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RPW Showtime: Episode 10 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
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The usual orange pyro explodes from the stage, as the cameras pan around the arena, taking in the exciteable North Carolina crowd!

J.R.: Good evening and welcome to RPW Showtime, here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

Tazz: And get ready for a great show tonight, as we head towards RPW: Brute Force, on the 9th of July!

J.R.: I can't wait for that Tazz! Tensions are high here in RPW, especially after last week, where Quincy Reagan became the new RPW World Champion, after beating both Kevin Owens and Howell Saxon in a triple threat!

Tazz: And we'll be seeing him again tonight J.R., as Tony Atlas invites him down to the ring at the end of our show for an announcement!

J.R.: An announcement I can't wait for! But first, we have some words from Kurt Angle!

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The crowd cheer, as Angle emerges through the curtain, sporting ring gear, his gold medals, and the Extreme Championship alone. H quickly moves down to the ring, as he gets a microphone from a ringside official while his theme song fades out. He rolls into the ring and begins to speak.

Kurt Angle
I've decided to freshen things up.

The fans cheer because they're retarded and it's Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle
Now I know a lot of you in the arena tonight may not have been watching wrestling programming consistently twelve or so odd years ago. But there used to be this feature called the Kurt Angle Open Invitational! The fans who understand what the Olympic Gold Medallist is referring to cheer. I've been itching to show off my technical prowess, lately, after teaching Dean Ambrose a lesson in real wrestling two weeks ago at Locked & Loaded, so I've decided to bring it back.

Angle gets right to business, he unstraps the belt from his waist and removes his medals, then puts them both on the mat, before turning to the stage and awaiting a challenger.

Kurt Angle
The product now comes with a choice! You can challenge for that medals or you can challenge for my RPW Extreme Championship. Either way, you'll be leaving the arena empty handed, because Kurt Angle does not let go of shiny things he likes. It's true. You gotta last three freakin' minutes in this ring with me to take home either of these two magnificent prizes.

Angle laughs.

Kurt Angle
But do give it a little thought before you step out from behind that curtain, because I can make three minutes in this ring feel like a freakin' eternity for you without breaking a single sweat. Oh, it's true.

Angle drops the mic and bends over, ready to get down and dirty. Very, very dirty Wink

The crowd look at the titantron, incredibly confused, as the video starts to play. Angle narrows his eyes as he looks at the screen, gesturing at the back for what on earth is going on.

J.R.: What the hell? Is this some kinda SICK JOKE!

The curtain whips aside, and a flustered and embarassed looking man steps out. He is in what looks to be homemade ring gear, his blonde hair slicked back with far too much hair gel, and he immediately turns to look up at the titantron before shouting towards the back.

That's not what I asked you to play! Where'd that come from!? I thought you made me a titantron!

The video cuts off, and the titantron goes black. The man turns, awkwardly twiddling his thumbs, as he waits for his requested titantron to play.

The crowd continue to stay in confused silence. Kurt Angle seems only slightly less confused. The man, now identified as Dean Navarro, continues to shout through the curtain to backstage.

Is that all you could do for me? Really? I could do that!

He angrily turns to look at the ring, where Angle continues to stand. Finally, Navarro clears his throat, and lifts up the microphone in his hand.

Hello Kurt! Hello RPW Galaxy! It is I! Dean Navarro! I have returned to this place I once called home!

The crowd start to mutter to one another, still in confusion.

J.R.: Wait... who?

Tazz: I can't help you there J.R., I don't think I've seen this man before in my life.

You can hear things being said like 'Wait... has he been here before?' and 'Who is this guy?' before Dean clears his throat and starts to talk again.

You remember me! The assistant GM! Dean Navarro! Yeah!?


Oh come on!

Cut the crap kid! What do you want?

The crowd cheer Angle, causing Navarro to become more flustered.

I want to accept your challenge Angle! I want a shot at that title! I've done a lot for this company, despite what many of you may or may not remember, and it's time for me to taste RPW Gold! Lasting 3 minutes in the ring with you? And that's it? I become Champion? You made it too easy my friend... LET'S GO!

Navarro throws the mic to one side, and charges down to the ring, before sliding under the bottom rope. By this point Angle has picked up his things, and has given them to the referee, who gives them to the handlers by ringside.

J.R.: Well, whoever this is, it looks like he wants a shot at the RPW Extreme Championship belt.

Tazz: I don't blame him, it's a prestigious prize to have!

Navarro readies himself, as does Angle...

The bell rings.

Navarro claps his hands as he moves into the centre of the ring, ushering for a lock-up between him and his opponent. Angle agrees, moving towards the eager Navarro, and the pair lock-up! It's not long before Angle gets the upperhand, thanks to his technical prowess, and his able to get himself behind Navarro, before locking him up around the waist...


NO! Navarro back flips through it! Landing on his feet! The crowd give a small cheer at the act of athleticism, causing Navarro to become distracted at the audience finally giving him a reaction! He raises his hands to take it in, but the cheer is already gone, and he sighs before turning back around to continue the match...

LARIAT from Angle! Navarro crashes to the mat, holding his chin in pain, before Angle wrenches him straight back to his feet. He locks him up from behind again... GERMAN SUPLEX! It hits this time! Navarro holds his back in pain, but Angle isn't done with him! He lifts him up once more, and plants him on his head with another German Suplex!

Navarro tries to roll out of the ring, but Angle gets him in his clutches, and drags him back in! He lifts him up, back into his grip, before throwing him  in the air with another huge German Suplex! Navarro tries to flip through it again, but he can't, landing face first to the mat with a huge thud! He gives a whimper as he holds his stomach, before tumbling onto his back.

With a minute and a half left to go, Angle moves over to Navarro with intent to finish things off... he grabs Navarro around the head...





Angle looks furious, throwing Dean far away from him. He glares at his opponents from his knees, annoyed that he nearly gave his opponent the victory. Navarro starts towards him again, but Angle is back to his feet, bolting at Navarro, before grabbing his legs, flipping him through the air, and crashing him down onto his back!

From there, Angle keeps a hold of Dean's legs, before wrapping his arms around his ANKLE! He locks it in! The ANKLE LOCK!

Navarro is in the hold for about 3 seconds, before the pain is too much to bear, and he taps out!

Kurt Angle defeats Dean Navarro in 1:49

The crowd cheer, as Navarro dizzily rolls under the ropes and slaps against the concrete. The referee hands the RPW Extreme Championship to Angle, who holds it above his head, loud and proud, having proven that his invitational is anything but 'too easy'. The scene fades out.

Captain Rump makes his way down backstage heading toward the locker room, when he is stopped by an interviewer and a cameraman.

Captain Rump, can I have a quick interview with you?

Captain Rump smiles toward the interviewer and gives him a nod of approval.

So first off you haven't been in this federation for too long and you've already started to gain a following. The appear to call themselves Rumpsters. Little by little you've been working your way through matches. I mean this past show you had the chance at a six man special match. Now even though you didn't come out the victor you still made a impact. One that will be hopefully settled during tonight's match.

Rump looks puzzled for a second.

You know what i'm referring to, right? It's when you uhh... you know.....

The interview seems hesitant for a second. The cameraman immediately chimes in.

You delivered a Stinkface to Nash!

The interview shoots a quick glance at the cameraman causing Rump to smirk.

Yeah I was referring to that. As much as it's enjoyable to watch you in the ring, no one wants to be on the receiving end of that move. No offense it's amazing to watch, but something I want to stay away from. Nash was the poor soul that received it and I'm sure it's not something he's going to forget or forgive anytime soon. If fact you're taking him on tonight. Any thoughts?

Rump takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

Too be honest I won't say i'm sorry or that I regret what i've done.  It's my way in the ring. It's how I wrestle and the fans thoroughly enjoy it so there's no way i'm going to be stopping anytime soon. Now if Nash still wants to hold a grudge against me then so be it. It is what it is.

Captain Rump stands firm while looking into the camera.

I'm going to be stepping into that ring tonight and giving my all just like i've done every week, and I don't plan on holding back any punches or refraining from using my ass when needed. All I can say is I hope my partner will do the same and give it his all as well.

Captain Rump looks down at his watch before looking back at the interviewer.

Now i'm sorry but I must get going. I need to get ready for my match.

Captain Rump waves goodbye before heading into his locker room.


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We fade back in from the commercial, to find that all the competitors are already in the ring. IN the nWo's corner, Kevin Nash looks to be getting ready to start things off for his team, looking angrily over at Rump, who's ready to start things for his.

The bell rings.

Nash and Rump jump straight into action, diving at eachother, and immediately locking up. Nash gets the advantage, and forces Rump back into the ropes, before shoving him over into the corner. He looks furious as he puts his face in Rump's, 'You wanna Stinkface me!?' he says, before crashing an elbow into his face! Another one! And another one! Nash then lifts up his size 14 boot, and presses it against Rump's neck, chocking him!

Nash pulls his foot away, and Rump stumbles out of the corner... Nash preps him... Big Boot! No! Rump ducks! Nash turns around, Rump grabs him... BELLY TO BELLY SLAM! Rump grabs Nash and lifts him to his feet, but Nash tries to fight him off with jabs to Rump's sternum, but the Luchador has none of it! He throws Nash into the ropes, and upon the rebound, plants him down with a Samoan Drop!

He covers him...



Rump wastes no time, picking Nash straight back up... but Kevin has other plans, getting the upperhand, pulling Rump into him, and smashing him down with a Short-Arm Clothesline! He lifts Rump back up, and then quickly plants him down again with a Scoop Slam! It's not long before he drags the Luchador into his corner, before tagging in his partner, Scott Hall!

Hall slowly lumbers into the ring, before dropping a stomp into the face of Rump, and then throwing a few more into his rib cage. He then tags in Nash, who continues the stomping some more, before another tag is made, bringing Hall back in. After a few more stomps, Hall bends down, and locks Rump up in a headlock! Rump fights to get out of it, but the more he does so, the more Hall puts on the pressure!

But Rump makes it to his feet, before lifting Hall into the air, and slamming him down with a Belly to Back Suplex! Rump runs to his corner, and tags in Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker!

The Martial Arts Master runs at Hall, crashing into him with a kick! Hall is up, and down, following another jumping kick to the chin! Dangerman knocks him into the corner, where he follows up with a series of splashes and clotheslines, before a spinning roundhouse sends Hall to the mat once more!

Hall starts to sit up, but Dangerman is straight on him, pulling him back into a GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Hall goes bright red, struggling to breath with the hold putting pressure on his throat! He tries to reach for the ropes, but there isn't any close by... he looks about to tap...

NO! Nash breaks it up!

Rump jumps into the ring to fight Nash, but it's too late, he's already retreated back into his corner. Before Dangerman can re-obtain the upperhand, Hall tackles him to the floor, before mounting him and throwing punches into his face, before rolling away from the Martial Arts Master, and towards Nash, before tagging him.

Nash charges in, and after knocking Rump off the apron, starts giving it to Dangerman. Nash and Hall make frequent tags back and forth, keeping Dangerman from tagging out by keeping him in their corner. It's not long, before following an Atomic Drop, Hall looks ready to finish things off, picking up Dangerman, and signaling for a Razor's Edge...

But Dangerman breaks out of it... SPINNING BACKFIST! Hall is knocked to the mat, and Dangerman is free to run to his corner...

He tags in Rump!

And Hall tags in Nash!

But Rump gets the upperhand with a quick clothesline! And another! Rump's showing Nash who's boss, with the one half of the nWo not able to get in any offense against the World's Largest Luchador! Nash is able to reverse an attempt of offense from the Captain, and follows up with an attempt at a Chokeslam!

But Rump gets a hold of Nash's throat, and sets up for a Chokeslam of his own... he hits it! Nash is sent to the mat with impact! Rump drags a reeling Nash, and places him in the corner, before slapping his ass a few times, and getting ready for it...


NO! Hall intervenes, clobbering Rump with an elbow! He tries to follow up on it, but Dangerman's in now... SUPERKICK! Hall collapses backwards, right on top of Nash in the corner. Rump sets them both up this time...



The crowd cheer, as Hall and Nash both clutch their faces in disgust, dazed and groggy from their heads bouncing together. Rump grabs the pair of them, and lays them out on top of each other, in position of the turnbuckle, as he starts to climb... he measures them...


NO! Hall pushes Nash out of the ring, and it only connects with him! Rump prepares to pin Hall, until he realises he's not the legal man! He chases Nash outside the ring, but the big man lands a knee into his stomach, before rolling Rump back inside! He follows him in, and takes him straight down with a nasty Big Boot!

Rump starts to stumble to his feet, but Nash gets a hold of him, and sets him up...


NO! Rump reverses it into a BACK BODY DROP! He topples backwards into his corner, where he tags in Dangerman! The Martial Arts Master gets in the ring, and measures Nash...


NO! Nash ducks, before spinning around and crashing an elbow across Dangerman's face! Rump runs at Nash, but he's waiting for him, and sidesteps out of his path, before throwing the Luchador at the ropes! There waits Hall, who pulls down the top rope, and sees Rump plummet to the outside!

Dangerman is sent to the mat with a big boot, before Nash follows it up by picking him up, placing his head between his legs, and lifting him...


Nash jumps on top of his opponent for the cover...




The nWo defeat Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker and Captain Rump in 9:04

Captain Rump gets to his feet on the outside of the ring, looking in the ring at the now celebrating nWo. He looks shamefully down at the unconcious Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker, shaking his head and looking disapointed at his tag team partner for failing him. Daniel moves over to Rump, to help calm him down, but Rump pushes Daniel away, and heads towards the back, continuing to shake his head angrily.

J.R.: Rump does not look pleased with the Dangerman!

Tazz: He never looks pleased, that man has some serious anger issues!

Meanwhile, Nash and Hall remain with their hands raised in the ring, soaking in the victory. They both turn towards Dangerman who lays on the mat, before delivering overly dramatic laughter in his direction, along with not so witty insults. The scene fades out.


RPW Showtime: Episode 10 Cooltext247238166233526

We fade back in from the commercial, to see Brodus Clay stomping around in the middle of the ring, awaiting his opponent.

'Oh, you didn't know?

The crowd cheer.

'Yo' ass better call somebodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.....!'

"The Road Dogg" Jesse James bursts out of the curtain, a microphone in his right hand as he continues to drag out the last syllable of "somebody". In the left is a bottle of water, as per his usual custom. He continues to wear his custom RPW gear.

Road Dogg
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, you know how it be.

He begins to walk down the ramp.

Road Dogg
Y'see, it's me, it's me, it's that D-OOOOOOOOOOO-double G! Back once again in that sports E-N-T!

As he finishes, he stops about three-quarters way down the ramp. He takes a deep swig of his water bottle and begins a crotch chop with his microphone hand. With every chop, he spits out a quick fountain of the water. Once he's done, he jerks the bottle in such a way to force out a large spill before tossing the bottle into the crowd and quickly rolling into the ring.

The bell rings.

James stays in a fighting pose, as the huge Brodus Clay, smile on face, slowly starts to approach him. Clay swings a giant arm at the head of James, but the Road Dogg ducks it, before throwing jabs into Clay's stomach!  Using his speed advantage, James is able to dodge a lot of Clay's offense, getting in a series of hooks and kicks. It isn't until he gets a bit too greedy, attempting to go for a takedown, that Clay gets a hold of him.

Clay lifts James, and tosses him to the floor, before pinning him into the corner, and keeping him there with a series of splashes! Clay gets ready for one final, humongous splash... but James moves! Clay crashes into the corner, and stumbles backwards, right into a gut kick from James! Jesse puts the big man's head between his legs, and drops him down with a SPIKE PILEDRIVER!

He pins him...




James is thrown almost half way across the ring by the kickout, but quickly rushes back in to regain his advantage... but Clay's waiting for him! He levels James with a Shoulder Block, before bending down, and pressing his knee on James back, before lifting up his head for a Surfboard Stretch! James grits his teeth in pain, as he tries to reach for the ropes, but the ropes are too far away!

James continues to fight, and is able to squirm into a position that allows him to get to his feet. He starts to throw elbows behind him at Clay, softening his grip! James breaks out! He twists around and crashes another elbow across Clay's face, before charging at the ropes, bounding back... and...

SAMOAN DROP BY CLAY! James hits hard!

Tazz: oOof!

Clay gets the cover...




Clay looks furiously down at his opponent, before stomping on him a few times, and then amping up the crowd in anticipation for his finisher! Clay charges at the ropes, bounds back, and then leaps through the air, ready to bring down 170 kg of weight onto his opponent with THE SPLAT!

BUT JAMES MOVES! Clay crashes down face first!

James waits for the Giant Orange to get to his feet, and when he does, he snaps a left jab right into his face! Another left jab! And a third! James does his signature juke and jive, before levelling Brodus with that final RIGHT HOOK! SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL, and Clay is down!

James moves over to the turnbuckle, and starts to climb to the second rope. He measures his downed opponent, before doing the Shaky Knee Dance, and then leaping... SHAKY KNEE DROP! FROM THE SECOND ROPE!

James pins Clay...




Jesse James defeats Brodus Clay in 7:23

The crowd cheer, as James' music plays, signifying his victory. James looks joyous yet again, as he jumps up to the turnbuckle, raising his arms above his head to the cheers of the fans in attendance.

James jumps off the turnbuckle and turns around...


J.R.: Aww NO! NO! What's he doing here!?

The Cannibal looks red faced and angry in the middle of the ring, as he looks down at James. He shrieks loudly, before yanking James back to his feet, locks his arm around James' neck, lifts him, and brings him down hard on his shoulder with that SHOULDER JAWBREAKER of his! James is in an unconcious heap, as Thorn slowly climbs out of the ring, and makes his way back up the ramp.

Tazz: Looks to me like revenge Tazz!

J.R.: Did you just call me by your own name Tazz?

He turns and takes a last look back at what he has done in the ring, bringing a smile to his still red face. The crowd boo him, but Thorn seems to relish this, letting out a chuckle, before turning back around, and heading backstage. James only just comes to his senses in the ring, looking confused and agitated, before the scene fades out.

We move to backstage, where we see Quincy Reagan walking down one of the hallways. The RPW World Championship belt dangles over his shoulder, gleaming in the light. As he continues to walk, he sees someone approaching him which causes his mood to drop. Howell Saxon struts over to him, eyeing up the championship belt, before moving his glare up to Reagan's face. He grimaces, before continuing onwards down the hallway. Reagan watches him go, before continuing to walk himself.

RPW Showtime: Episode 10 Cooltext247238181105473

The crowd pops, as Jeremy Stevens bounds out of the curtain. He gives a giant smile at the crowd, before he bends down, slaps the stage, and does his signature windmill fist bump to even louder applause.

Stevens moves down the ramp, high fiving fans on either side of him, before he slides into the ring. He jumps up onto the turnbuckle, and performs his Windmill Fist Bump taunt again, before jumping back down, and getting ready for his opponent.

The crowd boo, as Dean Ambrose bursts out of the curtain, steel chair in hand. He raises it above his head, before slamming it hard down on the stage, creating a massive smack that echoes through the stands. He grins to himself, before making his way down the ramp.

Ambrose props up his chair on the concrete at ringside, before climbing up the steel steps, and getting into the ring. He circles around as his music dies down, eyeing up Stevens, awaiting the chime of the ring bell.

The bell rings.

Ambrose and Stevens quickly jump into action, Stevens able to lock up Ambrose around the waist. Not for long though, as the Lunatic is able to yank himself out of it, before throwing Stevens over his shoulder! But Stevens is back up, going for a dropkick on Ambrose, but it's blocked, before being followed up by a knee across Steven's stomach, before being tossed into the corner! Ambrose tries to follow up with a clothesline, but Stevens lifts up his feet, and lands a kick across the Lunatic's face!

As Ambrose stumbles backwards, Stevens pulls himself onto the top rope, before diving off, and hitting Ambrose square across the chest with a diving front dropkick! Ambrose rolls backwards, before Steven follows it up with a Shining Wizard across his face!

Ambrose goes down, and Stevens covers him...



Stevens follows up by landing a spinning kick across Ambrose' temple, knocking him back down, before getting in position... he leaps... STANDING MOONSAULT! NO! Ambrose lifts his knees, and Stevens lands on them, winding him! Ambrose gets to his feet, before shoving Stevens backwards into the turnbuckle! He bounces off of it back first, before stumbling back into the ring, where he's smashed by a clothesline from Ambrose!

Ambrose is able to keep Stevens on the mat, halting his momentum with a series of brutal attacks, specifically targeting his forehead. He kneels on Stevens arms, and jabs his elbow into Stevens' forehead, before pressing it there hard, putting Stevens through a lot of pain. Stevens however is able to get his legs up, wrap them around Ambrose's arms, and force him backwards into a roll-up pin!




Ambrose angrily jumps to his feet, before landing a boot across Jeremy's mouth, and following up by lifting him to his feet and locking him up in a Full Nelson hold! Jeremy struggles to break it, as Ambrose continues to apply pressure, but through his flexibility, he's able to worm out of it! Before Ambrose can follow it up, Jeremy follows up with a Pele Kick, knocking the Lunatic dizzy! Stevens follows it up by running at the ropes, bounding back, and going for a running crossbody...

But Ambrose catches him! SWINGING BACKBREAKER! Stevens falls to the mat, clutching his back, as Ambrose covers him...




Ambrose looks angrily at Stevens, and so quickly lifts him to his feet, before looking ready for the Dirty Deeds... but Stevens doesn't let him get it locked in, before locking Ambrose up... HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX! HE BRIDGES IT!




Stevens looks in disbelief, whilst a groggy Ambrose looks very frustrated now! Stevens ushers for Ambrose to get up, waiting for him in the corner... Ambrose is up, and Jeremy charges... SLINGBLADE! NO! Ambrose moves out of the way and Jeremy collides with the corner! He bounces back out, right into a gut kick! Ambrose locks him up...




Ambrose goes down! Jeremy stumbles backwards into the turnbuckle, looking at his downed opponent, before smiling and performing his signature Windmill Fist Bump as he starts to climb. The fans know what time it is, so they start to cheer... ready for that PHOENIX SPLASH!

But NO! Ambrose rolls out of the ring!

Stevens looks agitated as he jumps back down off the top rope, before climbing out of the ring and pursuing Ambrose, who ambles away. Jeremy approaches him, but Dean crashes an elbow into the High Flyer's stomach! Jeremy keels over, and holds onto the barricade, before regaining his strength. He turns back around to continue after Ambrose...


The crowd boo, and the referee looks furious at Ambrose, who holds the chair proudly above the downed Stevens, a smile on his face. The referee calls for the bell!

Jeremy Stevens defeats Dean Ambrose by disqualification in 13:35

The crowd continue to boo, as Ambrose raises the chair above his head, almost as if he won the match. Stevens continues to roll around on the floor, clutching his skull, as Ambrose continues to watch him for a moment or two, before turning away. He smirks at a nearby fan, dressed in Jeremy Stevens garb, before shrugging his shoulders and saying 'What? He was boring me.'

With that, Ambrose turns and makes his way back up the ramp, as the scene fades out.


RPW Showtime: Episode 10 Cooltext247238193257310

We fade back into the arena from a commercial break, to find that Tony Atlas is stood in the ring, with head of security Jason Albert stood by his side. There is a big smile on the Chairman's face, as he prepares to address the RPW Galaxy before him.

Tony Atlas
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, have you enjoyed the show so far tonight?

A huge pop greets him in response, causing Atlas to laugh.

Tony Atlas
HE HE HE HA HE HO HE HA! I've enjoyed it too! Matter o' fact, I've been loving RPW ever since we re-started it back in February! This new run of Ruthless Professional Wrestling has been incredible, if I may say so myself, and as of last week, we've been going for over one hundred days now! That's right! You've had over 100 days of this mighty roster, giving it everything they've got, and I tell you; you're gonna get 100 more! And another 100 after that! RPW ain't going nowhere! This show of ours is gonna be permanently running on your TV sets permanently, for some time!

The crowd cheer yet again.

Tony Atlas
And let me present to you one of the reasons it's been going so well; I would like to invite to the ring, the man who has so far given it his all in RPW! The man who has not stopped, who has not failed to impress! The man who would, and I think could, lift a TANK above his head and toss it out of the way, if it meant achieving his goal! Ladies and Gents... YOUR Ruthless Professional Wrestling World Champion... QUINCY REAGAN!

It doesn't take long after his theme music to begins to play for Quincy Reagan to make his way through the curtain. He's in his ring gear - a new pair of glossy black Quincy Reagan exclusive trunks, black kneepads, and black boots to match the gloss of the trunks - with the addition of a well-fitted official RPW Quincy Reagan t-shirt. The star piece of the ensemble, without a shadow of the doubt, is the RPW World Championship that sits comfortably over his shoulder. Its fifteen pounds of gold glistens in the arena lights.

Quincy stops at the end of the stage to take the time to hold the belt up high with his right hand. He doesn't stop the smile from building onto his face, all of which the crowd cheers with considerable approval. He doesn't over-gloat, however, and makes his way down the ramp, and into the ring. Once inside, he first shakes Tony Atlas hand with a smile, and then Jason Albert. He grabs a microphone as his music starts to fade out.

Quincy Reagan
Mr. Atlas, before you say anymore, I've got to just say thank you. Thanks to you for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to these fans for having my back all this time.

Reagan allows time for the crowd to cheer for the cheap pop.

Quincy Reagan
And thanks to a couple really important people back in Chi-Town.

He puts the microphone to his side, before going to shake Tony's hand one more time. He allows the time back to the RPW owner.

Atlas gives a big smile in the direction of the RPW World Champion, before beginning to speak himself.

Tony Atlas
It's a pleasure to have you here on this roster Quincy, and it's a pleasure to see that belt over your shoulder. I couldn't be happier to see you being the man to represent our company. It's because of this that I am proud to show the North Carolina crowd, and all of the people watching at home tonight, what we've selected as our poster for our next Pay-Per-View... RPW: Brute Force!

Atlas points at the titantron, causing everyone to look at it. On it, displays the new PPV poster;

RPW Showtime: Episode 10 Poster

The crowd give a positive response, as does Quincy, a big smile on his face as he turns and thanks Atlas.

Tony Atlas
If there's one thing you've shown in your time here in RPW Quincy, it's brute force! That's why you're in the position you are now, and that's why your face is on that poster! Now I gotta say-

Atlas is cut off, as music plays.

Kevin Owens storms out from behind the curtain. Though Jericho is nowhere to be seen. He walks with pinpoint focus to the ring as he climbs onto the apron. He enters the ring and gestures for one of the ring crew to bring him a mic. He then turns around to face the men in the ring.

Kevin Owens:
First things first, I will address the lack of a goat in the room. I told my best friend Chris Jericho not to come out with me tonight because there are some things I have to do on my own.

The crowd has a mixed reaction do to one of their favorites not being there. Kevin then turns to Quincy and points at the RPW title.

Kevin Owens:
The RPW World Championship...that title...that title represents many things to me. It was something that I should have had since the very beginning of this damn show. It represents the hoops I had to jump through to get to the top of this company, even though I should have been at that level from beginning. It represents the wrath that I rained down upon Howell Saxon to get back at him from all he’s done to me and Chris. It not only represents the blood I’ve spilled, if that was the case that title would mean nothing to me. I’ve spilled a lot of blood in my life and I will spill even more!

Kevin gets really close to Quincy.

Kevin Owens:
It represents the blood that my best friend shed. He was put through more than he should have to make sure that I got that title. The title that you took from me.

Kevin takes a step back and slaps the title on Quincy’s shoulder. Not in a malicious way, but as a way to signify the weight the belt carries. He then extends his hand to the champion. Quincy seems reluctant at first, but then grabs the hand of the former champ and they shake firmly.

Kevin Owens:
So carry that title with pride and respect because it means more than you could imagine. You are a good man Quincy. I respect you because we are very similar. We both do all we do for our family in an attempt to give them a better life. You aren’t fake like the rest of the yahoos here and I respect that. I won’t deny that you earned that title fair and square, but I need you to do one thing for me. I need you to keep that title warm for me. Keep it warm because even though I think you’re a swell guy, it’s still my title and this is still the Kevin Owens Show!

The crowd pops at the thought of this hard hitting match. Kevin then turns to face Tony Atlas.

Kevin Owens:
I can’t blame Quincy for my loss because he earned his shot and he sure as hell gave Howell a beating, but there is someone I can see had a role in my downfall.

He pokes Tony in the chest.

Kevin Owens:
That’s you. You have been against me since day one. You didn’t like Howell as champion because he was a piece of shit, so you wanted someone to dethrone him. You gave me the chance and I took it, but along the way you were still against me. You didn’t do a damn thing to stop Howell from sending Chris to the hospital. You didn’t let me rest for one goddamn second after weeks of giving everything I had to take down that sorry excuse for a villain. And to top it all off, this is the second pay per view in a row now that I’m not on the poster! Quinton, don’t listen to a word this man say because he lies through his teeth.

Kevin turns away and goes to sit in corner to cool down.

Tony Atlas stands in silence. He doesn't laugh, nor smile, nor exude any of his usual warmth. He just looks over at Owens for a few moments, eyes slightly narrowed. He lifts the microphone and starts to speak.

Tony Atlas
Kevin. I do not lie. It would be easy for me to do so in my position, but I do not. I'm sure it makes you feel better to think I do, so you can rest easier in your defeats, and to help further cement yourself as a victim in all of this, but it doesn't go further than fantasies in your own head. I'm a man of truth, when I say I respect Quincy Reagan, I mean it. I respect this man, and I'm proud to say everything I just said about him.

The crowd stir, unsure of how to feel.

Tony Atlas
I'm proud to invite him down to the ring and celebrate his win. I'm proud to see his face on that poster. And I'm proud to see him with that belt around his waist that represents my company. And you Owens... if you want to achieve the same... then you have a lot of ground to cover. Especially if you want it for more than 8 days.

Owens looks agitated, as boos sound from the crowd.

Tony Atlas
You hear that Owens? It's booing. If I lied through my teeth, if I put on this facade like you say I do, then why would we be hearing that response? It's because people don't like the truth.

More boos.

Tony Atlas
I don't believe in you Owens. I don't. But it's clear these people do. And it's because of these people, and my love for them and this federation, that I will heed their words.

The boos start to stir into something else now.

Tony Atlas
At RPW: Brute Force, I'm gonna give you another shot at the RPW World Championship.

The crowd explode into cheers.

Tony Atlas
But Owens... it will not be easy.

Without warning, the overhead speakers start blasting Into The Void. The crowd know what this means by now, and start booing viciously even before Howell Saxon barges out from behind the curtain. It’s obvious as he storms towards the ring that he’s seething, but as he steps up onto the apron he pushes his shoulders back and lets his cocky smirk show a little. He turns to Tony Atlas and beckons for the microphone, which is passed to him with a great deal of reluctance.

Howell Saxon
I am completely and utterly sick of this company.

The crowd continue booing. Howell, undeterred, continues.

Howell Saxon
I’m sick of the politics. Sick of the ganging up. And especially sick of people with no skill getting the most support and opportunities, while people like me – the real talent of this federation – receive nothing but hate for wanting only the strong and skilled to go through!

He turns to face Kevin Owens, his smirk widening.

Howell Saxon
I suppose I should give you credit where it’s due – you actually had the balls to come out to the ring without your bosom buddy Jericho this time. Unheard of for you, Owens.

Kevin glares at Howell, but says nothing.

Howell Saxon
But I have to say, it should tell you something that you couldn’t hold on to the World Champion title for more than a week – obviously, you’re not worthy of it. The stuff I’ve said and will continue to say about you being nothing more than a stroppy showman? You should learn to listen. If you learn from it, maybe you’ll be a little more worthy of the title someday, but frankly I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

The crowd boo louder still, disgusted, as Howell turns to face Quincy Reagan and points an accusatory finger at him.

Howell Saxon
And you. You messed with my rematch clause. I should’ve been able to go up against Owens one on one and claim the title back fair and square. But no… you just had to stick your nose in and claim the glory for yourself, didn’t you? Just to prove to your kids that you’re worth a damn. Well, I’ve got news for you, Reagan… until you can win that title in a one on one match like I did against Stevens, you’re worthless. Totally worthless. Seeing you with that belt makes me sick to my stomach. And I plan to knock you off your smug little pedestal soon enough.

Howell throws the microphone to the floor, feeding off the hatred from the audience and the fellow men in the ring. He folds his arms smugly, waiting for a response.

Quincy looks at Howell. He takes a good look, one almost of exasperation, seemingly trying to make sure what was said wasn't a joke. Saxon's smug look persists, leading Quincy to sigh and shake his head. He turns to the three men behind him. He shakes each one of their hands, and then raises the microphone to his lips.

Quincy Reagan
Howell, do you know why I so eagerly shake these fellas hands?

He takes a few steps towards Howell, staring him down.

Quincy Reagan
Because those three? They're men. You've got Tony Atlas. One half of the first ever black tag team champions in WWE history. The Black Superman, they once called him. The gentleman who made this entire thing possible; who lets you sit there and spew your rants all night every show. Who, at 63 years of age, still looks like an absolute monster, and has the balls to get in the face of someone like Owens in the way he just did. A man.

He points to Kevin Owens.

Quincy Reagan
And here we've got Kevin Owens. A guy with an interesting sense of humor, a confident mind, but someone who tends to prove he can back up what he says. Like when he kicked your ass and proved your lack of worth. A brother that understands competition and can come out here and shake my hand after I took something he and his best friend worked so very hard to get their hands on. A man. I shake their hands, because they're men. Then there's you.

He gets closer to Saxon.

Quincy Reagan
You stand there, arms crossed like a bratty little girl, having the undeserved gall to insult and disrespect us with another one of your predictable, lazy, "greater than thou" diatribes.

Reagan drops the title into his free hand, and further approaches the former world champion.

Quincy Reagan
And so I say to you, Howell: I shook their hands because they're men. But you? At Locked & Loaded, at last week's Showtime, and just now, you've done a great job a proving what you are.

He gets as close to the man as he can, who finally drops his folded arms. Shades of their confrontation last week, they're nearly forehead to forehead.

Quincy Reagan
A bitch. And I'd be glad to prove it one more time.

Now, they are definitely forehead to forehead, nose to nose. The intensity between the two is incredible.

Tony Atlas
Now now! Let's calm down there boys! Come on Quincy! Back up.

After a few moments, Reagan does so, moving away from Saxon, but not giving up his glare. Saxon glares right back.

Tony Atlas
I gotta say it Quincy, you stole the words right out of my mouth! I mean, I may not see eye to eye with Owens over there, but I can't say I know a single person who has a good thing to say about you Howell. You are, perhaps, the most unlikeable person I know.

The crowd laugh, as Saxon raises an eyebrow, clearly not amused.

Tony Atlas
Though, it does pain me to say it... he may have a point in that last part there.

The crowd boo.

Tony Atlas
I know, I know, I'm not pleased with it either, but it's true. Howell Saxon was entitled to a one on one rematch with Owens, and Owens alone. Reagan being thrown in there, it dead mess things up a little for him. Don't get me wrong, I'd do it all over again, happily, but at the same time, I do have to do a bit of damage control here. But, luckily, this all ties into what I came out here to say anyway...

The crowd sit on the edges of their seats in anticipation.

Tony Atlas
I was about to say it in the first place, before I was interrupted by Howell Saxon. I was saying it to you Owens, that if you want to hold that Championship Belt again, you're going to have to overcome a LOT. You too Howell. Because at RPW: Brute Force...

He pauses.

Tony Atlas
We're going to have an ELIMINATION CHAMBER!

The crowd explode into cheers.

Tony Atlas
That's right, the RPW World Championship will be put on the line in the Chamber! The first one RPW will have ever seen! And in that Chamber, we will of course have... our RPW World Champion, Quincy Reagan!

The crowd cheer.

Tony Atlas
Kevin Owens!

More cheers.

Tony Atlas
Howell Saxon!

Loud boos this time.

Tony Atlas

Atlas points towards the stage, causing all the fans in attendance to look towards it.

The crowd burst into cheers, as Nero emerges from behind the curtain, to his home state crowd of North Carolina. There is a smile on his face, clearly pleased with the news of having a spot inside the Elimination Chamber.

Tony Atlas
That's right! That prize Nero won last week, was a spot in the Elimination Chamber! So get ready gentlemen, at Brute Force, you'll all face the hardest challenge any of you have faced in RPW yet, hell, perhaps in your entire careers! The four of you, and two other men, locked inside that contraption, fighting for the most prestigious prize in sports entertainment... the RPW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd pop, all of them buzzing and excited about the news. The men in the ring all look stunned by the news, a mix of emotions going through their minds. They all look at one another, glaring with hostility, before all eyes in the ring rest on Quincy Reagan, and the championship belt in his hands. He sees that they are looking his way, and with a face of pure intensity, lifts the belt high above his head.

With this, the show fades out.

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