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Post by Matt Sydal on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:53 pm



real /birth: Matthew Joseph Korklan
ring/stage: MATT SYDAL( 2003-2007), ( August 30-2014-present)
                  EVAN BOURNE(June 3rd 20008 -June 12 2014 )

                    MATT( 2000-2003)
                   LANCE SYDAL( 1995-1999)
 Nick Names:
Reborn( 2015-present)
Air Bourne( 2008-2014) Colin Delaney came up with it)
The Human Wrecking Ball( John cena)
Cocky Coverboy(2004-2007)
The Hardcore Luchador( as Lance Sydal)

Matt Sydal Contract IMG_3361



Entrance Theme:
I RPW-  Nice Try by I am Arrows, Entrance video:
Anyone by Sugar Ray( backyard wrestling)
"Dope Nose" by Weezer(independent circuit)
"Danger Zone " by Kenny Logging(Independent circuit)
"Clavicle" by Alkaline Trio (Independent circuit)
  "My Seventh Rib" by The Shins ( ROH)

"Axeman" by Damian Wes, Lenny Charles and Sparky Buddha[ WWE; June 10, 2008 – July 23, 2009)
"Born to Win" performed by Mutiny Within and composed by Jim Johnston (WWE; July 27, 2009 – June 12, 2014)
"Born to SOS" by Mutiny Within and Collie Buddz[ (WWE; September 5, 2011 – October 3, 2011; used while teaming with Kofi Kingston)
"Boom" by Jim Johnston[(WWE; October 7, 2011 – January 16, 2012; used while teaming with Kofi Kingston)
"Warrior Man" by Dr. Dog (ROH; 2014 – 2015)
"A.I.R" by May's (NJPW; September 23, 2015 – 2016)

Signature/Popular Moves:
 1. standing Moonsault( with tuck in mid-air)
    2. meteora( adopted with permission by innovator Kudo, also used nowadays by Sasha Banks, various variations- diving, running/rebound, pop up reversal, apron running-plancha, plancha, springboard/slingshot)                                                          

3. The Slice( reverse DDT Hold + split leg drop, innovated in 2001, adopted by Melina after he used it on WSX)
4. swinging flying lariat( to opponent in turnbuckle corner or trapped in ring apron ropes, adopted by The Miz and M-Dogg 20 after he used it on WSX)

5. jumping knee strike( standing, running/rebound, opponent running/rebound) ( opponent in super/avalanche position), sometimes preceded by a bicycle/ crane kick
6. standing + jump super frankensteiner( popularized, nowadays also used by Rich Swann, Kofi Kingston)
7. rolling savate( jumping spinning solebutt to sternum, throat, chin/face)
8. Cannonball leg drop( various variations, a leg drop preceded by a cannonball in mid-air)
9. various pins-
single arm schoolboy
La magisterial pin
Oklahoma pin
jack-knife bridge

10. various leg/ knee breakers
11. left handed strikes( various forearms, elbows punches, closelines/lariats)
12. various submissions-
boston crab
half boston crab
romero-surfboard stretch
half boston crab-
various armbars and hammerlock variants
Russian legsweep-modified single leg crab
seated octopus + abdominal stretch
headscissors/triangle choke

13. every hurricanrana, headscissors takedown and frankensteiner variant
14. various arm wringer takedowns, hip toss, amateur wrestling and martial arts style takedowns
15. A wizard of catch wrestling
16. various kicks- enziguri ,  gamengiri, dropkick, leg lariats roundhouse kick, round kick)
17. arm drags- springboard from apron/ring ropes, corner turnbuckle, diving, wheelbarrow, Ricky Steamboat strong whip version and Japanese
18. DDT variants( float over-DDT, tornado/tilt a whirl DDT, diving tornado DDT, middle turnbuckle rope diving Moonsault-tornado DDT)
19. crucifix- pin
                 headscissors takedown( usually as a rack attack/submission) reversal)
                 sunset flip
              leg trap sunset flip)
20.  feint buzzsaw round/soccer kick + roaring/spinning lariat to kneeling or seated opponent)
21. various chops- knife edge chop( standing, corner turnbuckle strike)
                             open palm to sternum of opponent against apron ring rope, standing)
                           double backhand( adopted from Kofi Kingston)

22. reversals-
      catching kick in hands or on shoulder + spin kick to hamstring  legsweep
     shin breaker + dragon screw combo
23. super/avalanche- sunset flip powerbomb
                               back toss
24. Double Helix- a corkscrew version of Jericho's Lion Sault

25. Aftershock (Gory neckbreaker, can sometimes be preceded by a gory special or Canadian backbreaker submission)
  26. running flying feint leg lariat + jumping back savate kick
27. Tornado Kick

Shooting Sydal Press/Air Bourne- a carefully executed impeccable diving shooting star press with a tuck in mid-air, able to get from 25 to 30 feet in mid-air. Can be executed single legged even while off of high surfaces and lands on feet if opponent reverses/evades-

Here It Is/Here We Go Drive- half nelson pump handle driver

Cyclorama/ Sydal Special- super/avalanche belly to belly Moonsault slam

Namaste Lock( Muta lock submission, screaming Namaste while bridging)

rare finisher(when nothing else works) Sui-Sydal- Cradle Back to Belly Pile driver)

No changes, I get everything and use is factual,  from podcasts and interviews.  

Your name: Richard
Your email:
Your age: (23, been in efeds since 2007)
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Matt Sydal Contract Empty Re: Matt Sydal Contract

Post by Tony Atlas on Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:38 pm

Signed! Welcome to RPW!
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