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Post by Jeremy Stevens on Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:03 pm

After the opening riff of the song,  Jeremy Stevens steps out from the curtain. He looks around smiling, taking it all in. He kneels down for a moment, taps the ground once, then snaps back up, does a windmill with his right hand, before a big fist pump. He starts to make his was down to the ring, while getting moderate cheers from the crowd. He jumps onto the apron from an angle, and wipes his feet off  before entering the ring. He stands in the center of the ring and does the same motion he did when he came out from the curtain. He signals to the time keeper for a mic, which he receives. He smiles once more at the crowd before speaking.

Jeremy Stevens
What is going on, NEW. YORK. CITY!?

He emphasizes every word of the cities name. The crowd cheers at the mention of their name.

Jeremy Stevens
Man, what a place to debut, right? I mean, New York City? Madison Square Garden? This place is full of so much rich history, and not even just in the wrestling world, in entertainment as a whole. Things like UFC 205 being the first New York held UFC event, The 2016 League of Legends world Championship,and The new York Rangers winning the Stanley Cup here.

The crowd cheers at the mention of the New York Rangers.

Jeremy Stevens
And in the Wrestling World, Wrestlemania 10 AND 20 happening here. But now, tonight, we add another accolade to the history of this building. Tonight, will be known as the birthplace of Ruthless Pro Wrestling!

The crowd cheers, knowing that they are making history here tonight.

Jeremy Stevens
And man, am I ever happy to be here as it happens, and help make that history. But something is bothering me tonight, and that's my opponent, Kevin Owens.

The crowd boos at the mention of Kevins name.

Jeremy Stevens
Something about that guy just rubs me the wrong way, and I think I know what it is. I think it's the fact of he doesn't care about you people, in fact, it seems like he detests most, if not all crowds he performs in front of, which isn't right in my books. I mean, you guys are the paying customer, you guys pay to come see us perform, which is quite humbling for me quite honestly. And it's because of that, that I feel the need to not only try my best every night, I also feel the need to thank you great people. So, thank you, thank you very much.

Stevens motions towards the crowd as they cheer, clearly liking the fact that there are getting acknowledged and thanks at the same time.

Jeremy Stevens
Now, sorry guys, but I gotta talk about myself for a moment here, which I normally don't like to do, but I feel the need to tell you guys a bit about myself, seeing as this is the first time you guys are seeing me. Ya see, I came to RPW for one thing. The reason being it's something new, and something i haven't tried before. I haven't been on any sort of television yet in my career. So far I've been performing in bingo halls and armories and small town rinks back in Canada. And for awhile that was all fine and dandy, but after awhile I was being told "Oh wow, you're so good!" and "Why aren't you on TV yet?". At first i thought it was people just being nice to me, but then I started to realize that I was really good, but I wasn't getting noticed at all by any other companies. I had a couple of tryouts with some bigger companies, but they all said the exact same thing, "You are really good, but we aren't really interested in you right now." And after hearing that time and time again, it started to hurt a little. I thought, if i'm so good, and people keep telling me i'm good, then why doesn't anywhere want me? But then, something happened.

Jeremy pauses for a second.

Jeremy Stevens
Something happened that changed everything. I was at a convention, when I spotted Tony Atlas. He was sitting there, talking to fans, and signing autographs. I waited in line, then I finally got a chance to talk to him. I told him I was a big fan, and that I was a wrestler myself. We we;re talking about the business for awhile, then he told me that he was starting his own company and that he was looking for wrestlers. I eagerly gave him my tape, before shaking hands and leaving. The next day, I got a phone call from Tony, telling me that he watched my tape, and was very impressed. I was expecting to hear the all too familiar "But i'm not interested right now." line, bust it didn't come. He told me that he wanted to hire me, and I happily accepted, and that leads to me here, tonight.

The crowd cheers after hearing his story.

Jeremy Stevens
But, that's enough talking for right now, I was hired as a wrestler, so let's get it on with!

He hands the mic back, and the crowd cheers, waiting for the match to begin.
Jeremy Stevens
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