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Post by Howell Saxon on Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:02 pm

The crowd breaks into loud and disgusted booing as Howell Saxon knocks the curtain to the side and stomps towards the ring. “Into the Void” backs him as he’s greeted by shouts of “Cheat!” and “Fraud!”, but Howell’s too full of himself to pay any attention. With his usual self-assured smirk, he steps up into the ring and takes the mic.

Howell Saxon
Alright, you can shut up now.

The crowd do the opposite – their boos only get louder. Howell chuckles and rolls his eyes.

Howell Saxon
Oh, Christ. You lot are still sore about me kicking Goldust’s arse, aren’t you?

Someone from the crowd yells over the rest of the boos. What he says is unclear, but it catches Howell’s attention. He snaps his head around, looking defensive.

Howell Saxon
What was that?

The crowd quietens down as Howell turns to face the heckler, his eyes narrowing.

Howell Saxon
I didn’t catch that, mate, what’d you say?

The heckler – a skinny, bespectacled, twentysomething male – swallows nervously.

… I said it was a dirty win.

Howell throws a steely glare at the heckler. His trademark smirk’s gone, and he looks legitimately angry. The atmosphere’s become tense fast. Howell straightens up, letting out a deep breath. Finally, he shrugs, and turns back to face the crowd in general, having had his fun with the heckler.

Howell Saxon
Well. Dirty or not, I won. I had Goldust out cold in minutes, like I said I would. And I’m here again to show you morons how it’s done.

The crowd’s boos pick up again. Howell’s grin creeps back onto his face, thriving off the crowd’s negativity.

Howell Saxon
Tonight I’m up against the winner of the last show’s main event. That’s right, I’ve joined Stevens at the top already. So you can boo me all you want, but really you know I’m the best. And I have no doubt I’ll have his face in the ground soon enough. He hasn’t got the balls to give me a real fight. I should remind you all I’ve had MMA training, so I’ve got more skill in my little finger than the rest of this federation combined! Stevens, mate, bring it on. I can’t wait.

He throws the mic to the side. The crowd’s booing is thunderous, and Howell stands in the ring, grinning ear to ear, soaking it all in as he waits to fight.
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