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Post by Rump on Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:51 pm


Captain Rump

Captain Rump S4c7jd

Pic Base:
Carne Cabeza



Los Angeles, CA


Entrance Theme:
''Ass Man' Billy Gunn's entrance

Common Moves:
- Chokeslam
- Belly to Belly Suplex
- Sitdown Powerbomb
- Low Blow
- Leg Drop
- Corner Splash
- Bearhug
- Big Boot
- Multiple Powerbomb x3
- Banzai Drop

Signature/Popular Moves:
Dreaded Stinkface (Rump tosses (XXX) into the corner turnbuckle. Rump smacks his giant ass a few times ,before running toward (XXX). Rump leaps into the air and smacks (XXX)'s chest with his massive ass causing (XXX) to fall against the turnbuckle. Rump turns around and repeatedly smacks his ass against (XXX)'s face. Rump pauses for a second to hover his ass over (XXX)'s face. Rump then proceeds humiliates (XXX) by rubbing his giant, sweaty, stinky ass in (XXX)'s face.)

ASSualt (Rump delivers a big boot to (XXX) causing them to fall to the mat. Rump walks over to a nearby corner turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Rump leaps off the turnbuckle and crashes down onto (XXX) with his giant belly, squashing (XXX) against the mat. Rump drags (XXX) close to the corner turnbuckle. Rump climbs the turnbuckle bounces a few times before leaping off and slamming his rump down against (XXX)'s stomach. Rump climbs up the turnbuckle once more, proceeds to bounce again, then leaps off crashing his massive ass into (XXX)'s chest. He proceeds to go for a pin.)

Rump's a massive luchador who lives for the entertainment of the crowd. Enjoys having fun in the ring while dominating/humilating his opponents using his massive Rump.

Your name: Jordan
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Your age: 24

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Captain Rump Empty Re: Captain Rump

Post by Tony Atlas on Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:04 pm

Signed. Welcome to RPW!
Tony Atlas
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