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Post by Tony Atlas on Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:31 am


- CAW pic bases can not be pre-existing wrestlers, unless you take into account that wrestler's history. For example, if your pic base is R-Truth, but you're using the ring name Chris Xtreme (please don't use that fucking ring name, I will job you), then that will be R-Truth using that ring name during his time in RPW. It will not be a new original character.

- You can not de-age wrestlers. They must be at the age they are at currently. So try not to pick super old dudes who aren't so great in the ring anymore.

- You can not bring wrestlers back from the dead.

- You can however, have your pic base be of someone irrelated to wrestling who has died, though this does depend. Kimbo Slice for example would be fine, but don't pick fucking Ghandi as your pic base. Just don't.

- Male wrestlers only. I love the women's division, but there's really no place in this fed for it right now. It would be too small of a division, and incredibly difficult to book. It just would not work at the time being. This may change at some point in the future.
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