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RPW Showtime: Episode 9 Cooltext229568808050049_zpsfutetctw
RPW Showtime: Episode 9 Cooltext229568170846602_zpsz8mmymws

The usual orange pyro explodes from the stage, as the cameras pan around the arena, taking in the exciteable Virginia audience!

J.R.: Good evening and welcome to RPW Showtime, here in Albemarle County, Virginia!

Tazz: And get ready for a packed show following Locked & Loaded!

J.R.: Yes, and at the Pay-Per-View, we saw a new RPW World Champion crowned thank god, when Kevin Owens overcame Howell Saxon!

Tazz: And we may see a new RPW World Champion crowned tonight, as Quincy Reagan beat Jeremy Stevens on the same night, to be promised a shot tonight, at the very same title!

J.R.: That's right Tazz! It'll be one hell of a show!

The curtain’s pushed aside violently, as a furious looking Howell Saxon storms out and down towards the ring. The crowd let out a range of boos, as is the norm for Howell, but otherwise seem unsure how to react – Howell’s loss of the RPW World Champion title is hanging heavily on his face, with none of his signature smugness there.

He stomps up into the ring and gestures for the microphone, which a reluctant referee hands to him. He takes a few seconds to compose himself, then, brow still furrowed and smirk still absent, he raises the microphone to his mouth.

Howell Saxon
I’ll get right to the point. Locked and Loaded was a total clusterfuck. I lost the title because Owens and Jericho wanted to make a big bloody show of their precious little friendship again, and the idiots who run this federation let them get away with it!

Howell raises his mic-free hand, pointing around at the crowd.

Howell Saxon
And you cheered them on! You’d rather see them succeed than someone truly deserving, like me.

The crowd begin to boo again. Howell waves his hand at them dismissively, clearly lacking any semblance of patience.

Howell Saxon
Shut up. I don’t have time for this. I’m not wasting any time, because I want to get right back into fighting. In fact, I want to reclaim that title as soon as I can. So I’ll tell you morons what’s going to happen. Tonight, I’m exercising the rematch clause I’m entitled to.

There’s a mixture of gasps and boos from the crowd. Howell ignores them and continues.

Howell Saxon
I’m not letting an idiot like Owens hold the RPW World Champion title. He’s a short-tempered little showman; nothing more. And not even a good showman. I hope he’s listening, because I want him to know I’m coming for him. I want that title back… we’re have ourselves that rematch, and I’ll win. I'll win and I'll make sure Owens never holds the title. Just wait and see.

Quickly after, Quincy Reagan's music strikes through the P.A. System. Out of the curtain he comes, in his ring attire. He salutes the crowd, clearly in a better way than he has been in weeks past, but his focus is obviously pointed. By the time he reaches the end of the stage, his eyes have locked onto Howell Saxon, the microphone in his hand has been raised to his lips, and his music has begun to fade. Upon his first words, he points to the former World Champion.

Quincy Reagan
I don't get people like you.

He continues to walk toward the ring as his speech carries on.

Quincy Reagan
People like you who always want to blame x, y, and z for why you failed.

He reaches the steel steps and holds off on his words until he's entered the ring. Once in it, he allows for about five feet between the men.

Quincy Reagan
You came out here, stomping down like a kid, and the first thing you do is bitch. You don't have the balls to say what really happened - that you just weren't good enough. Of course not. For people like you, you've got to blame Owens, Jericho, the fans, corporate, capitalism, democracy, the world - anything but yourself and your failure to show up.

Howell is obviously annoyed, rolling his eyes. Quincy's face is all business and his glare doesn't stop.

Quincy Reagan
It's people like you, who are arrogant, self-righteous, who overrate yourselves, up until someone or someones are able to show us all how truly useless you really are. It's people like you who refuse to accept the truth: your title reign was as much of a lucky fluke as your little tantrum here tonight was childish. It's people like you who make me sick.

Saxon is by now quite tired of the tirade and begins to close the gap the two men have had. Quincy doesn't move, but instead continues to stare Howell down, his microphone still to his lips.

Quincy Reagan
Usually, I wouldn't stoop myself down to your pathetic level, but you've decided to stomp on my grounds, and that can't go untouched. Unlike you, I won at Locked & Loaded, clean as whistle, and I by doing so I earned my title shot, for tonight. I earned the right to a fair, one-on-one shot at the most prestigious strap in this company. But you're trying to stomp over that and push me to the sidelines. I just can't let that happen.

Quincy, now closes the gap some.

Quincy Reagan
But I'll tell you what. There is a pretty obvious solution here, isn't there? We're both, in our own right, entitled to a shot. So, why not treat these deserving fans to a triple threat main event championship match? It's feeling like a fun night to whoop both your asses.

Quincy smirks confidently, before holding a five up and pulling each finger down before they form a fist. Immediately after, an enraged Howell Saxon gets in Quincy's face. Quincy gets right back, and that smirk is long gone. They're forehead to forehead, nose to nose, Howell spewing trash talk, Quincy choosing to stay silent.

The crows erupts in cheers as Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho emerge from the back with Kevin holding the world title over his head. Then they hug and begin to walk down the ramp before stopping. Chris motions to the belt and tries to put it around Kevin. Kevin stops him and tries to put the built around Chris' waist.

Tazz: What a cup'o'smartasses!

They stop their shenanigans and look at each other before high-fiving and putting the belt around both their waists. They then proceed to walk down the ramp back-to-back, crab-like. The fans laugh. They make it all the way to the ramp before Kevin trips over the stairs and the belt pops off. Kevin scratches his head and then puts his finger in the air as if to say "A-ha!". He goes to ringside and reaches under the ring for something.

Jim Ross: ...Good lord...

His hand comes out from behind the ringskirt with a belt extender. The fans laugh as they more comfortably wear the belt across both of their waists so they are standing shoulder to shoulder and enter the ring in unison.

Chris Jericho
Welcome to RPW is...

He looks at Kevin and nods.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

They turn to the crowd as the crowd pops loud for the triumphant best friends. The dynamic duo turn to face the others in the others in the ring. They walk over to Quincy and Chris puts his arm around him. Quincy eyes Jericho up and down.

Kevin Owens
Quinton, we like you more and more each time we hear you speak.

Chris Jericho
Yeah, we seem to be on the same page when it comes to Hormel.

Kevin Owens
We agree that Huey got himself into that situation at Locked and Loaded. He has no one to blame but himself. It could have been a normal match with some fun banter in the weeks building up to it, but you had to go and make a mistake. You had to target my best friend in an attempt to weaken me before the match, but that didn't work. All you did was give me the motivation to rip that title from your hands. You brought what happened to you at Locked and Loaded onto yourself and I gotta say...I loved every minute of it.

The crowd cheers as a sick grin comes across Kevin's face.

Chris Jericho
You tried to cripple me and cripple our friendship, but guess what, you stupid idiot? It didn't work. Look who's standing across from you on his own two feet!

He takes his arm off of Quincy and the unit walk over to their own section of the ring. Chris then puts his arm around Kevin.

Chris Jericho
There's nothing you can EVER do to split us up, Hugo. It's the gift of friendship.

Jericho spreads his arms wide, and it looks like the only reason Saxon won't jump him right there and then is because he is severely outnumbered by the three fan favourites.

Chris Jericho

Tazz: That ain't even make sense.

Chris Jericho
You don't have the title, you don't have any friends...

Kevin Owens
You do have your virginity though, which is more than any of us can say.

Owens and Jericho pose for the hardcam like 19 year olds, with Quincy in the middle of them, just awkwarded out and confused about what's going on.

Kevin Owens
Speaking of which, Quinton. We met your kids. They're great. Seem bright.

Chris Jericho
Shaniqua's a stone cold bitch though.


Jim Ross: That was completely unnecessary!

Quincy gives them a confused if somewhat entertained look.

Kevin Owens
It was at an amusement park, don't worry about it. We sure did put her in her place though.

Before Quincy Reagan can say anything, Owens addresses the crowd.

Kevin Owens
I think this whole idea of having a championship match on Showtime is ridiculous.

The crowd begins to boo as Kevin puts his hand up.

Kevin Owens
Hear me out. I won't deny that Quinton earned his title shot or that Hedwig is granted a rematch clause. Those are undeniable truths. The thing is we had big matches at Locked and Loaded. We should wait a week or two and decide who actually get's the title shot.

He turns to Howell.

Kevin Owens
If it's you, I won't mind beating your head in again and again and again and again. You are basically a non-factor to me.

He then turns to Quincy.

Kevin Owens
I like you Quinton, I really do. I like your kids, I like what you are trying to do in this industry. BUT, when we fight, I hope your children aren't watching because it will not be pretty and you will not win.

Quincy is about to say something but now Howell is the one to cut in. Except Jericho cuts in Howell cutting in by shoving a finger in his face.

Chris Jericho

The crowd pop! Jericho gives Saxon a mad look, and Quincy and Owens do not interrupt. The fans are really feeling it now.

Tazz: Oh boy.

Jim Ross: This again...

Jericho pulls his finger away and looks at it, almost crossing his eyes. Then abruptly raises it in front of the former RPW Champ.

Chris Jericho

The fans pop again.

Chris Jericho:
As far as we're concerned, there isn't even a need to have a number one contender. As long as we are best friends, there will never...

Jericho pauses.

Chris Jericho

Chris turns to the audience.

Chris Jericho
Be another RPW Champion. AGANE!

All the men in the ring are now facing each other almost itching for a fight.

Before anyone else can get a word in, Howell puffs out his chest and barges through Quincy, Kevin and Chris. All their expressions turn sour and the crowd begin to boo as Howell raises his microphone again, addressing the crowd.

Howell Saxon
Let me ask you lot something. How dense do you have to be to not catch on to what’s going on here?

Quincy, Kevin and Chris exchange vaguely confused glances. Howell pauses for a moment, then chuckles, his signature smirk returning after its lengthy absence. He points at his three rivals, without turning to look them in the eyes.

Howell Saxon
They’re jealous.

The crowd’s boos get louder as Quincy, Kevin and Chris exchange eye rolls and “Oh, come on” expressions. Howell’s smug smile widens as he feeds off this reaction.

Howell Saxon
They’re jealous of my MMA background. Of my work ethic. Of my strength, of my skill, of my no-holds-barred approach to my matches. And, for all their talk of how bloody mature and respectful they are, they deal with their jealousy by grouping on this stage and ganging up on me! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; everyone in this federation’s got it in for me, just because I’m the only one here who gives a damn about real skill and training!

Finally, now that he’s got his trademark smugness back, Howell turns to face his rivals. They’re obviously seething, but keeping their cool so as to not stoop to his level.

Howell Saxon
Reagan. You love to tell me how arrogant and self-righteous I am, but this is coming from the man who takes every opportunity he can to remind this crowd how squeaky clean your wins are and how much you love your family, acting like you’re the moral centre of RPW. It’s just arrogance masquerading as humility!

Quincy glares at Howell as the crowd erupt into boos, more disgusted than ever.

Howell Saxon
And I don’t think I need to say any more to you two. But, just for shits and giggles, I may as well.

Kevin and Chris stare at Howell, clearly pissed off but looking exasperated and bored too.

Howell Saxon
Even now, you can’t resist making a stupid, over the top entrance. And somehow I’m the childish one in this ring, apparently. Sharing the belt and shimmying down to the ring like a bloody circus act, when you, Jericho, have done nothing to deserve association with that title… now, tell me, who’s the one with no respect for this federation again?

All three of Howell’s rivals are now staring him down with disbelief and disgust. The crowd’s vocal response is similar.

Howell Saxon
You know what? Owens, Reagan, bring on that triple threat. I’ll be happy to destroy both of you in front of everyone. To prove that friendships, family, honour, showmanship and all that crap won’t matter when you’re up against someone like me, Howell Saxon, the real… hardworking… sportsman!

The crowd boo monstrously as Howell brings back his old catchphrase. Nobody’s impressed at all, but Howell doesn’t care. He keeps his chest puffed out and smirk on his face as he raises his mic-free hand to point at Chris.

Howell Saxon
As for you, Jericho. I would say I’m sorry you can’t join us, but the only thing I’m really sorry about is that I didn’t stomp on you much harder. I should’ve fucking paralysed you. Maybe then your buddy might have had something to really complain about.

Pure rage and hatred flash in Kevin, Chris and Quincy’s faces. The crowd’s horrified response is now near deafening, and Howell can barely be heard as he raises the microphone to his mouth once more.

Howell Saxon
Next time. Triple threat match for the RPW World Champion. And I’ll get that belt back.

He throws the microphone to the ground, soaking in everyone's reaction.

On the stage, through the curtain, emerges Tony Atlas, microphone in hand. Thanks to his signature laugh not being present today, it takes the fans a while to notice him. Once he's in the centre of the stage, he begins to speak through the microphone in his hand.

Tony Atlas
As much as it pains me to say it... Howell Saxon may have a point.

The crowd boo.

Tony Atlas
Hold up! Hold up! I don't like him either! And I'm not saying any of what he just said rings true! I'm talking about his claims to a rematch clause. He has that right, and technically, with it being a rematch clause, it makes sense that he uses it for an actual REMATCH against Kevin Owens. But the problem is, I also promised Quincy Reagan that tonight, he gets a shot at the title too... so what do we do?

The crowd sit on the edges of their seats in anticipation.

Tony Atlas
Well, I think it's been mentioned already. Quincy and Howell, you both seem to be on board for a TRIPLE THREAT match for that Championship Belt tonight?

The crowd cheer.

Tony Atlas
And Owens, you make some good points yourself... but this is RPW! And in RPW, there's never a bad time to have a big match! I don't think the Virginia crowd would be opposed to seeing a big main event for the RPW World Championship tonight would they?

The crowd cheer again.

Tony Atlas
That is a resounding YES! HE HE HA HE HO HE! So tonight then, in our main event, it's going to be the RPW World Champion Kevin Owens, versus the Former Champion Howell Saxon, versus the Number One Contender Quincy Reagan, in a triple threat match for the title!

The crowd explode with the news of the new main event.

Tony Atlas
You have the rest of the night to get prepared boys! Tonight we'll see who'll carry the belt into RPW's next Pay-Per-View... Brute Force!

And with that, Atlas moves backstage, leaving the rest of the men in the ring. Quincy turns around to look at his opponents for the night, but isn't expecting to be greeted by a RIDGE HAND by Saxon! Straight to the side of the head, knocking Reagan off balance. Saxon turns to Owens and attempts to throw a Roundhouse at his head... but Owens ducks... Jericho jumps into action...


Howell's head ricochets back up, him barely able to keep himself up right as he starts to sway...


The kick to his jaw from Owens knocks Saxon tumbling back into the ropes, where he can barely stay stood...


And Saxon topples straight over the top rope, and to the concrete below, where he lays still. Reagan turns around quickly, expecting an attack from Owens or Jericho, but the two just stand there, looking at him. The two glare at one another, before the scene fades out.


RPW Showtime: Episode 9 Cooltext245707472143173%201

Oh, you didn't know?


Yo' ass better caaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll somebodaaaaaaaaaay!

The crowd roars with approval, only getting louder when the veteran, Jesse James, rushes out from the curtain. Tonight, he's adorned in a brand new, official RPW, black and orange Road Dogg t-shirt. The sleeves are cut off and it's tucked into wrestling sweats similar to his usual, except with a new matching color scheme. His boots follow such a pattern as well. His braids are put into a tall bun, sturdy but comfortable.

Road Dogg
Oh hell yeah! He's back. That's right: it's me, it's me, it's that real D-O-double G! Ready, fin-a-lly, to take over that sports E-N-T.

He reaches the center of the ramp, then stops. He fills his mouth with water, then begins to shake his legs, his head shaking as well. He crotch chops - one arm down, then the other, as if they're taking turns - while he spits water with each chop. From there, he quickly makes his way down the rest of the ramp and rolls into the ring. With haste, upon entry, he hops onto a turnbuckle, throwing up a proud X then following with a perfectly executed crotch chop. He takes center-ring soon after.

Road Dogg
Now, if you had the pleasure to watch Locked & Loaded, you woulda seen not only the return of the six-time, WWE, tag team champions of the wooooooooooooorld! The New Age Outlaws!

The crowd pops, sounding almost as excited as the crowd who saw the reunion live.

Road Dogg
But you also woulda seen the true return of yours truly - finally shutting Thorn's big angry ass up for once. And so, for once, I can proudly say...

Road Dogg stands firm in the center of the ring and stares into the hard camera, which zooms in slowly as he says:

Road Dogg
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Ruthless Pro Wrestling proudly brings to you, that T-to the R-to the U-to the E to that D-O-double G: "The Road Dogg": Jesse! James!

He soaks in the crowd's loudest pop for him so far tonight. He looks at the stage and points to it.

Road Dogg
But it looks like Sycho Sid Jr. wants another shot, so without further to-do - ado? - fuck it, I make my own shit. Without further to-do: Thorn, come down and get part two of your ass whooping.

The crowd boo, as The Cannibal rips aside the curtain, so angrily that it almost comes off, before he glares at his opponent in the ring. His huffs and puffs are even more aggressive, and his face is glowing red, almost as bright as the scarlet colour of his singlet. He shrieks a vicious shriek, before stomping his way down the ramp and to the ring.

Once in the ring, he snatches the microphone away from James, before putting it to his mouth. All that is audible across the arena for a good few seconds, are the loud, punctuating breaths of Thorn, before he finally starts to speak.


The audience cover their ears as the almost inhuman noise projects through the arena. James squints and grimaces.


James laughs this time.

DO NOT LAUGH IN THE FACE OF MY OWN- FACE! DO NOT! You are the loser of RPW! You always will be! One measly, accidental win will not change that! Changing your gear to match the RPW colours will not change that! And the result of tonight... will not change that! I will shut down your new-found confidence before it can begin! Tonight, you fall again, and I'll shove you right back into the rut you was in when you started! That's right! SQUARE ONE! Courtesty of THE CANNIBAL!

Thorn hurtles the microphone away from him, as he gets into the face of a smiling James. The referee backs them into their respective corners, as he gets ready to call for the bell.

The bell rings.

Thorn blasts into action, running straight at James in hopes for a clothesline, but James immediately lifts a big boot, straight into the Cannibal's mouth! Thorn stumbles forwards, but James grabs him from behind! He lifts him... then slams him back down on his knee with an Atomic Drop! Thorn roars in pain as he holds his lower back, before James runs at the ropes, bounds back, and levels his opponent with a clothesline!

J.R.: The Road Dogg seems to have a new instilled confidence in him after that win at Locked & Loaded, and I don't think there's any shutting him down now.

Tazz: I have to agree with you there J.R.!

Thorn tries to scramble to his feet, but James lifts a foot up into his rib! Thorn catches it! He holds James foot, as he angrily emerges to his feet, still holding James' leg in his hand! ENZIGUIRI! Thorn is rocked as he falls backwards over his own feet into the corner, where James begins to charge at him, and lands into him with a corner splash!

James takes a run up, and goes for another one... but Thorn catches him! He runs with James into the middle of the ring, before lifting him, spinning him around, and smashing him down with a Belly to Belly Slam! James tries to recover, but Thorn grabs him around the head, and smashes a headbutt right into his skull! James falls back to the mat, as Thorn crashes on top of him for the cover...



J.R.: And he's still in this!

Tazz: I wouldn't be after a headbutt like that! Jesus!

Thorn angrily wrenches James up to his feet, before spinning him around, and attempting to lock up James in a Full Nelson... but an elbow to the face stops him! James turns around, and lands  gut kick into Thorn's stomach, before putting his head inbetween his legs, and prepping him for a Spike Piledriver...

But Thorn tosses James over his head! The Road Dogg goes right over the top rope, where he lands on the apron. Thorn tries to follow up, but James rocks him with a forearm, before he begins to climb to the top rope... Thorn turns around... CROSS BODY! Right onto Thorn!

He pins him...




James starts to climb back to his feet, but Thorn throws a fist into his stomach, before getting to his feet himself. He tries to follow up with a Gutwrench Suplex... but James breaks out of it! He lands a gut kick into Thorn's stomach, before crashing him down with a SNAP DDT! James gets above Thorn, smiling down at his downed opponent, before charging at the ropes. He bounds back, shakes his knees, before landing a KNEE DROP right down on his opponents head!

He covers him...




Tazz: Let's not count out the resilience of Thorn either!

James is back to his feet, considering his next course of action, but Thorn lands a kick right into his knee, knocking James stumbling over. Before he can re-balance himself, Thorn is up, grabbing ahold of James, lifting him, and sending him crashing down with a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!

Thorn is immediately back to his feet, throwing a flurry of stomps down onto James, his face red with anger, before he gets to the Road Dogg's head, leaps into the air, and brings down a final, nasty stomp onto his nose! Seemingly not done with him, he lifts James back to his feet, and lifts him up onto his shoulders, before placing his legs balancing on the top rope...

Tazz: Uh oh! We know this one!

J.R.: If he hits this it could be over!

He moves his arms so they're clutched around James' head, before... ROPE HUNG STUNNER! He hits it! James' head ricochets off of Thorn's shoulder, as he slumps to the mat! Thorn hooks his leg...




J.R.: And a kickout at two! James stays in this!

Thorn looks bewildered at the kickout, grunting angrily at a still unconcious looking James. Still keen to end the match, Thorn yanks James back to his feet, and with an ear piercing shriek, wraps his arm around James' throat... getting ready for that finishing manouvre of his... the Shoulder Jawbreaker...

J.R.: If that didn't finish him... this will!

But James pushes Thorn away from him! Thorn tries to grab a hold of him again, but James halts him with a swift left jab! Thorn can't regain his bearings, before another left jab crashes into his face! And then, a third one! James does his signature jive, before going for that final right hook...

NO! Thorn ducks it! James turns around, but he's locked up by Thorn!


NO! James slides out of it! Thorn turns around... and he's smashed down with that RIGHT HOOK that James couldn't hit before!

J.R.: And he finally connects with the SHAKE, RATTLE, AND ROLL!

Thorn tries to get to his feet quickly, but he's too dazed! James takes advantage, he locks Thorn up from behind... he lifts him...


Tazz: And the Pumphandle Drop! That's how he finished things last week!

James covers him...




Jesse James defeats Thorn in 9:23

J.R.: And that's how he's finishing them again here tonight Tazz!

Tazz: A second win for James! Doesn't seem like he's going to let himself fall back into that rut again.

Thorn rolls, dazed, across the mat, as a now much more confident James celebrates above him. The crowd cheer him on and chant his name, as he jumps up onto the turnbuckle, hands raised in the air, tasting victory once again over the man who vowed to ensure he never would. He climbs out of the ring and begins to walk back up the ramp to the back, with an angry Thorn only just starting to recuperate in the ring. The scene fades out.

Daniel stands near Rump's head as he slowly chest presses some weights. Daniel leans in every few moments to help Rump.

Are we going to go over your match last week or are you going to completely ignore what happened?

Rump ingores Daniel and continues working out.

What happened last week was fucked up but I don't think you can let it get to you. It was just a PPV loss. Not the end of the world.

Rump tosses the weights to the floor, stands up abruptly and comes face to face with Daniel causing him to stop speaking.

I'm trying to work out here. Shut your mouth and just let me work out in peace. I brought you along to help me out other than that keep quiet.

Daniel stands his ground.

It's obvious what happened last week had an effect on you but would it be so bad to get that anger out?

The two just stare at each other in silence.

You're so fucking harded headed, you know that right?

Rump grabs his bag off the floor and heads over to a few machines he tosses his bag down and waits for Daniel to follow.

Are you at least prepared for you match coming up with week? You're going to be in a six man match.

What part of stay silent don't you fucking understand. I just need you here to make sure I don't hurt myself. I'm not paying you to stand around and speak.

As the two are conversing with each other a random gym member swoops into the nearby machine. Rump turns around to find a man using the machine that he placed his bag next to.

Yo are you fucking blind? I'm using this machine right here. Beat it loser.

The man pauses for a moment, glances over at rump. Smirks. Then proceeds to continue to work out.

It's an empty gym let's just go to another machine while we wait.

Fuck that.

Rump grabs the gym member by the throats and lifts him off the machine. He tosses the man to the ground. Rump lifts his right foot up and stomps it directly onto the man's genitals, causing him to groan in pain. Captain Rump leaps up into the air and slams his ass directly onto the mans face. Daniel steps back attempting not to agrivate Rump while he sits on the mans face for a solid three minutes.

Rump maybe we should get back to working out.

Rump gets off the man and proceeds to continue working out.

Fucking moron.

The scene fades back to the arena.

As we return to the action, the now-recognisable Nero static takes over the titantron once again, illuminating the relatively dim arena. Though this time the static has not been accompanied by any form of chanting or pig slaughter and is actually quickly replaced with what appears to be a weathered sign one would find advertising a business on a high street.

"Vivace, Charlottesville, VA"

As predicted, the camera cuts to the warm interior of a quaint, yet stylish, restaurant. The walls are a deep shade of red, adorned with various forms of Italian-esque souvenirs, signs and decorations. Large glass doors lead from the main dining area and bar to the large,
stone-slabbed patio, which itself is modelled after an Italian piazza. The customers are all heard chatting, their varied array of sounds forming a single, indiscernible noise - almost as if it was the backing track to the minimal operatic piece playing softly throughout the establishment. Every customer seems to be enjoying their time making small talk over their Risotto and fine Chianti.

The camera finishes highlighting the finer points of this quite enjoyable restaurant by cutting to the queue of people waiting for a table,
only around five or six small groups of people - mostly couples - are waiting for the busy restaurant to free up their table. A well-dressed African American woman stands behind a small podium which holds the menus, waiting to take the customers to their tables once available. A man in a full three-piece suit shivers slightly as the relatively small door leading in from the cold street slowly swings open and closed a few times, presumably due to the wind. The door settles for a moment before beginning to swing much more violently despite it being a rather calm Virginian day outside. As one of the patrons waiting in line goes to shut the door properly, it swings open wider than it had before and hits him square in the nose, not excessively hard but enough to make him squeal and hold his face to avoid getting blood on his suit.

Returning to the door, it reveals the last swing was caused by a man in a large red and black leather coat forcefully kicking the door open. Nero enters, taking long and slow strides to accentuate his arrival, which is already accentuated fairly well by the bleeding businessman and the fact that Nero is in his wrestling gear - literally only a long coat, his pants, shoes and the copious amounts of body and face paint.

Greetings. I am Nero. Table for one, something dark and foreboding - with candles.

States Nero, as he barges past the entire line of people waiting for places of their own.

Do you have a reservation? There's nothing on the list for a Mister Nero.

Nero stares into the waitress' eyes a moment.

I am Nero. I do not conform to this pathetic mortal tradition of the 'Reservation'. Do you have any comprehension on who I am? The being whom you are addressing? - I am the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling!

The waitress sighs a second before placing a hand on the podium to steady herself.

Sir, I am an Athiest. If you do not have a reservation then you will have to wait at the back of the line until everyone in front of you has been seated, okay?

Nero does not break his gaze from the woman before breaking out into a large, cheesy smile and turning to face those waiting in line. Holding his arms out wide to either side, he addresses them.

My Children Creatures! Do not be afraid, for I am Nero and I have come to join in the festivities of mortal men! For Showtime calls and your saviour has been tasked with the challenge of the six-pack - A trial worthy of your Antichrist!

Nero walks closer towards the crowd, closing the short distance between them and continues addressing his "Children Creatures".

As you must understand, Children Creatures, this is a momentous occasion! And as one must break the eggs of an omelette, I must slaughter the calves of the veal. Who here shall be first to give themselves for absolution, to give their Antichrist the power to complete this challenge set by the Man of Maps?!

The people in line look at each other, unsure of whether they better call somebody or just leave. A small ushering of "McDonald's is around the corner" passing between a couple before they exit the door and break out into a jog down the street. Hardy watches them run away before turning to the closest man to his left, kicking him hard in the gut, grabbing his head and spinning - bringing his jaw down onto Nero's shoulder! Twist of Hate!!

The shock sent throughout everyone in line gives Nero enough time to dash out of the door after the couple who ran away earlier. Due to his fitness and loose clothing, Nero quickly catches up with them as they run through the front doors of McDonald's and shout something to one of the floor staff, who proceeds to lock the front door before Nero can make it through. The Antichrist stands there for a few moments, staring into the eyes of the spotty, acne-ridden ginger teen crew member, who is visibly terrified. Hardy removes a line of his facepaint with his finger and scribbles in red on the large window - "Five." then disappears out of sight from the fast food restaurant.

The camera cuts again to the interior of McDonald's, both the man and woman from earlier are distraught, talking to the manager about the situation. He puts a hand on both of their shoulders and continues talking.

"It'll be okay, we've locked the store. You're sa-"CRASH!!!

Nero comes diving in through the closed drive-through window!! He kicks, grabs and spins the worker dealing with drive-through orders!Twist of Hate!!


The Antichrist is laying waste to every member of staff he can lay hands on!

Three. Two.

McDonald's Crew Members are sent flying over the counter like ragdolls as the manager attempts to stop Nero's rampage! Nero offers a stiff punch to the jaw of the manager! The Manager offers one straight back and catches Nero off guard! This just enrages the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling even further. He grabs the employee by the back of the head and brings a knee straight into his jaw! Followed by bringing his head down onto the charity collection container! In one swift movement, Hardy proceeds to force the manager's head under the drinks machine! He fills his mouth with the refreshing taste of Pepsi Max®! Maximum Taste.
Zero Sugar.


Nero hops the counter, not glancing back to view the destruction he has caused. Crew Members are strewn about the work area like toys thrown from a pram. He spots the couple from earlier, cowering by the locked door.

Nero begins slowly walking towards them.

The man desperately tries to unlock the large McDonald's door.

Hardy gets closer with each step, staring intently at the man and woman, who have both now accepted their fate by huddling upon the floor and crying. A steady stream of liquid can be seen running from the man's pants - presumably urine.

They cower in fear as Nero comes closer and crouches in front of them. He reaches into his back pocket. The couple makes an audibly desperate "Please God, no."

You've made this much more difficult than it needed to be, Children Creatures.

Both members of the couple are now crying as Hardy pulls a large, black object from his back pocket and brings it close to them, making them cry even louder.

You dropped this in the restaurant.

Nero places the man's black wallet into his lap and gets to his feet, flicking the lock on the door and walking out, leaving the couple on the floor to recover.



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RPW Showtime: Episode 9 Cooltext245707436736451

We come back from a commercial to hear Dragonforce, Through the Fire and Flames, blasting through the PA system, as Jeremy Stevens finishes up his entrance, being the sixth man to enter the ring for the match. He jumps up onto a turnbuckle, windmills his arm, and fist bumps the air, the eager audience doing it with him. He smiles, before jumping back down.

J.R.: And Tony Atlas has told us that the winner of this match gains a special prize of sorts!

Tazz: Except, no one knows what that prize is yet J.R.! Not until next week on Showtime!

Dangerman stands in the opposing corner, swinging his Nunchucks around his head with precision and skill, unsettling his opponents. Captain Rump has words with his manager Daniel, before seemingly becoming angry with something he says, and shooing him off the apron. Scott Hall meanwhile seems much more interested in what his manager, Kevin Nash, has to tell him, though rather the advice, it does seem like the pair are just making jokes about the other competitors.

Dean Ambrose warms up on his side of the ring, a big grin on his face, as his eyes keep moving to the steel chair he has set up on the outside of the ring. He continues to point at it, warning the fans that he will use it if he feels it necessary. And last but not least Nero, who stands, arms outstretched, a bizarre expression on his face as he glares at each of his opponents.

The bell rings.

And every man jumps into action! Hall immediately fires a hook into the face of Captain Rump, knocking him back into the corner. Nero starts firing punches in the direction of Dangerman, who does his best to block them, before they start to overwhelm him and push him back into the ropes. Ambrose and Stevens meanwhile scrap in the centre of the ring, both throwing punches at one another, before Stevens gets the upper hand with a side kick to Ambrose's temple!

J.R.: And we're straight into the chaos!

Hall lands a couple of clotheslines aross Rump's chest in the corner, before taking a run up, and going for a splash! He leaps... but Rump catches him, before dumping him over the top rope... but Hall hangs on! He lifts himself up onto the apron, before clocking Rump with an elbow! But DANGERMAN comes out of NOWHERE! He plants a spinning back kick across Hall's face, knocking him off of the apron and to the concrete!

Dangerman turns around... but a Wheel Kick from Nero sends him to the mat! Nero's straight back to his feet, running at Stevens, before landing a front dropkick into his chest, and knocking him back into the turnbuckle! Nero turns around, and sees Rump in the opposing turnbuckle, so charges at him... but RUMP blocks it with a big boot!

Tazz: Oof! I wouldn't want to run into one of Rump's size elevens!

Nero tries to quickly scramble back to his feet, but Stevens charges at him, and smashes him with his own dropkick this time! Nero stumbles backwards, before falling through the middle ropes and out of the ring! Stevens gets to his feet, and comes face to face with the World's Largest Luchador! He barely dodges a clothesline attempt from Rump, before back flipping, and cracking a Pele Kick across Rump's skull! He tries to follow up on it, but Ambrose intervenes!

He throws clubbing blows into the back of Stevens head, before keeling him over with a knee to the stomach! He goes to follow up with a DDT, but Rump pushes him off of Stevens, and into the ropes! Ambrose looks to fall out through the middle, but he clutches on, and pulls himself back in... Stevens ensures Rump can't take advantage of his state, and lands a swift kick into Rump's knee, causing him to clutch his leg in pain... Stevens turns around... LARIAT FROM AMBROSE!

J.R.: And Ambrose damn near knocks Stevens head off!

Stevens plummets backwards into the arms of Rump, who lifts him into the air, before slamming him down with a BACK SUPLEX! Stevens clutches his back as he rolls out of the ring, before Rump and Ambrose start to attack one another. A nasty jab to the face sends Rump back into the corner, before Ambrose follows up with a clothesline, grabs him around the head, and plants him in the centre of the ring with a BULLDOG!

Ambrose rolls him over for the pin...


Dangerman breaks it up!

J.R.: The first pin of the match there, broken up by Dangerman!

Tazz: You're not gonna get a pin in this match until all of your opponents are out cold!

He throws kick after kick into the side of Ambrose, prompting the Lunatic to get to his feet. Every attempt at offense he tries to make on the Dangerman, is blocked, frustrating Ambrose. Dangerman goes for an Axe Kick... but Ambrose dodges it, and returns a HEADBUTT! Dangerman is knocked off balance, and Ambrose tries to follow up with a suplex...

But Dangerman lifts a harsh knee up into Ambrose's rib, and goes for a suplex of his own... that's blocked too! The pair scrap to see who can get the suplex in first, until Rump's back to his feet, breaks up the move, and grabs them both for a suplex of his own...

He goes to lift! But the pair anchor themselves to the mat! Before Rump can react, the pair lift him up in the air... and plant him down with a DOUBLE SUPLEX of their own! Rump roars in pain as he rolls out of the ring, before Dangerman and Ambrose start going at it again with a flurry of punches back and forth!

J.R.: You think you'd see more teamwork in matches like these.

Dangerman gets the upperhand, knocking Ambrose into the ropes, where he proceeds to irish whip him... but Ambrose spins it around! Dangerman flies right into a Shoulder Block from Scott Hall, knocking him to the mat! From there, Scott proceeds to stomp on the downed Dangerman, prompting Ambrose to join in. The pair smile at one another as they stomp on the Martial Arts Master, and are surprised but joyful as Kevin Nash slides into the ring and joins them on the stomping action.

The crowd start to cheer as something begins to occur behind them. The trio turn around, confused... DIVING CROSSBODY! Stevens takes all 3 men out! Nash is the first to his feet, and charges at Stevens, but a swift head scissor takes him flying over the top rope and out of the ring! Ambrose comes at him next, but Stevens zips around him, grabs him around the head, and plants him down with a SLINGBLADE!

He covers him...


Hall breaks it up!

J.R.: And Hall breaks it up this time!

Scott brings a vicious elbow down onto the back of Stevens head, dazing him, before planting him in the centre of the ring with a Scoop Slam! Scott runs at the ropes, and goes to follow up with an elbow drop... but Stevens dodges it! Hall slowly gets to his feet, until Stevens runs at him... but Ambrose halts him! Kitchen Sink! Stevens is sent to the mat!

Ambrose goes for the cover...


And Hall breaks it up!

Tazz: And another pin break by Hall, he's persistent!

Ambrose is back to his feet, looking angrily at Hall, before he pushes him. Hall angrily pushes the Lunatic back, before the two come face to face...

SUPERKICK! Hall's head snaps backwards, before he falls backwards to the mat! Ambrose turns and sees Dangerman there, prepping for another... SUPERKICK!

J.R.: A Superkick! Outta nowhere!

Tazz: Lights out for Hall!

NO! Ambrose ducks it! Dangerman turns around, right into a gut kick, before Ambrose locks up his arms, and gives a giant grin... DIRTY DEEDS!

NO! Dangerman turns out of it, still keeping a hold of Ambrose's arm... he pulls him into him... and plants a knee RIGHT ON AMBROSE'S LIPS! The Lunatic stumbles backwards, before collapsing out of the ring, before Dangerman turns to Hall for the pin...



And Nero breaks it up with a dropkick!

J.R.: Nero this time!

Tazz: I told you! If there's anyone still moving in this match, you aint getting that pin!

Stevens is on Nero immediately, landing a forearm strike across his face which pushes him into the corner! Stevens tries to follow up by mounting Nero in the corner, but the Anti-Christ slips out from underneath him, grabs his legs, and yanks him down face first into the turnbuckle!

Nero turns around, to see Dangerman starting to get back to his feet, but throws a clubbing blow into his back to ensure he stays down on all fours. Following that, he retreats into the opposite corner, before charging... he jumps off of Dangerman's back, and leaps right at Stevens in the corner... POETRY IN MOTION! Stevens collapses, as Nero attempts for a cover...

But Dangerman is up, grabbing Nero, and pulling him away from Stevens! Nero tries to fight back, but he's dazed as the Superkicker hits him with a forefist, before hurtling him into the corner with an irish whip! As Nero nears the corner though, he begins to run up the turnbuckles, before spinning himself around, and landing on Dangerman with a WHISPER IN THE WIND!

Tazz: Look at the agility of Nero!

J.R.: This might be it!

He rolls onto him for the cover...



Rump breaks it up! Bringing a hard leg drop down on the back of Nero's head!

Nero rolls away, as Rump tries to get the pin himself...



And Stevens breaks up this one!

Rump is up, powering through Stevens offensive punches, before lunging, and wrapping his arms around Stevens! He lifts the smaller man up, and fastens him up tightly in a BEARHUG! Stevens roars in pain, trying to wrench himself free of the hold, but there's no way out of it! He looks almost as if he's about to tap out...

J.R.: Stevens could tap here! Rump may be winning that prize...

But Nash launches a big boot into the face of Rump, causing him to release the hold as he falls forwards to the mat! Stevens squirms around, trying to recuperate from the pain of the bearhug, but a kick to the gut winds him and stops the process! Nash puts Stevens' head between his legs, before lifting him up onto his shoulders... and... JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!

Stevens is thrown down to the mat with all of Nash's power! Kevin turns around to see Hall is only just starting to get back up, and so moves over to him, before dragging and placing him on top of Stevens for the cover...




Nash looks angrily down at Nero, before picking him up, and hip tossing him right into the turnbuckle! He tries to follow things up, but he's grabbed from behind... it's RUMP! He lifts Nash onto his shoulders, and plants him down with a SAMOAN DROP! Nash clutches his stomach and back in pain, before Rump grabs him from underneath his arms, and drags him over into the corner...

Tazz: We know what this is...

He places Nash there in a sitting position, before he gives a big grin and slaps his big behind a few times, the audience beginning to cheer. Then, he turns his ass towards an unsuspecting Nash, and drives it straight into his face, before shaking it around! STINKFACE! It's the STINKFACE! And Nash is the poor soul on the recieving end of it!

J.R.: OH GOD ALMIGHTY! That is repulsive!

Tazz: Jesus Christ! I do not envy Kevin Nash!

Nash's silenced muffles are put to an end, as Rump finally finishes the Stink Face, before slamming his arse once more into the face of Nash, dazing him! Following that, he grabs Nash's leg, and drags him away from the turnbuckle, just in place for Rumps' signature move... Rump starts to climb the turnbuckle, preparing for the ASS-AULT!

BUT NO! Ambrose crashes a STEEL CHAIR over the Luchador's back! Rump roars in pain, before Ambrose clatters another one across his skull, causing Rump to tumble over the top rope, and fall out of the ring!

Tazz: And Ambrose brings his steel chair into play!

Ambrose turns around, and sees Nero getting to his feet! He charges at him, and drills him in the stomach with the steel chair, before he takes another run up, and gets ready to slam him across the head... but NO! Jeff lifts up a foot, right into Ambrose's stomach! He locks him up, and gets ready to plant him down with a TWIST OF HATE!

NO! Ambrose pushes Jeff away... right into another CHAIR SHOT from HALL! Nero crashes to the mat before rolling out of the ring, as Hall continues to stand there with the chair, pointing it at Ambrose! He swings... and misses! Ambrose takes advantage, ripping the chair out of Hall's hands, and throwing it to the mat below them. Before Hall can realise what's going on, he's hit with a kick to the stomach, locked up...


J.R.: Oh my God! Night Night Hall!

Hall is pushed onto his back by Ambrose, who covers him...




Ambrose angrily jumps up to his feet, throwing blow after blow into the stomach of Dangerman! The Superkicker tries to shut him down with a Roundhouse... but it's ducked under, and responded to with an ARM TRAP NECKBREAKER from Ambrose! With Dangerman groggy on the mat, Ambrose moves over to the turnbuckle and begins to climb... He measures Dangerman as he gets to his feet, and leaps...


NO! Dangerman ducks it! Ambrose hits the mat hard, but tries to recuperate... he turns around....

DOUBLE SUPERKICK! FROM DANGERMAN AND STEVENS! Ambrose soars backwards, plummeting into the ropes, and sprawling through them to the concrete outside!


Tazz: That's taken out Ambrose!

It's just Dangerman and Stevens left in the ring, both of whom look at one another with intensity! Dangerman strikes first, going for a SPINNING BACKFIST! But Stevens dodges it last minute, before returning with a STANDING SHINING WIZARD out of nowhere! The crowd cheer for the spontaneous move, that leaves the Superkicker seeing stars on the mat...

And Stevens sees his opportunity, looking up at the turnbuckle, and smiling as he points at it! The crowd are cheering him on, as he starts to climb, taking one last look at where Dangerman is, before he turns his back to him... and gets ready... for that PHEONIX SPLASH!

J.R.: Stevens looks like he's gonna win it!


Stevens smacks into the concrete hard, and falls immediately unconcious, before Nero starts to climb the turnbuckle himself! He looks down at the still dazed Dangerman, before leaping...



He hooks his leg...




Nero defeats Jeremy Stevens, Scott Hall, Captain Rump, Dean Ambrose, and Dangerman Taekwondo Superkicker in 15:02

J.R.: IT IS!

Tazz: Nero wins it! Nero is the winner of the unspecified prize next week on Showtime!

And Nero wins it! Captain Rump, who had just emerged to his feet on the outside, begins to bat the ring apron angrily with his hands. His manager, Daniel, comes over to calm him, but Rump pushes him away before moving up the ramp to the back. The referee moves over to Nero, and looks about to raise his arm, before Nero pulls away from the referee, glaring at him angrily.

He moves over to the turnbuckle, climbs it, and then slowly raises his arms so they are outstretched to either side of him. He raises his head and closes his eyes, almost like the crowd of his supposed 'Children Creatures' aren't booing him. With this image, the scene fades out.

He removed the key from the ignition. The engine stopped, just as heart did when he took a look at the door that, for years, he saw as his safe haven. For a decade, that door was the entrance to his paradise: his children playing together or with their friends when it was too cold to do so outside, his wife working at her desk or on the rare occasion cooking, rolling a blunt late at night, only once the children had been long snoring, in the back room while his friends bantered back and forth. For the longest, it was the physical representation of what he considered making it. Away from what he grew up in, from the life he once led, it was perfect. It was bliss. Now, it was ruined.

He flapped the hood of his Chicago Bulls rain jacket over his head and exited the car. The rainfall was light, but still enough to justify his choice of Timberland boots. It seemed funny, perhaps even symbolic: every time he makes it here since the split, it seems to be a rainy, gloomy day. When he got to the door, he took a breath, then pressed down on the doorbell.

His ex-wife stood in the doorway. She rolled her eyes.

So we just show up, no call?

Before they could have started an argument, his two reasons for living ran from the living room. His daughter, the elder of the two children, ran quickly to hug her dad. His son wasn’t far off and managed to slip into the foray as well. Sheila’s eyes rolled again, but she left them to their reunion. With his kids staying on him, he managed to get himself into the house just enough to shut the door behind him, before picking both of his kids up to give them proper attention.

Just a minute later, Sheila came from out of the kitchen with a water bottle for Quincy. He attempted to say ‘Thank you’ upon receiving it, but she put a shooing hand in between them before he could, as she walked into the living room. The smile that had naturally formed before slowly faded.

He walked into the living room, his kids flanking him on either side. Sheila sat on what used to be their couch, her fist holding her head up as her elbow leaned against the arm of the chair, her legs crossed. She chewed on gum and stared at the episode of Love & Hip Hop on the television.

Quincy Reagan
Look, my bad for stopping in unannounced but I’m only here for a second. Look --

His children disapproved of “only here for a second”. He patted them both on the head.

Quincy Reagan
Calm down guys, listen now. I dunno if you guys watched the pay-per-view, but I won my match so, this coming Showtime I’ve got a world title shot.

His kids immediately began to congratulate him. They jumped and hugged and brought back the smile that had faded. Sheila, however, didn’t care to look up. He was able to settle the kids down to continue with his request.

Quincy Reagan

I just wanted to know if it’d be alright if I could bring ‘em backstage and front row for that.

Yeah, no, Quincy, that ain’t gonna work.

His heart fell into his stomach.

Quincy Reagan
Why not?

Clint and I got some plans for the kids that day.

Quincy Reagan
I ain’t even told you the taping day.

We got plans.

Before Quincy could respond, they all turned as they could hear the front door open. As he rounded the corner, there was Clint. There was the man Sheila cheated on Quincy with. Who she tainted their bed with. The reason the life he had always strived for went to hell. One of the reasons, anyway; the deciding blow.

There he was, just about two inches shorter than Quincy. He was scrawny, which made his cheap suit look too big for his body. He was a couple of shades darker than Quincy and his corn rows looked like they were transported from 2003. Of all people, this guy.

Quincy, what’s good with ya?

Was that all, Quincy?

As she waited for a response, Clint laid a peck on her lips.

Hey, baby.

Quincy Reagan
Yeah, that was it.

Just as he was getting ready to turn to leave the room, Clint took from his pocket a cigarette and a lighter. It didn’t seem like he planned to exit the house.

Quincy Reagan
Hey, bud, you wanna not smoke where my kids are around?

Clint looked over condescendingly. He put the cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

You’ll be iight.

Quincy realized everything he could have done. He could have laid the son of a bitch out with a single punch to the jaw and put the damn cigarette out on his cheek. He could take his kids to the show anyway; at this point they were as much his children as they were hers. But what would the consequences be? How would the law respond? At one point in his life, he would have done it all without a second thought. But was that who Quincy Reagan still was?

Quincy stared a hole through Clint. If looks could kill. His hands certainly could. But instead, they pulled his kids in as he crouched for a hug. He laid heartfelt kisses upon their foreheads, told them to go to their rooms, away from the smoke, and bid them a farewell. To Clint and Sheila, he only looked at. Looked at and pondered. Another storm began to brew within his head but he quelled it, at least for now. He said another goodbye to his children and walked out of what used to be his door.


RPW Showtime: Episode 9 Cooltext238554812296664
RPW Showtime: Episode 9 Cooltext245707415270475

Quincy Reagan jogs out onto the stage, a smile on his face, though one that feels forced. He looks at two empty seats in the front row, leading down the ramp, before he snaps his gaze back to the ring, not letting anything distract him. The smile involuntarily gone now, he raises his arm above his head, palm outstretched, before dropping his fingers one by one, until he's only left with a fist. He beats that fist across his chest, before charging down the ramp.

J.R.: And we're about to watch a triple threat for the RPW World Championship... here on Showtime! I can't believe it!

Tazz: I know J.R.! It's exciting! And we could very well see a new Champion crowned tonight!

J.R.: That's right, and I wouldn't put it past this man right here! Quincy Reagan, who's been non-stop impressive since his debut in RPW!

Reagan high fives fans on his way down to the ring, but doesn't stop for too long like he usually does, before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. From there, he climbs onto the turnbuckle, looks into the hard camera, but this time doesn't point. With a much sadder expression, he nods towards it, before climbing back down.

The crowd boo, as a smug and cocky Howell Saxon saunders out from behind the curtain, the gleeful smile on his face disgusting the crowd. He bends down, and begins to mockingly pat the shin guard he has on his leg, upsetting the audience and garnering more boos before he begins to strut down the ramp, insulting fans along the barricade on his way.

Tazz: What about Saxon J.R.? He's won the belt before, he could win it again!

J.R.: I hope to God not Tazz, but unfortunately you may be right!

Tazz: No Disqualification in a Triple Threat, so there's nothing stopping him from wrenching off that Shin Guard, and using it as a weapon!

Once in the ring, Howell moves straight over to Reagan, getting in his face. The two stand and stare at one another, Reagan with an entirely serious expression, though Saxon only cracks a grin. 'That title's coming back to me tonight mate.' he says, 'Just you wait.' He turns away from Reagan and moves into his corner, where he begins to warm up.

Kevin Owens bursts out from behind the curtain, the RPW World Championship belt not slung over his shoulder, or fastened around his waist, but in his hands, as he immediately lifts it proudly above his head to the cheers of the RPW crowd. Jericho walks out behind him, and his hands is the mock RPW World Championship belt that the pair made to mimic Saxon in the lead up to Locked & Loaded. Instead, Jericho stands next to Owens, and raises it above his head next to him, the crowd cheering and laughing.

J.R.: And here comes our RPW World Champion now!

Tazz: World Champions J.R.! Plural! They're sharing the gold!

The two start to make their way down to the ring, belts still held high above their heads the whole time, which causes Reagan to stifle a chuckle. Saxon only looks disgusted, as he begins to mutter under his own breath. Kevin rolls into the ring, as Jericho waits at ringside, and jumps up immediately onto the turnbuckle where he raises the Championship belt once more.

J.R.: I wouldn't be surprised if we see that belt stay right where it is after tonight Tazz! Owens will fight with every last breath he has to keep that belt!

Once his celebration is done, he hands the belt off to the referee, who in turn, hands it to someone at ringside. With all three men in the ring, in respective corners...

The bell rings.

And Saxon is the first to move! He runs and jabs a kick right into Owens' stomach, knocking him stumbling backwards! Saxon tries to turn quickly to face Reagan, but he's not fast enough, and Quincy is on him fast! He grabs Saxon around the waist, and tries to lift him up for a possible belly to back suplex... but Howell is able to throw his weight in the opposite direction, allowing him to slide out of it.

Howell turns around, and throws a Ridge Hand into the face of Quincy, before he feels himself being pulled back from behind. It's Owens, who crashes an elbow strike into the side of Saxon's head, before hurtling him into the turnbuckle, and following up with a clothesline! He takes a run up, and goes for another... but Reagan stands in the way! He lifts Owens up, and with an impressive display of strength throws him up into the air, before letting him fall face first with a Free Fall Drop!

J.R.: You have to be strong to be able to throw Kevin Owens like that!

Tazz: And strong Quincy Reagan is!

Owens clutches his stomach, as he looks up at a shrugging Quincy, saying 'It's not a handicap.' Reagan turns around quickly, landing a fast uppercut into the face of Saxon, dazing him, before turning back to Owens and lifting him up. He throws the Prizefighter into the corner, on top of Saxon, before he takes a few steps back, charges, and smashes into the pair in the corner with a shoulder block across the stomach! He runs back to the other turnbuckle again, before charging back, and hitting another!

From there, Reagan irish whips Owens out of the corner, before pulling him back, and hurtling him back into Saxon full power! The pair crash heads, causing Owens to stumble backwards into the arms of Reagan, where he's tossed over his head and to the mat with a back body drop! Saxon meanwhile is only barely able to hold himself up on the ropes, and Reagan sees his opportunity. He runs at the ropes on the other side of the ring, and uses the momentum to bound back at Saxon...

But Saxon ducks, and pulls down the rope! Reagan crashes straight over the top rope, plummeting hard into the concrete on the outside!

Tazz: And Reagan crashes hard to the outside!

Saxon stumbles backwards into the corner, shaking his head and trying to recuperate his wits. He sees Owens on the other side of the ring, trying to get to his feet, and charges... he slams a knee into the back of the Prizefighter! With Owens down, Saxon drags him into the middle of the ring, before going for the first cover of the match...



Saxon presses his knee down onto the back of Owens leg, stopping him from getting up, before he jabs sharp, stabbing elbows into his back! Owens grits his teeth in pain, before reaching forward and grabbing the bottom rope, and using it to pull himself forward and out of the hold! Saxon tries to follow up by grabbing Owens legs, but Owens kicks at Saxon, knocking him away.

Owens is quick to his feet, firing himself up to start some offense! He charges at Saxon, crashing him across the neck with a Reverse Elbow, and knocking him to the mat. Saxon is back up, but Owens sends him right back down with a dropkick, before following up by bounding off of the ropes, and going for a Senton...

But Saxon moves! Owens crashes down onto his back, as Howell regains his bearings. He moves over to Owens, and fastens him tightly in a headlock, before lifting up his arm, and beating his opponent in the top of the skull with a series of elbows! Owens looks ready to fade, before a yell of encouragement from Jericho brings him back into it! He re-positions himself, and lifts Howell up onto his shoulders, in an Argentine position... Howell tries to fight out of it but can't...

J.R.: What's Owens looking for here?!

ARGENTINE NECKBREAKER from Owens! He follows up with a pin...



Owens sits up, realising that nowhere near enough punishment has befallen Saxon. He jumps to his feet, runs at the ropes, and plunges down on Saxon with a Senton! He gets back up, runs at the ropes... and another Senton! Saxon rolls around clutching his stomach, whilst Owens drags him into the corner, and positions him against the bottom turnbuckle. He points at his eyes with both of his fingers, before shouting 'LOOK AT ME! I AM THE CHAMPION NOW!' until he runs into the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring, bounds back... and crashes into Saxon with a CANNONBALL SENTON!

J.R.: Ooh! And that'll knock you dizzy!

Tazz: Saxon's seeing stars right now no doubt!

Owens steps over Saxon as he starts to roll into the middle of the ring, before he starts to move up the turnbuckle himself! Owens takes a look behind him, to where Saxon is, before getting ready to climb... with his back facing Saxon, he looks ready to leap... and hit that Moonsault...

NO! Reagan intervenes! He smashes a forearm into Owens back, before putting his head between his legs, lifting him... and... POWERBOMB! RIGHT ONTO HOWELL SAXON!

Tazz: Holy Shit! Powerbomb one opponent right onto the other!

J.R.: Two birds one stone Tazz!

He covers Saxon...




J.R.: But it's not enough!

No luck, prompting Reagan to move over to Owens instead and cover him...




Tazz: Aint taking Owens out either!

Reagan moves back over to Howell, hoping to this time secure a pin...



And Owens again...



Tazz: Has this strategy ever worked J.R.?

J.R.: I don't know... but it could!

Reagan gives up, realising his strategy isn't working. Instead, he gets to his feet, and waits to see who will get to their's first. It's Owens, who finds himself immediately in the clutches of Reagan, who lifts Owens up onto his shoulders in an Oklahoma position... he moves around the ring with him, getting ready to slam him down...

But Owens slides off! Reagan turns around, but Owens jumps through the air, grabbing his head... STUNNER! Quincy topples backwards, dazed, until he lands in the corner in a sitting position. Kevin has him right where he wants him, so with a gleeful smile, moves backwards into the opposing corner... he charges... but Howell gets in the way! HIP TOSS BACKBREAKER! Owens clutches his back, as Saxon covers him...



Reagan breaks it up!

Saxon tries to quickly go on the offense on Reagan, as Owens rolls away. Saxon cracks an elbow strike across his chin, before attempting to follow up with a JUDO THROW! But Quincy reverses it... POWERSLAM! Howell is yanked back to his feet by Reagan, who locks him up for a Suplex... he lifts him! And holds him! A dazed Saxon can do nothing, as with immense strength, Reagan holds him vertically, letting all the blood rush to the Hardworking Sportsman's head!

J.R.: Saxon won't be walking straight after this!

Tazz: I can't get over how impressive the strength of Reagan really is J.R.!

Owens is back to his feet, and sees the display, before coming up with a plan. He moves over to the turnbuckle, and begins to climb! Reagan sees him and wonders what he's doing, before Owens smiles at him, and tells him to turn Saxon towards him. A trusting Reagan does so, and Owens takes a second to measure what he's doing, before he leaps...

DIVING CROSSBODY! RIGHT ACROSS THE SUSPENDED SAXON! Quincy is forced backwards, suplexing Howell with Owens on top of him! All three men crash to the mat, where they lay sprawled, all clearly hurt from the move!



Owens turns around, and crawls over to Saxon before laying an arm over him...



Reagan breaks it up!

Owens forces himself to his feet, as does Reagan, but Owens is the first to move! He nails Reagan in the stomach with a knee, before locking his arms around his head, and going for a DDT... but Reagan pushes him away! Owens charges back, going for a lariat... but Reagan catches him... T-BONE SUPLEX!

Owens tries to crawl away, to stop Reagan from getting any more offense, but his leg is captured, and he's pulled back into the centre of the ring. Reagan sits on his back, locks his hands around his chin, and wrenches his head back with a CAMEL CLUTCH! Owens squirms in pain, as he reaches out his hand, trying to reach for a rope that is all too far away!

J.R.: And we saw this same move at Locked & Loaded, with devestating results!

Reagan continues to apply the pain, causing Owens to give out muffled grunts as he continues to try and break the hold! Jericho shouts out words of motivation, but Quincy is just too strong, and Owens can't seem to do anything to get out of it... nothing but tap...

BUT SAXON BREAKS IT! He stomps on the back of Reagan's head, allowing Owens to roll away, before delivering another nasty stomp to his back! From there, he wraps his own arm around Reagan's neck, yanks his head back, and holds him in a DRAGON SLEEPER! This time it's Quincy's turn to roar in pain, his head almost feeling like it's being ripped off as Saxon puts on more and more pressure!

J.R.: The Dragon Sleeper now! Oh lord!

Tazz: We've seen men tap to this before J.R.! No one applies a more brutal Dragon Sleeper than Howell Saxon!

It looks like Reagan is going to tap... almost...

until Owens breaks it up! Saxon angrily jumps to his feet, attempting to clock Owens with a Ridge Hand! But the Prizefighter ducks, and crashes a vicious hook into Saxon's stomach! With the Sportsman keeled over, Owens locks him up... lifts him... and sends him back down with a PACKAGE SIDE SLAM! Before Saxon can even begin to stir, Owens flips him over, sits on his back, and locks him in the BOSTON CRAB!

J.R.: And it's Owens turn now!

Tazz: In tribute to his friend!

Saxon starts to punch the mat with his fist, as he attempts to crawl towards the ropes with all the strength he can muster... but it's no good! As soon as he gets close, Owens pulls him right back! Howell tries with all he can to fight... but can't seem to power out of it...

But there's no need! Reagan grabs Owens, and pulls him off of Saxon, before throwing him into the ropes, and jumping at him with a clothesline! But Owens ducks! Reagan turns around... SUPERKICK! No! Reagan catches that! He pulls Owens into him... CRADLE SUPLEX! Owens is tossed almost halfway across the ring, before crashing through the ropes, and falling outside.

Before Reagan can even turn around, he feels a head between his legs! He's suddenly lifted, up onto the shoulders of Howell Saxon! Before he can react... Howell leaps backwards... ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! Reagan crashes hard to the mat, as Howell rolls away from him! Saxon watches his opponent from the corner, before lifting up his trouser leg, and exposing that Shin Pad of his...

J.R.: Oh no! Come on! No!

Tazz: It's legal!

Reagan starts to get to his feet... Saxon looking eager for him to stand... once he's up, Howell charges...


NO! REAGAN DUCKS! Howell's momentum causes him to spill into the turnbuckle nastily, where he bounces back... right into Quincy's arms...





With Saxon down, Quincy climbs on top of him... and hooks his leg...






Quincy rolls away, as Owens pulls himself to his feet. Reagan is dizzy, not seeming to know where he is as he gets to his feet... he turns around... SUPERKICK! THIS TIME IT HITS! Quincy plummets to the mat, with Owens stood over him. But he's not done there... he lifts Reagan back to his feet, and tosses him towards the ropes... setting him up...



Owens is thrown rolling forwards, where he collides with the ropes! He's quick to jump to his feet, turning around to join back in the action...

BUT HE'S HIT WITH THE POUNCE! Reagan smashes into him shoulder first, all of his weight and momentum put into it! Owens flies over the top rope, straight out of the ring, and into the Jericho! The pair topple backwards into the barricade, crashing into it hard!

J.R.: And Owens AND Jericho taken out!

Reagan watches the mess from inside the ring, leaning over the ropes... but SAXON COMES AT HIM FROM BEHIND!


J.R.: NO!





Reagan forces his way out of it, causing Saxon to curse! The Real Hardworking Sportsman is straight back up, charging at Quincy... but Reagan is prepared! He drives his shoulder hard into Saxon's stomach, before propping him up on his shoulder! He takes a few steps back... before running, and then jumping high into the air!



Tazz: WHAT!?

SAXON IS SMASHED INTO THE MAT! Reagan's weight driving down into his stomach, knocking all the wind out of him!

Reagan climbs on top of him, and hooks his leg...




Quincy Reagan defeats Kevin Owens and Howell Saxon in 24:56


Tazz: NO WAY! Reagan's done it! Reagan's our new RPW World Champion!

The crowd are in a mix of shock and excitement! Quincy Reagan sits up, almost in disbelief, as he realises he just won the match to become the new RPW World Champion! He gets to his feet, as the referee moves over to him with the RPW World Championship belt, and hands it to him, before he hears his name called out by Tony Chimel...

Tony Chimel: Winner of the match... and new RPW World Champion... QUINCY REAGAN!

Reagan roars in delight, before raising the championship belt high above his head, to cheers from the crowd. Reagan's fans are beside themselves, jumping up and down in their seats, though there is a slight disapointment that lingers over those wearing Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho gear. Never the less, there is a positive response in the air.

J.R.: We've got a new World Champion! I can't believe this!

Tazz: Owens won't be pleased about that!

Reagan jumps up onto the nearest turnbuckle, raising the title belt high above his head, before he looks down the hard camera. A new fire has been lit within him, and he gives a big genuine smile as he looks right into the camera lense. 'This is for you kids!' he shouts, 'I did this for you!', before slinging the Championship over his shoulder, and climbing back down.

Howell Saxon has rolled out of the ring at this point, dazed and confused, still seemingly not aware of the result of the match as he stirs himself awake. Owens and Jericho meanwhile are sat on the outside, looking at each other, equally disapointed. Jericho starts giving words of encouragement to his best friend, as he moves to his feet, and offers to help his best friend to his. Owens takes his outstretched hand, and allows Jericho to lift him up.

The pair look at one another, then at the celebrating Quincy, before they mutually nod and roll into the ring. Reagan turns around and sees the pair, becoming confused, wondering what it is they want as the pair stare at him. Until Owens grabs one of Quincy's arms, and raises it high. Jericho grabs the other arm and does the same, and all three men stand in the ring, arms raised together.

Owens and Jericho let go of him, and begin to move out of the ring, but not before Owens turns back to Reagan and says 'That's my title. And I'm getting it back.' With Jericho and Owens moving back up the ramp, Reagan continues to celebrate, the new RPW World Champion, as the show fades out.

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