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Post by Rump on Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:29 am

Captain Rump makes his way down backstage heading toward the locker room, when he is stopped by an interviewer and a cameraman.

Interviewer: "Captain Rump, can I have a quick interview with you?"

Captain Rump smiles toward the interviewer and gives him a nod of approval.

Interviewer: "So first off you haven't been in this federation for too long and you've already started to gain a following. The appear to call themselves Rumpsters. Little by little you've been working your way through matches. I mean this past show you had the chance at a six man special match. Now even though you didn't come out the victor you still made a impact. One that will be hopefully settled during tonight's match."

Rump looks puzzled for a second.

Interviewer: "You know what i'm referring to, right? It's when you uhh... you know....."

The interview seems hesitant for a second. The cameraman immediately chimes in.

Cameraman: "You delivered a Stinkface to Nash!"

The interview shoots a quick glance at the cameraman causing Rump to smirk.

Interviewer: "Yeah I was referring to that. As much as it's enjoyable to watch you in the ring, no one wants to be on the receiving end of that move. No offense it's amazing to watch, but something I want to stay away from. Nash was the poor soul that received it and I'm sure it's not something he's going to forget or forgive anytime soon. If fact you're taking him on tonight. Any thoughts?"

Rump takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

Rump: "Too be honest I won't say i'm sorry or that I regret what i've done.  It's my way in the ring. It's how I wrestle and the fans thoroughly enjoy it so there's no way i'm going to be stopping anytime soon. Now if Nash still wants to hold a grudge against me then so be it. It is what it is."

Captain Rump stands firm while looking into the camera.

Rump: "I'm going to be stepping into that ring tonight and giving my all just like i've done every week, and I don't plan on holding back any punches or refraining from using my ass when needed. All I can say is I hope my partner will do the same and give it his all as well."

Captain Rump looks down at his watch before looking back at the interviewer.

Rump: "Now i'm sorry but I must get going. I need to get ready for my match."

Captain Rump waves goodbye before heading into his locker room.

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