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Post by Jeremy Stevens on Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:06 am

As the cheers from the crowd start to die down, the Titantron goes black for a moment, before turning into a video of the RPW World Championship. It is sitting on a black pedestal, with a singular light shining down on it. Then, a voice is heard over the speakers.

Jeremy Stevens

A small video of Bance holding up the title is shown.

Jeremy Stevens

Again, a video of Christian is shown.

Jeremy Stevens
Matt Hardy, Big Daddy V.

After each name is said, similar videos are shown.

Jeremy Stevens
All of these great Champions, who have all in turn tried to change RPW in one way or another, and have all held this prestigious title with great honour and respect, And next in line to do so will be...

A video of Jeremy Stevens is shown, doing a Phoenix Splash.

Jeremy Stevens
Jeremy. Stevens.

The crowd cheers, hoping this will be true by the end of the night. More videos and short clips of Jeremy Stevens keep playing.

Jeremy Stevens
I have come here to RPW for many reasons, one of these reasons is to create history, start my legacy in this business, and what would be a better way to do exactly that, than to be the first World Champion of the new and revised RPW World Champion. But, before I can do any of this, I have to go through one man. Howell. Saxon.

The Video changes to show some of the nastier things he has done over the past few weeks, including kicking Stevens on the face.

Jeremy Stevens
Howell, I'd like to consider my self a nice guy, and I done hate many people in this world if any, but by god, I can't stand you, and I hate you more than any other person I have met in my whole life. I cant stand the mere look on that smug face of yours when you seem to be getting the upper hand or the fact that you couldn't care less how badly your hurt and injure others or the way you disrespect the authorities here or the look in your eyes when you see a target that you think will be easy pickings or the fact that you don't care about the fans or the thought that you seem to think that the easiest way to the top is to bully and degrade everybody that you come across and that pisses me off! But the worst part is the fact..

Stevens voice gets angrier and angrier as he lists more of his reasons, but he stops to calm himself down, and starts talking in a very calm voice.

Jeremy Stevens
Is the fact that because of these reasons, you have a chance to start the new lineage of the RPW World Championship.

The video changes to show a man sitting on a stool, wearing a sweater with the hood covering his face. Then he pulls the hood down to reveal it's Jeremy Stevens. The camera zooms in on his face a little bit.

Jeremy Stevens
This pisses me off because you don't want to do this for the company. You don't give a damn how well this company does in the long run. All you care about is how you end up looking when the dust settles, and the blood is cleared. And all this will lead to your down fall Saxon, because since you don't care, and you are so selfish, that pisses me off and angers me so much that I feel like I have to win for the betterment of the fans and this company because I know that you don't care about anything besides how the title will make you look.

Jeremy takes a deep breath.

Jeremy Stevens
Howell Saxon. Only one man can leave here tonight as the new RPW World Champion, and I'm going to do everything in my control to make sure that man is not you, and I will make sure that this Championship ends up in its rightful place. Saxon, we will both leave that ring as changed men, but only one can leave Champion, and I can say, with the utmost certainty. That man will not be you.

The camera fades to black as Jeremy Stevens stands up and walks out of the frame.
Jeremy Stevens
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