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Nothing will get in my way! Empty Nothing will get in my way!

Post by Dean Ambrose on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:45 am

Camera fades to Kelly Kelly standing backstage with a microphone.

Kelly Kelly:

Please welcome my guest at this time. Dean Ambrose!

Camera pans to the right reveling Dean Ambrose standing with his fist tightly gripped in his hand.

Kelly Kelly

Dean, You are competing tonight in possibly one of the most important matches of your career tonight, where you will be in a battle royal fighting for the RPW Extreme Championsh.......

Dean Ambrose:

Let me just stop you right there Kel. I already know where this is gonna go, so I am just gonna save time. Tonight, I am competing for the RPW Extreme Championship, and over the past couple of weeks; I don't know if you've noticed, but somebody is trying to mess with me. Last week during my match with Quincy Reagan, somebody started fucking with the lights, distracting me, which ultimately cost me the match last week. And the week before that, the same thing happened. I don't know who, or what, or why this person is doing what they are doing. But they are trying to pick a fight with me, which is a big, big fucking mistake on their part. And when whoever is messing with me finally reveals themselves, i'll be ready to tear their face off. But what's important tonight is that I walk home with the Title tonight. And if this person is going to try and cost me the match tonight; well.... I'll be ready. It's not going to affect me one bit. So they can bring on whatever they want to me tonight! it doesn't matter!! I am going to use everything in my power to win tonight! and make history!  I will fight to my last breath to take what is mine. Everyone else in the match tonight are gonna feel the wrath of Ambrose, and they are all going to regret getting in the way of me getting what I want. I am sending fair warning to the guy or gal who's been messing with me these past few weeks.

Ambroe looks directly at the camera intensely.

Dean Ambrose:

If you do somehow cost me my title tonight. I'm coming.....For you!

Ambrose walks off camera and it fades to black.
Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose

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