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Homecoming IV: Custody Empty Homecoming IV: Custody

Post by Quincy Reagan on Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:17 am

His palms were sweaty as he rubbed them together, and then clinched them together. He sat there, outside of the courtroom, on one of the uncomfortable wooden benches riddled throughout the courthouse. His head was down and his eyes were closed. He had never, not even on the night he finally got his shot at his world title, felt so incredibly nervous.

Suddenly, the courtroom doors opened. He looked up and saw his lawyer. He looked like a lawyer, with the slicked back dark brown hair, the attentive hazel eyes, the ever prominent Roman nose, and his politician's grin. He took pride in what he wore, so it seemed. Today in particular he had decided on a slim fitting navy blue suit ensemble, his solid navy blue tie laying down against his white button up. His shiny brown brogues helped give the outfit a nice pop. The lawyer beckoned his client.

Eric Dilard
It's time, Mr. Reagan.

Quincy Reagan looked past his lawyer and into the courtroom. He adjusted all the parts of his own outfit: the brown blazer and slacks, the lighter brown button up, and the classic Burberry tie. He clenched his toes as he clenched his fists, before attempting to relax himself and get up. Into the courtroom he went his lawyer just behind him.

As he walked to his stand, he saw who was at his opposite. Of course he knew who would be there, but still, seeing them immediately heightened his temper and lowered his mood. She looked back, and they caught each other's eyes. So many years ago, such a moment would make his heart flutter. His first and only true love. But now? It made his heart harden with an ice cold vengeance. He looked away.

The bailiff announced the judge as the portly justice made his way to the bench.

Judge Tobin
Good morning. The following hearing of custody after divorce concerns Quincy Damian Reagan and Sheila Angela Greene…

As the judge went through his spiel, Quincy’s eyes strayed back to the opposite stand. She sat there, looking so very uninterested. With a slight stray of his gaze, he saw Clint. Clint looked not uninterested, but rather angry. Quincy understood why. It raised his mood. The proceedings went on.

Judge Tobin
Now, Mr. Reagan, you are aware Ms. Greene and Mr. Roberts have filed a restraining order against you…

No, he was not aware. He looked at Eric then at the judge, who took notice of his face of confusion.

Judge Tobin
Well maybe you don't know. According to the order, on Wednesday June 28, 2017, you went to Ms. Greene’s and Mr. Robert’s residence where you tried to barge into the home, looking for your children. They report you would not leave and continue to try to force your way through the door and them. Neighbors have corroborated their reports. There's also reports of a car keying potentially having something to do with you, however charges have not been followed and an investigation has not been pursued. Now, Mr. Reagan, I’d like to hear you say it, why did you try to barge into their home?

Quincy Reagan
I didn't try to barge into their home. I was tryina see my kids. They been keeping ‘em from -

Judge Tobin
Mr. Reagan, at any point, did you put your hand against the door to try and push it open?

Quincy took a breathe.

Quincy Reagan
Yes, your honor.

Judge Tobin
At any point, Mr. Reagan, did Ms. Greene and/or Mr. Roberts ask you to leave and if so, did you?

Quincy Reagan
Yes, your honor. No, your honor, not at first.

Judge Tobin
Well, Mr. Reagan, I understand your children weren't there, but you believed they were. Why would you act in a such way if you thought your children were there to see it? Not a great role model, I dare say. Along with that, Mr. Reagan, you have a few things going against you here today.

His blood began to heat.

Judge Tobin
Not only, Mr. Reagan, have the children resided primarily with Ms. Greene and Mr. Roberts, but you also have chosen the wrong job.

Reagan’s face flashed with as much confusion he had internalized.

Judge Tobin
You, Mr. Reagan, have chosen the job of a modern day nomad. I cannot, in my right mind, not only take these children from the home they have built but also put them in the place of either an ever changing home or never seeing their guardian. For these reasons, along with your criminal past, Mr. Reagan I leave, the children in the custody of Ms. Greene and Mr. Roberts.

It all seemed to happen almost at once. How he slammed down against the table he sat at, exclaiming “Bullshit!” How he ranted and raved in an impulsive and uncontrollable tirade. How the bailiff was ordered to drag him out of the courtroom and proceeded with his orders. How he screamed his promises to his children in the congregation that he'd get them one day, in his safety and protection. How he cursed the judge’s name. How he spat with passion in the direction of Sheila and Clint. How the metal handcuffs felt around his wrists, like old times.
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