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Time for a new start. Empty Time for a new start.

Post by Rump on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:14 pm

Kurt (Commentator 1): "Wow, would you look at that! It looks like Jason has finally run out of stamina, this can put him in a very bad position!"

Captain Rump grabs hold of Jason and tosses him into the corner turnbuckle. Rump smacks his giant ass, then runs toward Jason. Rump leaps into the air and smacks Jason's chest with his massive ass causing him to fall against the turnbuckle.

Alex (Commentator 2): "It looks like Rump is setting Jason up for a Dreaded Stinkface. This is it folks. The moment we've all been waiting for!"

Kurt: "What the hell is wrong with you Alex, nobody wants to see this. I mean come on, Rump is here making a mockery of wrestling using such vile moves. Think of the children. Think of those who are going to mimic this move! It's disgusting!"

Rump turns around and repeatedly smacks his ass against Jason's face. Rump pauses for a second to hover his ass over Jason's face. Rump then humiliates Jason by rubbing his giant, sweaty, stinky ass in Jason's face executing a Dreaded Stinkface

Alex: "Quit being a whiny baby. This is what I call good entertainment. Go Rump! Finish this poor jobber off!"

Rump drags Jason into the middle of the ring. Within a matter of seconds Rump jumps slightly into the air before dropping his full weight down onto Jason's face with his massive ass. The referee begins counting.


Kurt: "Come on..."


Kurt: "Get up!"


Kurt: "Are you fucking serious!?"

The referee signals for the bell.

Alex: "Looks like we have a winner."

Kurt: "How can you enjoy watching this dude? It's so disgusting."

Alex: "I got to admit, I enjoy watching those snarky jobbers get what's coming to them. And what's more entertaining than watching them get their lights knocked out and humiliated all in the same night?"

Kurt: "You know what? You're seriously screwed in the head. No one wants to see some fat dude shaking his ass out in the ring. Just listen to the crowd."

The crowd is a mixture of cheering and booing

Alex: "Are you kidding me? The crowd loves him, they just don't know how to properly express it. I mean come on, they can't get enough of him."

Rump: "That was too easy."

The crowd continues causing a ruckus as Rump stands proudly in the center of the ring. He soaks in their energy as he slides out of the ring and heads backstage. As he enters the backstage area his manager appears to be waiting for him.

Manager: "Mind if we have a little chat?"



Captain Rump enters the communal locker room with his manager following behind. He begins to rifle through his locker.

Rump: "So what is it that I can help you with?"

Manager: "It's more along the lines of what I can help you with."

Captain Rump is puzzled and he turns to his manager.

Manager: "I've got an offer for you, something you can't pass up."

Rump smirks for a second before turning his attention back toward his locker.

Rump: "I'll have to pass. Last time you had something to offer me I ended up in this federation."

Manager: "I'll make this quick then. A scout came by and saw what you can do in the ring and really thinks you've got talent."

Rump laughs at the remark.

Rump: "Tell me something I don't know."

Manager: "He wanted me to relay a message. You've got some real talent but you're not going to get anywhere staying in this place. You've already reached the top, now that's an accomplishment in it's own right but it's not much. The talent that's lined up in the other federation will be the toughest opponents you've ever faced. It's not going to be easy but i've been assured, it's going to be better than this place."

The manger hands over a few papers for Rump to look over.

Manager: "At least think it over and give this a read. It's a contract. You can start next week. Higher pay, and you ever get your own locker room rather than using a communal locker room like you do here. They need an answer soon."

The manager turns his back on Rump and heads out of the locker room. Rump sits down and begins looking over the contract.



Captain Rump is sitting in a chair looking down at the contract that was given by his manager, as well as a small piece of paper with a name written on it. Rump is fixated on the small piece of paper, as if lost in thought. After several minutes he finally utters under his breath.

Rump: "Johnny Knockout."

Captain Rump crumples up the small paper before tossing it in a nearby trashcan. Rump places a few articles of clothing in a gym bag before leaving the room. Captain Rump has a huge smile as he closes the door and heads down the hallway. A nearby camera zooms in on the plague hanging on the door Rump just closed. The plaque reads the following:

'Captain Rump's Locker Room'

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