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Training, Skill and Sportsmanship Empty Training, Skill and Sportsmanship

Post by Howell Saxon on Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:25 am

Howell Saxon appears on the titantron. His signature smirk is spread across his face, but there’s something else there this time. Grim determination, maybe, with a hint of apprehension. Not letting any kind of weakness show, however, he lets his smile widen as he raises the mic to his mouth.

Howell Saxon
Stevens! Round two.

The crowd belt out a fresh stream of boos. Howell, able to hear them from backstage, rolls his eyes.

Howell Saxon
Oh, that’s right, you bunch of wusses. Keep booing, keep whinging, keep crying ‘cause you know your precious Stevens is going to have his face in a bloody canvas by the end of the night. I needn’t remind you I kicked this man’s arse once before, and I have no doubt I can do it again, and come out on top.

Howell’s expression is steely, self-assured, and doesn’t falter as the crowd continue to shout their protests at him. He ignores them and addresses his opponent directly.

Howell Saxon
I hope you’re listening, Stevens. You hear this voice? This confident, tough, educated voice? That’s the voice of the man who’s going to strip you of the bravado these idiots love you for so much.

The crowd erupt into thunderous boos. Howell smirks, then grins, feeding off the audience’s hate.

Howell Saxon
Hear that? They love you and they hate me. This whole federation’s got it in for me. That’s why that tag team fiasco didn’t go great for me – you all wanted me out! But guess what? I didn’t stay down for long. I never stay down. Remember what I did? I beat the piss out of Noble and showed you all I can end a match in seconds. I hope you can give me a good fight, Stevens, but frankly I doubt it. So I guess I’ll have to settle for knocking you out in seconds too.

Disgusted, the crowd yell louder than ever. We see a number of angry faces and shaking heads. But Howell’s not letting it bring him down. If anything, it’s fuelling his confidence, although his irritation is obvious.

Howell Saxon
Oh, shut up, you lot. You know, I know… and you definitely know, Stevens – that I’m the most talented man here. I’ve said it before, and Tazz has reinstated it… I’m a real hardworking sportsman! I’m more than just a flashy, goody-two-shoes showman, alright? I’ve come from years and years of training, and I’m not about to let down any of my instructors, friends, teachers… but least of all myself. So brace yourself, because I’ve got real skill. And I can’t wait to show everyone the extent of it. Stevens, come and get your arse kicked, you pansy.

The crowd’s boos and yells are deafening, intense, but undeniably excited as Howell tosses the mic to the floor, his expression indistinguishable between a scowl and a smirk, and swaggers arrogantly away from the camera.
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