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Post by Howell Saxon on Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:28 pm

Howell Saxon swaggers out from behind the curtain, a self-assured smirk plastered on his face as the opening riff from “Into the Void” blasts behind him. He strides straight ahead, not once taking in his surroundings or acknowledging the crowd – they notice, and start booing, but he doesn’t care. If anything, his smirk seems to widen a little as he stomps up into the ring and snatches the mic. Howell finally seems to take a good look around at the crowd, and sneers at them as he raises the mic to his mouth.

Howell Saxon
That’s enough from you lot. You’re here to listen to me, so let’s have a bit of hush!

The crowd lower their voices, but don’t stop booing. Howell chuckles and shakes his head.

Howell Saxon
Look at yourselves. Getting so hyped up over this crap. Let me tell you, I was trained in MMA before I came here. Real sport, that. Not this flashy trash you call a sport.

The boos get louder, the crowd beginning to swear at him. Howell grins, soaking it in.

Howell Saxon
That kind of profanity’s not gonna get you anywhere. You know I’m right. And if you know that, you should know that I’ll have no problem making a name for myself here. You just have to look at my skillset and training compared with the other idiots in this federation… it’s very clear to me I’ll have no trouble kicking and grappling my way to the top. So boo me all you like, you morons. You’re just adding fuel to my fire.

The boos are louder than ever. Howell, undeterred, shouts over them.

Howell Saxon
And as for that Goldust freak? Believe me, I’m not worried about him. I’ve met plenty of freaks in my time, and it’ll take more than some half-arsed Gene Simmons paint job to throw me off. I’ll have that idiot out cold in minutes, you wait. Him and plenty more idiots like him. I didn’t train as hard as I have for years to have a bunch of gaudily-dressed halfwits get all high and mighty, thinking they stand a chance against a real, hardworking sportsman like me.

The crowd boos excitedly – the aggression in Howell’s voice is getting them hyped to see what his matches hold.

Howell Saxon
So. Sit back and enjoy, I suppose. Sit back and enjoy watching real talent for once. God knows you don’t get enough of it here.

Howell tosses the mic to the side, grins smugly and cracks his knuckles, ready for action.
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