losses mean nothing.

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losses mean nothing. Empty losses mean nothing.

Post by Dean Ambrose on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:49 am

On the titantron, we see a close up shot of somebody wrapping their hands and arms with wrist tape. The camera slowly pans up to reveal that it is Dean Ambrose. His hair and face is dripping. Ambrose then looks intensely to the camera.

Dean Ambrose:

I know what you're all thinking." Last week you told the world that you were here to turn this place upside down...That you were gonna make this you're playground.... That you were gonna make anyone who stands in your way suffer..... That this...... Was going to become the Ambrose asylum..... But you lost your very first match last week against Kevin Owens. You failed to deliver on those claims." And you're right. I did lose last week; and quite frankly Owens got lucky. But you see i am not really a man of tradition. To me... wins and losses don't mean shit. All that matters to me is that I put up a fight.... And all I love to do is fight.... weather I win the fight Or not....... I AM A FIGHTER!!!!. You see... it's not about how many wins or losses you have. It's about how much of an impact you make, and win or lose i make a damn impact!!. I made a promise that I was gonna make this place a fucking warzone and i swear i am gonna keep that promise. I thrive on giving as much pain as possible.. I crave... the sweet feeling of agony on my bones....So..... You can all go ahead ad believe that I am just an overly confident fuck who's all talk..... But you haven't seen what I am truly capable of. And you never will see what I am truly capable of, because my capabilities are endless. Just all of you wait. You'll see..

Ambrose seemingly pushes the camera away making the screen cut off.
Dean Ambrose
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