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Post by Jeremy Stevens on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:44 am

The crowd cheers at the opening riff of the song. It plays for awhile, before Jeremy Stevens steps out to massive cheers, but the cheers die down  when Jeremy doesn't do his typical entrance, but instead walks down to the ring with an almost upset look on his face. Instead of getting right into the ring, he first reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair. He tosses it into the ring, then rolls under the bottom rope. He sets the chair up in the middle of the ring. He sits down, knees spread apart, and his elbows on his knees. He looks down for a second, then looks up at the camara. He brings the mic up to his mouth tries to speak, but looks at a loss for words. He looks down, then back up and takes a deep breath.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry.

The crowd doesn't seem to know if they should cheer or boo.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry that I failed to do they very thing I promised I wouldn't do, Let Howell Saxon be the first RPW Champion of the new era. He managed to get the better of me, and because of that, he had a chance to make history, and he snatched that chance up as fast as he could.

Stevens wipes his face with his hand.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry that I failed to be the better man in that match, and because of that I failed to become your RPW Champion. I'm Sorry that I let Howell Saxon be the man to represent this company inside and outside of this ring. I'm sorry that since I lost that match Howell Saxon Can now hold it against anyone that he is the first RPW Champion since the rebooting of this company. I'm sorry that I let you all down, especially after I guaranteed that Saxon would not walk out of this ring as the Champion.

Stevens takes another deep breath, and looks almost on the verge of tears. He shows out a small nervous smirk.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm sorry i'm not currently your RPW Champion.

The crowd lets out a sympathetic cheer towards Stevens.

Jeremy Stevens
I had a chance to Represent this company, but I blew it. I had a chance to Make History, But I blew it. I had a chance to become the new RPW Champion, and make all of you happy, and make people proud of me, I had a chance to once and for all shut up Howell Saxon, but...

He wipes underneath his eyes.

Jeremy Stevens
But I blew it.

The crowd is still mostly silent.

Jeremy Stevens
I was supposed to win that match and the title for you guys, it wasn't for me, it was all for you, but I can't say that now. I was supposed to be your champion, the champion for the people. I was supposed to be a voice. A voice that said everything that had to be said. I was supposed to be the one that proved that no matter who you were, with enough heart and enough drive, you could accomplish anything in this world. But again, I can't say any of that or prove it all to work, because of one loss, the most devastating loss of my career. And because of that loss, does that mean that hard work is all for nothing? Does that mean that you have to be mean and step on everybody you pass to get to where you need to be? Because that's what Howll Saxon proved at All Out Brawl.

The crowd is still in between cheering and booing.

Jeremy Stevens
He I'm not done yet.

The crowd starts to stir, wondering exactly what he is implying.

Jeremy Stevens
I'm not done believing in myself, I'm not done having courage, I'm not done trying to please the crowd, I'm not done with the RPW Championship, and I'm definitely not done,
with Howell Saxon.

Stevens seems to be shaking with rage at the mention of getting his hands on Howell Saxon, and the RPW Championship. The crowd started to cheer as Stevens throws both the mic he was holding and the chair he was sitting on to the outside area  of the ring, and prepares to face Quincy Reagan
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