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RPW Showtime: Episode 3 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 3 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

The crowd boom into cheer, celebrating the start of their favourite show, whooing at the orange fireworks that blast out of the stage! Tazz and J.R. look particularly excited from their seats at the commentary table.

J.R.: Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to RPW: Showtime!

Tazz: I'm Tazz!

J.R.: And I'm Jim Ross!

Tazz: And we're kicking tonight's episode big! We're going to be seeing RPW's first triple threat match!

J.R.: That's right! But let's not forget about tonight's main event, a tag team match, where we'll see Goldust and Jeremy Stevens go up against Kevin Owens and Howell Saxon.

Tazz: Oh I can't wait for that one! Those men will tear each other a new one! It certainly hasn't been friendly between the lot of them in the last few weeks!

J.R.: It has not Tazz. But first, we're going to be getting a word from Dean Ambrose on HIS match tonight, against none other than the Cannibal, Thorn!

On the titantron, we see a close up shot of somebody wrapping their hands and arms with wrist tape. The camera slowly pans up to reveal that it is Dean Ambrose. His hair and face is dripping. Ambrose then looks intensely to the camera.

Dean Ambrose:
I know what you're all thinking." Last week you told the world that you were here to turn this place upside down...That you were gonna make this you're playground.... That you were gonna make anyone who stands in your way suffer..... That this...... Was going to become the Ambrose asylum..... But you lost your very first match last week against Kevin Owens. You failed to deliver on those claims." And you're right. I did lose last week; and quite frankly Owens got lucky. But you see i am not really a man of tradition. To me... wins and losses don't mean shit. All that matters to me is that I put up a fight.... And all I love to do is fight.... weather I win the fight Or not....... I AM A FIGHTER!!!!. You see... it's not about how many wins or losses you have. It's about how much of an impact you make, and win or lose i make a damn impact!!. I made a promise that I was gonna make this place a fucking warzone and i swear i am gonna keep that promise. I thrive on giving as much pain as possible.. I crave... the sweet feeling of agony on my bones....So..... You can all go ahead ad believe that I am just an overly confident fuck who's all talk..... But you haven't seen what I am truly capable of. And you never will see what I am truly capable of, because my capabilities are endless. Just all of you wait. You'll see..

Ambrose seemingly pushes the camera away making the screen cut off.

RPW Showtime: Episode 3 Triple%20Threat

Jamie Noble giddily bounds down the ramp to small cheers from the crowd, putting up a fighting pose once he's in the ring, readying for his opponent. Audible laughs sound as Brodus Clay's music sounds and he walks through the curtain onto the stage, an intense expression on his face.

J.R.: I don't like Noble's chances here in this one.

Once Clay has joined Noble in the ring, Quincy Reagan enters to loud cheers, the fans impressed by his display against Clay the last episode. Brodus meanwhile gives a look of pure disdain towards Reagan, still clearly sore over the loss he sustained. Reagan again makes sure to high five the kids who lean over the barricade on his way to the ring.

Tazz: Looks like we're getting a triple threat here tonight J.R.!

J.R.: If Noble's smart he'll stay out of Brodus' way and let this just become a single match. That man does not look pleased!

The bell rings, and Clay immediately charges at Reagan. Quincy ducks however, and Clay smashes into the turnbuckle. Reagan and Noble immediately start delivering strikes to the big man in the corner, before Reagan irish whips Noble, who delivers a big leaping clothesline to Clay. Reagan follows up with his own, causing Clay to stumble into the center of the ring, just to be met by a double clothesline from the two men, knocking him to the mat.

Noble and Reagan then start to go toe to toe, with Reagan heavily getting the upper hand through a very technical and powerful moveset. He reverses most of Noble's offense, and uses his impressive strength to hit Noble with a series of slams and manouveres that really start to work him down. Before long, Clay is back in the fray, and turns the tide on Quincy. Clay gorilla presses Noble straight out of the ring, before planting down Reagan with a giant fallaway slam.

Tazz: Quincy may be strong, but Clay sure as hell is stronger!

Clay goes for the cover...




Angered, Clay gets to his feet and starts arguing with the referee. Owed to his orange singlet, 'GIANT ORANGE' chants start up again, causing the big man to go red in the face. Hoping to end the match, he bounces off the ropes, and goes for a big splash on Reagan! But Reagan moves! Clay slams into the ground! Quincy grabs Clay by the head, lifting him up, and locking him up for a suplex...

J.R.: No way!

Reagan roars, and the crowd boom with cheers as he starts to lift Clay up into a suplex position, before slamming him down onto his front with a huge Sitout Facebuster! Reagan covers Clay...




Quincy is lifted to his feet by Noble, but is immediately hit with an elbow, knocking Noble groggy. Instantly, Noble is locked up for a suplex too, the crowd thrown back into cheers. Reagan lifts Noble up for a suplex, holding him up on his shoulders for an impressive amount of time, holding Noble vertically.

Tazz: He's letting all that blood rush to his head! Noble's gotta be getting dizzy!

With Noble good and groggy from the stall time, Reagan slams the little man down with another Sitout Facebuster, right on top of the still downed Brodus Clay! Clay starts to roll out of the ring to get out of harms way, as a groggy Noble stirs, trying to get to his feet... he turns around into Reagan...


J.R.: He hits it! The Domestication!

Reagan covers Noble...




Quincy Reagan defeats Jamie Noble & Brodus Clay in 8:05

Tazz: And this man just continues to impress here in RPW!

A smile on his face, Reagan jumps up to the turnbuckle, and raises his hands. He points at the camera, and nods his head knowingly, similarly to how he did the prior episode, before dismounting the turnbuckle, and exiting the ring to head backstage.

The camera pans to backstage. Suddenly, Jeremy Stevens comes into view, wearing regular street clothes, ripped jeans and a long sleeved shirt. He is also wearing a Toronto Maples Leafs cap, and a One-Strapped backpack. His face is  still bruised from the Shin Kick to the face he received last show, and the crowd can be heard cheering. He walks a little further before coming to a door with a plaque on it, reading "TONY ATLAS". Jeremy takes a deep breath before knocking on the door. a booming voice can be heard on the other side.

Come in.

Stevens open the door, and inside is Tony Atlas, sitting at a desk.

Tony Atlas

Tony stands up as he is laughing, and extends an arm to shake Jeremy's hand, who in turn accepts the hand shake.

Tony Atlas
Jeremy! Please, sit down.

Tony motions to a chair facing towards the desk. Jeremy pulls it out, and sits on in, Tony sits back down where he was seated before.

Tony Atlas
Jeremy my friend! How are you?

Jeremy Stevens
I'm doing very good, Mr. Atlas, thank you for asking.

Tony Atlas
My boy, please call me Tony, Mr. Atlas was my father!

Atlas laughs deeply at his own joke, Stevens shows a small smile.

Jeremy Stevens
Ok, Tony, thanks. And how are you?

Tony Atlas
I'm doing very good son. Now, what can I help you with on this fine day?

Jeremy Stevens
I had some free time, just figured I'd come and talk for a bit, y'know, ask a few questions.

Tony shows a very soft look on his face.

Tony Atlas
That's nice of ya, what kind of questions you got for me?

Jeremy Stevens
Well, I just thought I'd ask how you thought I've been doing? Anything i can improve on?

Tony Atlas
Boy, you're doing just fine! just keep doing what you're doing, and always look forward, and never dwell too long on the past.

Jeremy Stevens
Thank you Mr. Atl...er, Tony, that means alot coming from you. I'll be sure to remember that.

Tony Atlas
Any time son. Now, what about you, how do you think this has all been so far?

Jeremy Stevens
It's been amazing, this whole experience. The energy from the crowd is unbelievable, people are actually starting to notice me and realize all the time and effort I've been putting into my career. Only problem is it seems like some people are trying to ruin my career just as it seems to take off.

Tony Atlas
Now son, don't worry about that Saxon boy. All that stuff he's been doing is eventually going to bite his behind.

Stevens shows another small smile.

Jeremy Stevens
Again, i'll try to remember that.

Jeremy stands up from his chair.

Jeremy Stevens
Thanks for the time Tony, but i've got to get going, I got that big match to go get ready for. I want to go talk to someone about it.

Tony stands up, and again the two shake hands.

Tony Atlas
Anytime my boy! It was nice talking to you

Stevens smiles, and walks out of the office. The door closes, and Jeremy starts to walk down the hallway, until Goldust comes out of a room. Again, the crowd cheers.

Jeremy Stevens
Goldust! Just the man I was looking for!

Goldust turns around, and looks at Jeremy with his eyes wipe open.

Hey, Jeremy, how's it going?

Jeremy Stevens
I'm doing good. Ready for the match tonight?

Goldust looks around, still wide eyed

Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready. Glad to be teaming up with you, it seems we think the same way about people like Saxon and Owens.

Jeremy Stevens
Yeah, it will be nice to get our hands on them again, get some form of revenge, ya know?

Yeah, it will be, I don't like them very much.

Stevens smiles slightly.

Jeremy Stevens
Ya, it will be. i better get going. gotta start getting ready for tonight. See you out there.

Goldust looks at James with his tongue showing slightly between his lips, he nods, and starts to walk away, James watches him for a second, then walks away.

RPW Showtime: Episode 3 Thorn%20vs%20Ambrose

Boos fill the arena, as Thorn stomps out onto the stage aggressively, his right eye twitching as he huffs and puffs, looking at the ring like it's a straw house that needs blowing down. With a nasty shriek, he sets off on a path down the ramp, ignoring the fans on either side of him shouting and yelling things at him.

Tazz: The Cannibal has arrived J.R.!

J.R.: This man has dominated RPW so far Tazz! He's yet to lose a match!

Tazz: That might change if his opponent has anything to say about it!

The crowd pop, as the Lunatic Dean Ambrose emerges out of the curtain, sadistic smile painted on his face, steel chair in hand.

Tazz: Ambrose told us earlier tonight that he's going to turn RPW into a war zone, and I don't doubt it for a second!

Ambrose raises the chair above his head to cheers from the audience, getting them psyched up. Suddenly, he starts to bolt down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, and charges at Thorn with the chair raised above his head. Thorn quickly backs up, and gets out of the ring as fast as he can to avoid Ambrose, who begins to laugh.

J.R.: We're about to see the two most blood thirsty men in the sport go at it!

Ambrose puts the chair down in the middle of the ring and sits on it, gesturing for Thorn to get back into the ring. Thorn hesitates, before he quickly rolls under the bottom rope, and charges at Ambrose. The Lunatic moves, and Thorn collides with the chair, throwing him off of his feet and to the floor. The bell rings, and Ambrose uses the advantage he has to start the offense on Thorn, pushing him into the turnbuckle and unloading into him with punches. Ambrose moves back, and takes a run up, delivering a huge clothesline, before getting ready to set Thorn up for a bulldog. Ambrose points at the chair as he smiles at the crowd, getting ready to bulldog onto the chair, but Thorn counters, pushing Ambrose away, before taking him down with a big boot as he turns around.

Thorn picks up the chair, and throws it out of the ring, to many boos from the crowd. Thorn screams 'I don't need a weapon! I have my bare hands!', before turning around right into a reverse atomic drop from Ambrose! As Thorn recuperates, Ambrose charges into the ropes, and bounds back with a forearm! Thorn stumbles back to his feet, another running forearm from Ambrose! The Lunatic takes another run off the ropes, and collides with Thorn a third time, this time with a running cross body! Ambrose grins, before dropping a standing elbow on Thorn! He covers him...



J.R.: He's gonna need to do more than that if he wants to get a win!

Ambrose wastes no time, pulling Thorn back to his feet, but The Cannibal lands an elbow into Ambrose's mid section, before smashing an uppercut into his face, and following that up by planting a groggy Ambrose down with a back suplex! Thorn locks up Ambrose's arm, trying to get him to submit, adding elbows to Ambrose's ribs on top of it to try and add that extra pressure. The crowd cheer on Ambrose, who powers out of it, able to get some momentum, before Thorn catches one of his kicks, and takes him back down with a nasty clothesline!

Tazz: We might see another win under Thorn's belt if the match continues like this!

Thorn lifts Ambrose up onto his shoulders, before propping his legs up on the top rope, and locking his arms around his head in a stunner position. Thorn drops him! Rope Hung Stunner! The crowd boo as Ambrose flops to the mat, Thorn grinning viciously as he covers him...




Thorn punches the mat over and over, his face contorted into an expression of pure unadulterated anger. He stomps on Ambrose over and over, venting his frustrations, before he lifts the Lunatic to his feet, seemingly with an idea on his mind. He lets our an ear piercing scream, before sinking his teeth into Ambrose's forehead, to vicious boos from the crowd.

Tazz: Oh my god!

J.R.: No! Not this again!

In the midst of the disgust of everyone else, no one seems to notice Ambrose's expression. He's laughing. Thorn is bewildered, letting Ambrose go as he watches the Lunatic guffaw in front of him, despite the blood running fresh down his forehead. Thorn angrily grabs Ambrose again, attempting to sink his teeth back in, but Ambrose reverses it into a sitout jawbreaker! Thorn roars in pain as he holds his mouth, until a gut kick keels him over. Ambrose hooks both of his arms as the crowd cheer...


Ambrose pushes a limp Thorn onto his back, before covering him...




Dean Ambrose defeats Thorn in 12:20

Tazz: And Dean Ambrose gives Thorn his first loss!

Ambrose celebrates in the ring, the crowd cheering his victory, as Thorn slowly rolls out of the ring and to the outside. Ambrose puts his hand to his head, feeling the bite marks, and the fresh blood dripping over his head, before laughing again.

Suddenly, the lights change, throwing the arena into a dark red. Ambrose looks around confused, before the titantron changes, becoming a bright fiery orange. Before long, the titantron goes back to normal, as do the lights, and the Lunatic is left looking confused in the middle of the ring. The scene fades out.

RPW Showtime: Episode 3 Tag%20Team

Goldust walks out in his signature golden robe, wig on head, looking majestic as he stands tall on the stage, looking over all of the crowd that cheer him.

Tazz: I can't wait for this one J.R.! The first tag team match of RPW!

J.R.: Absolutely Tazz! This match is a chance at redemption for both Goldust, and his partner tonight, Jeremy Stevens!

Tazz: Speak of the devil!

Jeremy Stevens runs out onto the stage, joining his tag team partner of the night, Goldust. He slaps the ground, and does his windmill taunt, getting the crowd behind him, before he pats Goldust on the back in a friendly manner and the two begin to walk down the ramp.

J.R.: I can only imagine we're going to see much more friendly antics and team work between these two tonight than the other team.

The cheers turn to boos quickly, as Saxon's music hits. He steps out of the curtain, and unlike his usual cocksure demeanour he has upon his entrance, this week instead looks rather miserable. Goldust and Stevens meanwhile both stare at him with pure hatred.

Tazz: Look at the faces of those two! They want nothing more than to rip Saxon apart!

The boos remain, but lower ever so slightly, with some minor cheers mixed in for the hardcore Kevin Owens fans. The Prizefighter steps out onto the stage next to Saxon, the pair sharing a glare, before they start to move down the ramp together.

Tazz: This is not an ideal situation for Howell Saxon tonight. If you don't remember, last week he insulted Kevin Owens just before he found out he'd be his partner for this match!

J.R.: Good! It's about time for Saxon to get what's been coming to him since he first stepped foot on this show.

Saxon and Owens enter the ring, both of them staring at their opponents who stand on the opposite side of the ring. Goldust and Stevens very quickly mutually come to a decision that Goldust should start, seemingly eager to get his hands on Saxon. Howell smiles at the Bizarre One, before he moves out onto the apron, deciding for both him and Owens who will start the match. Owens looks irritated and a little taken aback by this, but is not ready to argue, happy that he is the one to start things off. The bell rings.

J.R.: Looks like Goldust and Owens are starting this one off.

Goldust and Owens circle each other momentarily, before they lock up. Owens quickly manoeuvres himself behind Goldust, locking him up from behind, and pushing him into the ropes. Goldust bounds back, and Owens knocks him to the mat with a shoulder block, before mounting him and delivering a series of punches to the Bizarre Ones face, working on that wound that Saxon created two weeks prior. Owens lifts Goldust to his feet, and irish whips him again, wanting this time to go for a back body drop, but Goldust expects it, and as Owens bends over, Goldust hits the mat, and lifts a swift uppercut into Owen's jaw. Goldust is back to his feet, and Owens charges at him... Powerslam! Goldust covers him...


Goldust lifts Owens up, and brings him over to the corner, where he tags in Stevens. The crowd cheer, as Stevens immediately leaps up onto the ropes, wraps his legs around Owens' head, and plants him down with a hurricanrana. Owens tries to get back to his feet, but Stevens charges him, and plants a dropkick into his mouth, sending Owens all the way back into his turnbuckle. He turns to look at Saxon angrily, looking ready to tag him in, before he shrugs him off and goes back into the match, angering Saxon slightly.

Tazz: It hasn't taken long for it to get a bit hostile between these two.

Stevens starts delivering kicks on Owens, who is able to reverse with a series of his own punches, and then a scoop slam taking the high flyer down. Owens keeps Stevens down on the mat with a series of close quarters brawl manoeuvres, but when Stevens is able to put some space in between them, he's able to deliver a Slingblade on Owens, before following it up with a crisp Shining Wizard! With Owens down, Stevens gets the tag on Goldust. Knowing he is weakened, Owens begrudgingly tags in Saxon, who smiles as he enters the ring and stares down the Bizarre One.

Howell starts to taunt Goldust, smiling as the crowd start to boo him, but is taken off guard as Goldust charges him and lays into him with punches, before hip tossing him to the mat. Saxon tries to regain his bearings quickly as Goldust rushes him again, and so ducks out of the ring to regain his breath to boos from the crowd. Owens sighs and rolls his eyes, whilst Goldust just smiles. Saxon flips off a particularly aggressive fan on the outside, before turning around... CROSSBODY FROM STEVENS! Right off of the apron! Stevens picks Saxon back up to his feet, and rolls him back into the ring, where Goldust is waiting on the top rope...

Goldust leaps from the top... ELBOW DROP!

He covers Saxon...




The crowd 'Oooh' at the close call, with Goldust and Stevens looking disappointed at how close they were to a quick victory. Owens just starts to laugh at Saxon, who begins to get to his feet. Goldust attempts an irish whip, but Saxon reverses it, and locks up Goldust's arm before sending him down with a Judo Throw! Goldust tries to get back up quickly, until he's hit with a ridge hand to the face, knocking him off balance back into the ropes, where he bounces back into a Roundhouse Kick! Saxon gets the cover...



J.R.: Saxon bounds back with a nearfall!

Howell picks Goldust to his feet, and snapmares him into a chinlock. Goldust grits his teeth in pain at the pressure that Saxon puts on, with Jeremy cheering him on in the corner to break the hold. Jeremy starts clapping, getting the crowd behind Goldust, who cheer and yell for him to break the hold. Just as Goldust gets some leverage, Saxon drops an elbow into the top of Goldust's head. He picks the Bizarre One up and wraps him in a headlock, before cracking more and more elbows into his skull, staring Stevens in the eyes as he does so to remind him of how he did the same to him last week. Letting go of Goldust and letting him slump to the floor, Saxon starts to mock the crowd, even bending down and patting his shin pad a couple of times to vicious boos. With a nasty grin on his face, Saxon turns around, right into an uppercut. Goldust unloads into Saxon's face with strikes, causing Saxon to back up into his corner, where he manages to push Goldust away with a kick, before tagging back in the Prizefighter.

Owens takes Goldust straight down with a German Suplex, before moving over, grabbing Goldust's head, and slamming it down into the mat. Owens stomps on Goldust, before charging at the ropes, bounding back, and crashing down on him with a senton. Owens drags Goldust into the corner, where he sits him against the turnbuckle, before taking a big run up, and slamming into him with a Cannonball Senton! Goldust flops against the mat as Owens covers him...




Owens looks down at the Bizarre One angrily, whilst Stevens leans over the rope, stretching his arm as far as he can for Goldust to reach and get the tag. Goldust starts to crawl towards him, but Owens grabs his foot and pulls him back into the middle of the ring, before delivering punch after punch into his face. Owens moves over to Saxon, looking like he's about to tag him in, getting Saxon excited, until he moves his hand last second and laughs, angering Saxon. Owens instead moves up to the turnbuckle, sizing the downed Goldust in the centre of the ring, ready to smash on top of him with a Bullfrog Splash...

But Saxon tags himself in.

Tazz: Oh dear.

Owens looks at Saxon shocked from atop the turnbuckle, whilst Saxon only grins mockingly in his direction, before getting into the ring. Owens, frustrated, climbs off of the turnbuckle and into the ring, spinning Saxon around to face him, before yelling in his face. Howell pushes Owens away from him, before pointing to the corner, signifying for Owens to get back on the apron. Owens glares at him, as the referee moves over to him and ushers for him to do so. With a smirk, Saxon turns back around to finish off Goldust...

LOW BLOW! With the referee's back turned, Goldust lifts an uppercut straight into Saxon's balls! Howell roars as he drops to his knees, Goldust following up with a dropkick to the face, knocking him down. In severe pain, Saxon starts to crawl back towards Owens who now stands on the apron, ready to tag him back in already. Saxon reaches out for the tag...

...but Owens jumps off of the apron.

Saxon looks on in fear as Owens gives him a smirk of his own, before heading up the ramp backstage. Saxon watches him go, furious.

Tazz: Owens is leaving! He's leaving Saxon to fend on his own!

Saxon uses the ropes to get to his feet, shouting after Owens who doesn't take any notice, walking all the way to the back. Behind him, Goldust makes the tag to Stevens, and the crowd burst into cheer. Saxon turns around, and is met by an immediate jumping clothesline. Saxon goes down, and upon getting to his feet, is immediately hit with a jumping wheel kick from Stevens, knocking him back down again. Stevens grabs Saxon by the head, before charging at the ropes, bouncing off of them, and planting Saxon down with a Tornado DDT! Saxon is groggy, trying to get to his feet despite not knowing exactly where he is. Stevens gets into the corner and sets him up...

Saxon gets to his feet... Stevens charges at him...


Saxon crashes to the mat with a thud, his head spinning from the knee that just slammed into his temple. Stevens starts to climb to the top rope, the crowd screaming in anticipation as Saxon lays on the mat in place. The High Flyer leaps...


Stevens covers him...




Jeremy Stevens & Goldust defeat Howell Saxon & Kevin Owens in 24:21

The crowd explode into applause, overjoyed to see Saxon gets his comeuppance, who dizzily rolls out of the ring and onto the floor outside.

Tazz: Goodbye winning streak!

J.R.: Let's hope we get to say goodbye to that attitude too!

Goldust and Stevens hug one another in celebration, before the move off to seperate turnbuckles, both doing their signature taunts and soaking in the cheers. The pair look at one another, and with a smile, point at one another, owing the victory to the other. Then, the crowd change from cheers to yells, confusing the pair...

WHAM! Saxon smashes a steel chair over the back of Goldust, sending him off of the turnbuckle and right to the concrete outside. He then runs at Saxon, who jumps off of the turnbuckle, right over the head Saxon, and into the ropes. He bounds back, and ducks a chair shot from Saxon, before springboarding off of the ropes and taking Saxon down with a Crossbody! Stevens rolls off of Saxon, and the two start to get to their feet, ready to pounce at one another yet again. Suddenly, security swarms the ring, getting a hold of both men and pushing them back into seperate corners. The two yell at one another from opposite sides of the ring, trying to break free of security so they can take shots at one another.

Tony Atlas
This will stop right now!

The crowd cheer as Atlas walks through the curtain, but the usual smile can't be seen on his face, looking instead rather angry.

Tony Atlas
All I want is a nice desk job, but you guys love to keep bringing me out here! Especially you Saxon!

The attention of both Saxon and Stevens is now on Atlas, causing them to loosen up on security slightly.

Tony Atlas
I know you two want to get your hands on each other, and there's a time and a place, and that time and place is in matches that I have booked! When that bell rings to signify the end of the match, that means the end of the fight too! But it looks like neither of you want this fight to be over just yet... so I'm gonna book another match between the two of ya. That match, will be a one on one, no disqualification match, at ALL OUT BRAWL!

The crowd go mental with cheers, as Stevens and Saxon both look satisfied at the opportunity to knock seven bells out of each other at the first RPW Pay-Per-View.

Tony Atlas
That's right! No Disqualification! That means you can use that shin pad of yours Saxon, but that also means that Jeremy, you can hit that son of a bitch right back with any item you can find! And by god I hope you do!

The crowd begin to cheer again.

Tony Atlas
Oh, and one more thing... it's going to be for the RPW World Championship!

At this, the crowd go beserk, filling the arena with deafening cheers. Huge smiles emerge on the faces of Saxon and Stevens.

Tony Atlas

Tazz: Did you hear the J.R.! We're going to be seeing the first ever RPW World Championship match between these two at All Out Brawl!

J.R.: I heard it Tazz and I cannot wait! This is gigantic!

Tony Atlas
That's right! We'll see our first ever RPW World Champion crowned at All Out Brawl! But until then, I don't want to see either of you within 10 yards of one another. In fact, if either of you so much as touch the other one before your match at All Out Brawl, then you'll be taken out of that match! Do you understand!?

Atlas looks at the pair, specifically at Saxon, before the two silently agree. He laughs again before walking back through the curtain to backstage, the cheers still ringing loud through the air. Saxon and Stevens stare down one another in the ring, security no longer necessary to stop the two from attacking one another, thanks to Tony's final words to the pair. With the two glaring across the ring from one another, the scene fades out.

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