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Who Is Quincy Reagan? Empty Who Is Quincy Reagan?

Post by Quincy Reagan on Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:33 am

The camera fades in, Kelly Kelly being the immediate star. She's shown from head down to chest, where the audience is able to see the upper part of her dark blue dress. A microphone with RPW's likeness also sits in full view. Her smile is inviting and stays on her face as she speaks.

Kelly Kelly
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest: Quincy Reagan.

The camera pans back and to the left, in order to show Quincy Reagan but keep Kelly Kelly in the shot. In his ring gear, all that can be seen is his shirtless torso up to his head. On his left pectoral, there's an old scar of a story untold. He stretches out his left hand quickly before putting both of his hands on his hips. It takes a possibly noticeable amount of time to draw his eyes from the ground to the camera, for those who care enough to realize.

Kelly Kelly
Quincy, you've made a rather decent name for yourself so far in the ring, but you've been, well, completely silent. The question on every one's mind is: 'Who is Quincy Reagan?'

Having had a serious, nearly emotionless facial expression on his face prior, it's a curious sight to see how that question alone brought a smirk onto his face. His gaze finds its way back to the ground. And now a slight chuckle. As Kelly raises the microphone to about midway up his chest, he holds his hand against his cheek as he nods, at what, we don't know.

Quincy Reagan
That's not a question I can answer. Quincy Reagan's been a lot of things to give an actual response to that. It just depends on the year you're talking about. At 6, I was a fatherless child. At 15, I was dealing on the south side of Chicago. At 19, I was in an orange jumpsuit. At 23, I met the love of my life. At 35 - last year - I had a wife and kids.

He puts his hands back on his hips.

Quincy Reagan
Last month, I was in divorce court. There's been a lot of Quincy Reagan's over the years. Who Quincy Reagan is, I couldn't tell you.

With a newfound, unexpected intensity, he looks directly into the camera.

Quincy Reagan
But I can tell you who Quincy Reagan will be.

The camera begins to pan away from any view of Kelly Kelly other than her hand holding the microphone up.

Quincy Reagan
Someone who my kids can turn on the T.V. and want to show their friends. Someone anybody out there can appreciate. A dominator. A man who fulfills his childhood's oldest fantasy. The man to beat in RPW. I've already started the past two weeks. And it's got to continue tonight. If that means going through Dean Ambrose, someone whose passion I have no choice but to admire, well then so be it. Because it's quite simple. There are five words that describe who Quincy Reagan will be.

The camera zooms in closer. He holds the number five up with his hand and with each word, one finger falls, from the thumb on.

Quincy Reagan
Ruthless Professional Wrestling World Champion.

The number five has now turned into a fist. He clenches it and the camera fades out.
Quincy Reagan
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