thing is when all two hundred and sixty pounds of me come crashing down on him it’s gonna be hard for him to give a response, don't you think? My weight has never stopped me from kicking ass before, and that ain't gonna be any different when it comes to you, Howard.

Kevin turns the chair around to face another side of the audience.

Kevin Owens
How are you guys doing?

The fans on that side of the arena cheer.

Kevin Owens
Where was I? Oh yeah. I let you think I was upset last week so Chris could get into place and we could send a message. And that message is... You never know how I will get you. The only thing that is for certain is that I will beat you and I will take that title that you are so generously keeping warm for me. Thanks for that, by the way.

Kevin stands up and faces the ramp.

Kevin Owens
If you want to prove that I need Jericho to win, why don’t you come out here right now and I’ll give you a reality check?

He puts the mic down and gets into a fighting stance.
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The Main Event Opens the Show Empty Re: The Main Event Opens the Show

Post by Tony Atlas on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:32 am

The curtain is pushed open, and fans get to their feet expecting Saxon... but instead, it is Tony Atlas. Owens sighs as he gets out of a fighting position, and the crowd at first look disappointed, but a Tony Atlas laugh warms them to the situation. Tony has a microphone in hand, and starts to speak.

Tony Atlas
Come on now Kevin! Let's not get like that! You were on the last Pay-Per-View poster! You can't expect to be on every poster can you?

Kevin narrows his eyebrows and nods his head, as though the answer his obvious. Atlas laughs again.

Tony Atlas
HE HE HA HE HO HE HE! Kevin ma' boy, you sure are something! Anywho, I know you were expecting Howell Saxon to come out of these curtains, and I'm not sure if I've spoiled any of your plans by coming out here myself, but I'd rather not see a repeat of last week. Who knows what you have waiting in the shadows to blindside Saxon when he comes out.

The crowd cheer the thought, as Atlas shakes his head.

Tony Atlas
Yeah, you can cheer that! I dislike Howell Saxon too, and I'm not fond of the fact that he represents my federation at the moment, but I'm also not very fond of the idea of it being you either Owens.

The crowd start to boo slightly.

Tony Atlas
Oh, no, listen! I thought I did! I like you Owens, I do, and up until last week, I thought I would've liked to have seen that RPW World Championship belt around your waist... but then you just went and pulled that stunt. Dressing Jericho as a clown, and having him attack Saxon from behind? Really? That's a cowardly move. And it's what I'd expect to see from Saxon, but from you Kevin? I thought you were past that. I thought you becoming the number one contender to the World title might've knocked a bit more respect into you.

The crowd are hesitant on how to react.

Tony Atlas
Kevin, Howell is not going to come out here. He might be thinking about it, but instead I'm gonna give him something else to think about... a match! That's right, tonight, Howell Saxon will go one on one against Matt Sydal!

The crowd cheer.

Tony Atlas
And you Kevin! You'll be busy too. Because I'm placing you in a match, right now!

The crowd again cheer, as Owens looks irritated.

Tony Atlas
Here is your opponent...

The crowd cheer, as Goldust walks out onto the stage, draped in robe and wig. Owens starts to pace around the ring, agitated, whilst Atlas only gives a laugh as he moves back through the curtain.

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