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Post by Rump on Tue May 30, 2017 2:25 am

Daniel stands near Rump's head as he slowly chest presses some weights. Daniel leans in every few moments to help Rump.

Daniel: Are we going to go over your match last week or are you going to completely ignore what happened?

Rump ingores Daniel and continues working out.

Daniel: What happened last week was fucked up but I don't think you can let it get to you. It was just a PPV loss. Not the end of the world.

Rump tosses the weights to the floor, stands up abruptly and comes face to face with Daniel causing him to stop speaking.

Rump: I'm trying to work out here. Shut your mouth and just let me work out in peace. I brought you along to help me out other than that keep quiet.

Daniel stands his ground.

Daniel: It's obvious what happened last week had an effect on you but would it be so bad to get that anger out?

The two just stare at each other in silence.

Daniel: You're so fucking harded headed, you know that right?

Rump grabs his bag off the floor and heads over to a few machines he tosses his bag down and waits for Daniel to follow.

Daniel: Are you at least prepared for you match coming up with week? You're going to be in a six man match.

Rump: What part of stay silent don't you fucking understand. I just need you here to make sure I don't hurt myself. I'm not paying you to stand around and speak.

As the two are conversing with each other a random gym member swoops into the nearby machine. Rump turns around to find a man using the machine that he placed his bag next to.

Rump: Yo are you fucking blind? I'm using this machine right here. Beat it loser.

The man pauses for a moment, glances over at rump. Smirks. Then proceeds to continue to work out.

Daniel: It's an empty gym let's just go to another machine while we wait.

Rump: Fuck that.

Rump grabs the gym member by the throats and lifts him off the machine. He tosses the man to the ground. Rump lifts his right foot up and stomps it directly onto the man's genitals, causing him to groan in pain. Captain Rump leaps up into the air and slams his ass directly onto the mans face. Daniel steps back attempting not to agrivate Rump while he sits on the mans face for a solid three minutes.

Daniel: Rump maybe we should get back to working out.

Rump gets off the man and proceeds to continue working out.

Rump: Fucking moron.

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