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Post by Kevin Owens on Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:10 am

Tony Atlas in driving around the lively city of Atlanta in the afternoon. He takes a sip of his coffee as he pulls into a spot across the street from the Philips arena in a spot labeled “For Tony Atlas”. As he pulls in Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho step in front of his car, both standing cross armed with a stern look on their faces .

Tony Atlas:
What the hell…

Tony steps out of the car with his briefcase and coffee. He heads to the sidewalk and is met by the disgruntled best friends.

Tony Atlas:
Can I help you boys?

Kevin Owens
Yeah you can. Can you explain what happened last week?

Tony Atlas:
What do you mean? You lost to Nero.

Kevin Owens
Come on Tony, we both know I had my finger on the rope. The ref chose to ignore it and count the pin anyway.

Chris Jericho grabs a bag behind him and pulls out a picture of Kevin with his finger on the rope from last week. They duo looks at Atlas as if to say “See!”

Tony Atlas:
Kevin, I hired good referees. I trust that he made the right call.

Kevin and Chris both have a wide eyed expressions. They turn to look at each other and then back at Atlas.

Chris Jericho
Are you having a stroke? I have a first aid kit in the bag if you need it.

Kevin Owens
Are you serious? You are just going to turn a blind eye to a corrupt official…

Kevin’s expression drops from his face and then comes back a second later as if he thought of something.

Kevin Owens
You’re turning a blind eye because you are a corrupt official too. You probably told the referee to make sure that I didn’t win.

Kevin hits the hood of the car with his fist as Tony Atlas stands there with a emotionless expression.

Kevin Owens
It all makes sense now! You still have it out for me! Why do you shower Quincy Reagan with praise and admiration, yet I have accomplished more than he ever did and you just throwing hurdles at me. What makes you love him but hate me?

Kevin starts to pace back and forth while thinking. Chris and Tony just stare at each other with emotionless faces. Kevin then throws his finger.

Kevin Owens
I figured it out! It wasn’t what he did, but how he looks. When I compared you two in mind I finally figured it out. You have such a hard on for him because you’re know...bald. I get it, bald people are still a minority in this business, but that doesn’t mean you can screw me over because you need the show to be PC.

Kevin gets really close to Atlas.

Kevin Owens
You say you support Reagan because he is an upstanding guy. Well guess what, you keep giving guys like Howell and Nero chances and they are worthless, pits of human garbage. You should be happily supporting someone like me who is not trying to screw everyone any chance I get. I am the best you have here and you can’t even see it. You have a good guy who is a ratings draw and a fan favorite. I should be your poster boy, I should be on every bit of promotion, but I’m not. I bet you I wasn’t contractually obligated to a rematch, I’d be working the dark match tonight. Come Brute Force, I will take anything I can get my hands on and destroy Howell and Nero.

Chris takes brass knuckles and a lead pipe out of the bag to show Atlas they mean business.

Kevin Owens
And I will give Quinton one hell of a fight and walk out of the elimination chamber with my title. Then you will have no choice to give me the recognition I deserve. That is not my opinion, that is a fact. Another fact is that if you keep giving guys like Hormel and Necro opportunities and keep screwing guys like me, then you might not have a company left to run.

Kevin takes a step back. Atlas looks him up and down before a smile appears across his face. He then pats Kevin on the back.

Tony Atlas:
Good luck tonight Kevin.

Tony walks away towards the arena. Chris starts putting stuff back in the back when the two are surprised by a loud bang sound. They turn to see Howell Saxon slam his car door down the block from where they are, but he does not see them. Kevin and Chris look at each other and then look into the bag. A huge grin appears on both of their faces as they start to walk to Howell’s car.

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