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Post by Thorn on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:03 pm

The camera fades in on a close-up of the beautiful Kelly Kelly, a forced smile on her face., as the camera zooms out to reveal why... she's about to interview Thorn. The Cannibal stands there, a menacing expression on his face, as he breaths loudly through his nose.

Kelly Kelly
Hello, I am here with RPW's resident Cannibal, Thorn. So, Thorn, you're in a match tonight where the winner becomes number one contender for the RPW Extreme Championship-

That I am, my dear Kelly!  That I am! A silly affair if you ask me. There is no reason for a match to be booked at all, if Tony Atlas was at all clever, he'd understand that he'd save a lot of time by just gifting me the number one contendership right now. My opponents are nothing but slabs of meat waiting to be picked out of my teeth! Brodus Clay in particular could keep me well fed for years to come! And soon, once I'm done with my opponents tonight, I will go after Kurt Angle, and I will wear the Extreme Championship belt around my waist as I suck the eyeballs out of his sockets!

Kelly Kelly

Graphic indeed! Graphic is the word you'll use every time I leave that RPW ring! Graphic is the word you'll use tonight, when you find my two opponents laying mutilated across the blood soaked canvas-

Kelly Kelly
Wait? What? Two?

...Yes... Brodus Clay and Dean Ambrose.

Kelly Kelly
It's a fatal four way...

Is it?

Road Dogg
Oh you didn't know?

TBC - 'Road Dogg' Jesse James

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